Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

dimanche, juin 03, 2007


(Arthur and Damascus, Ontario)
The con, not lie, is on, forget miasma of MOON o’erhung, /Stale foolproof knowledge / And Newton sleep. Did not Pythagoras know / The first number as three / And Bernard Shaw / On that isle of destiny / To which we three relate. / Three in one and one in three (rod, Triad], Toronto 1993).


Startling revelations in the press in late August have linked CSIS to interference in the military, the media, and a newly formed political party. It is to be noted immediately that each of these three components are capable of controlling one another, and through them the population of Canada («CSIS Spies Assailed for Snooping on CBC», (Toronto Star, 20 August 1994).

The most sobering revelation came from the Toronto Sun (14 August 1994): that a CSIS agent, Grant Bristow, actually founded the Heritage Front. What significance is there in the fact that the head of the Heritage Front, Wolfgang Droege, recruited for the Ku Klux Klan, and worked with David Duke - America's most politically-oriented racist? («Fed Mole Lit Racist Fuse», Toronto Sun, 14 August 1994). Was Droege recruited by CSIS while he was incarcerated in an American prison? In any case, after his release he came directly to Canada and founded, with Grant Bristow, the Heritage Front of Canada ('Spy Un-Masked', Toronto Sun, 14 August 1994).
My question at this point is: Why should a Canadian government agency create the Heritage Front, a group that nurtures ill-will among other Canadians? («Stir It Up», Toronto Sun, 14 August 1994). What purpose is served? Is it a strategy to cull the tough from the streets and to use them as future police operatives? This is precisely what has been done with the newly-formed MJTF (Multi Jurisdiction Task Force) in the United States, which is partially made up of street gangs and - alarmingly - secret police from overseas (Belgian, Dutch, German, French, Asian, and perhaps the fiercest of all fighting forces: the Gurkhas).

The MJTF are completely under the jurisdiction of the United Nations. Is a secret police force being formed in Canada? Since the Heritage Front operates on both sides of the border, does this mean that there is an interfacing between the MJTF and what seems to be a secret police force in Canada? Does this have anything to do with the new design of Ontario Provincial Police cruisers: blue stripes on all-white bodies, with no identification? Do the new OPP cruisers suggest a link with the UN? What is the meaning of the big blue flag with the UN insignia which dwarfs both the Canadian and American flags on all border crossings?

The disturbing aspect of all of this is that if we look at Bristow's face, he doesn't look like a disappointed man at being uncovered. Rather he looks triumphant: Peter Worthington of the Toronto Sun (23 August 1994) «raises the possibility that the Heritage Front, through Bristow, has penetrated CSIS - that he's a double-agent». Is the leak then deliberate? Why the leak at this time? Does not the press know which side its bread is buttered on? Will the leak not lead to the «suppression» of the press? Witness the Toronto Sun (23 August 1994):

Canada's spy agency has called on the RCMP to help in its bid to find and plug a series of embarrassing leaks. But where the Mounties can't ride to the rescue, CSIS investigators are looking for leaks on their own.

Investigators from the RCMP National Security Investigations unit - waving a copy of the Official Secrets Act - yesterday visited Sean Durkan, the Sun's Ottawa bureau deputy chief, at his office.

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