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lundi, juin 04, 2007


by Gerald L. Sprouse

The New World Order is the reigning force of influence in absolutely EVERY sphere of North American life. The New World Order not only exerts total dominance over the federal government and the country's banking system, but it also exerts a stranglehold upon 'our' food supply and every other thing which we need to survive. Its grip upon everything of importance is complete, and they are in the position to starve us into submission if need be. They have thought of everything, and they have built an escape-proof cage for us like only the evil mind of man could conceive of.

They own all of the major means of production in this country. If you don't believe me, then I suggest that you try ploughing through the thousand-page book entitled The Rich And The Super-Rich. It is the hardest book that I ever forced myself to read, but by the time you get through with it, there won't be any doubt left in your mind that the New World Order conspirators own everything of significance in North America and indeed the world.

There is just one thing of importance left that the New World Order conspirators don't own out-rightly, but they hold mortgages on it all and are hard at work on completing that transfer of title at the present time. That one thing is North America's farmlands, and the fact that they don't own all of them is undoubtedly the only reason why the axe hasn't yet fallen and the police state that the NWO conspirators are definitely planning has not yet been brought in.

The New World Order conspirators laid a very neat trap for North America's farmers, those unsuspecting tillers of the soil. Through the federal government and the banking system, both of which the New Worlders control, they conned the farmers into over-extending themselves financially to buy equipment and supplies which they really didn't need so that they could attain the highest levels of profitability possible. When the farmers were so far extended that they could never bail themselves out without the continued support of the federal government and the banking system, the New World Order conspirators started yanking that support from under them and foreclosing on their property. I regret that I myself was an unwitting party to this by making in excess of a million and a half dollars per day in loans to farmers at one of the banks which I managed.

The foreclosures on the farms of North America is no coincidence; it is the planned-for end result of a purposeful design to steal the farmers' land from them. It should have been expected by anyone who knew of the New World Order conspiracy. The New Worlders have to gain ownership of all of North America's farmlands if they are to subjugate all of North America. Otherwise, resisters would survive by supporting themselves from their own farmlands and they could also support others of their kind. But with all of the sources of food in the hands of the New Worlders, you will most likely do as they command just to stay alive.

The New Worlders control agriculture from the market end of farm financing as well, and they would take tremendous losses themselves to bankrupt the farmers if need be. Business as usual in agriculture spells the end of the North American farmer and the beginning of New World Order corporate farming. The New Worlders will be glad to take advantage of farmers' experience and hire them just as soon as they confiscate their farms. They might even allow them to continue to work their 'own' farms which the farmer no longer will own, and they probably will pay the farmers good money to work for them until they gain ownership of all North American farmlands. Then the wage they will pay farmers will probably equal the wages of farm labourers in the countries to the south of us. Nickel a day wages may yet return to North America!

If you want to know exactly when the axe is going to fall and when the police state is going to become fully implemented in North America, just watch the progress of the New Worlders in their takeover of ownership of North America's farmlands. That is the key to which the whole thing is geared. When the last of independent ownership of North American farmlands is gone, so will be the last vestige of individual freedom in America.
The farmlands of America is where we should draw the line and fight. If the farmers go, so do we! They need our support just on humane grounds, but the way the battle lines have been drawn, there is absolutely nothing more important than preventing farmers from losing their land ownership to the New World Order conspirators.
This excellent article was sent to us from the Confederation of Regions in Edmonton.

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