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lundi, juin 04, 2007


by C.B. Baker
(Virginia, USA)

There is powerful evidence that the GREAT FLOOD of 1993 was the result of secret, joint weather-engineering conducted by the Russian and U.S. Governments. The Clinton Administration is utilizing the deluge to take over many farms and private land, via a massive expansion of areas subject to Federal wetlands control.


The Midwest Deluge had anomalous characteristics that were similar to many previous weatherwar operations. Across the Midwest corn-belt, it has rained in Biblical proportions - 49 straight days, often in torrents (18 July 1993, NEW YORK TIMES). 'We've got flooding where we haven't seen much before.' said Larry Black, a hydrologist for the National Weather Service' (7 July 1993, NEW YORK TIMES).

The 7 June 1993 NEW YORK TIMES reported that S.K. Nanda, chief hydrologist at the Army's Corps of Engineers at Rock Island, ILL., said that SUCH MAMMOTH LEVELS OF FLOODING HAVE 'NEVER BEEN SEEN IN JULY.' Almost all of the rain storms were carefully directed away from flood-control storage basins.

Beginning on June 11, a foot of rain fell in southern Minnesota and lesser
amounts fell in northern Iowa. Four days later, 11 more inches fell in roughly
the same area. Both storms also moved east and dumped near-record levels of rain
on Wisconsin. Most of the water found its way to the Minnesota River, a
Mississippi tributary southwest of St. Paul, but not in any place where the
Government had built storage reservoirs. On the east side of the Mississippi,
the same sequence occurred in Wisconsin, on the Black River and the Wisconsin

'THE CREST OF THE MIGHTY FLOOD WAS PROBABLY THE WORST TO EVER WASH OVER THE U.S.A.,' (8 October 1993, NEW YORK TIMES). In July 1993, 'Satellite pictures found so much water covering the Midwest that the region resembled a sixth Great Lake. Since June, 471 of the 791 counties in the nine-state flood zone have been declared Federal-disaster areas.' Severe rainstorms continued to pelt the area through September.


On 4 July 1976, the Soviet Union began generating powerful electromagnetic transmissions, that were dubbed 'The Russian Woodpecker' by Western ham radio operators. These transmitters are based upon the original design of the great scientist, Nikolai Tesla. The Russian signals are primarily pulsed at the very dangerous 10 Hertz Extreme Low Frequency (ELF).

The Tesla transmitters create giant standing ELF waves that have repeatedly formed huge blocking-systems that alter the path of the high altitude jet stream and dam up the normal flow of weather fronts. The Soviet ELF transmitters have been able to create droughts that lasted for months and even years, as well as being able to GENERATE DEVASTATING FLOODS.

Press reports on the causes of 1993's Great Midwest Flood repeatedly described factors that were identical to the previous, 17-year history of Woodpecker weatherwar actions.

Few may know why the area has been plagued with so much rain. The middle and upper parts of the Mississippi Valley have been in what meteorologists call A BLOCKING PATTERN, though they do NOT know why it occurs. While weather systems usually move regularly from west to east across the United States, most weather systems in the last few months HAVE STALLED OVER THE UPPER MIDWEST, said Fred Gadomski, a meteorologist at Pennsylvania State University (4 July 1993, NEW YORK TIMES).

For five weeks a high-pressure system over the eastern part of the country has been pumping warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico and dumping thunderstorms over the Midwest, where it meets the jet stream. The rain line is just sagging back and forth between Interstate 70 and 80, said Bill Dieffenbach of the Missouri Conservation Department.


A weather pattern 'has been locked in place for at least six weeks, causing mammoth floods in the Midwest, and parched conditions along the East Coast. The stagnant high-pressure zone has also ACTED LIKE A BARRIER, PREVENTING THE NORMAL FLOW OF WEATHER PATTERNS FROM WEST TO EAST ACROSS THE COUNTRY. Winds, circulating clockwise around the high-pressure dome, have brought moisture from the Gulf of Mexico into the Midwest, feeding the stores there that have brought three times the normal rainfall to the region. The dome has also BLOCKED THE PATH OF COLD CANADIAN WINDS, bringing record low temperatures to the Northwest'(29 July 1993, NEW YORK TIMES).

The 9/93 issue of STORM, THE WORLD WEATHER MAGAZINE carried an important analysis of the big flood that was written by research meteorologist Bob Scott:

The jet stream during the summer is usually weak, and typically found much farther north in Canada. If the jet stream over Canada were to strengthen and move south at the same time as the high in the Atlantic moved West, the flow of air between the two systems would become more pronounced. This situation would result in additional moisture and rainfall in regions near the jet because warmer, moist air from the south would interact with cooler, dry air from Canada. Furthermore, IF FOR SOME REASON, THESE MASSIVE SYSTEMS BECAME SEMI-FIXED IN CLOSE PROXIMITY, HEAVY RAINFALL WOULD CONTINUE TO OCCUR ON ALMOST A DAILY BASIS. THIS IS PRECISELY WHAT HAPPENED DURING THE SPRING AND SUMMER OF 1993.'

It is extremely unusual for 'weather patterns' to PERSIST for so many weeks, bring heavy rainfall to the same area almost on a daily basis. The reasons for the weather patterns to become fixed, as they did in June and July, 1993, are unclear...


'Over 1,000 levees were breached on the Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri and Des Moines Rivers and their tributaries. Over 20 MILLION ACRES OF AGRICULTURE WERE AFFECTED BY THE FLOODS,
including 7 million to 8 million acres that were submerged or too wet to be planted. Two-thirds of the nation's corn and soybean crops, grown primarily as livestock feed, are in the flood states' (4 April 1993, WASHINGTON POST).

'300,000 acres of corn and 600,000 acres of soybeans in Iowa alone were flooded or not planted this year because of wet ground. Even where fields of corn and soybeans appear to be flourishing, yields per acres this fall are expected to be 15 to 25 percent below normal because of late planting caused by cool, wet weather' (8 December 1993, WASHINGTON POST).

'Disaster experts say this flood has thus far caused $12 BILLION in farm and property losses, and has driven 50,000 people from their homes' (8 January 1993, NEW YORK TIMES).

The 21 July 1993 NEW YORK TIMES reported that flood victims 'will return to a stinking world of polluted river mud, LACED WITH DIESEL AND SEWAGE. The recovery for some farmers would be particularly rough because damage to fields, crops, levees and equipment would make it difficult to be ready for next spring's crops. So the flooding could cost them TWO crops instead of one.'

The giant southeast blocking system, that played a key part in pumping moisture into the Upper Mississippi Valley, also caused an agricultural drought disaster in southeastern states.

'Midwestern railroads have sustained between $100 and $200 million in flood losses.' Many bridges were washed out; up to 500 miles of track has been submerged' (8 April 1993, WASHINGTON POST). Closing the river has severely affected a barge industry already in poor financial condition, and new bankruptcies and mergers could leave only five or six large companies running the freight boats' (15 August 1993, WASHINGTON POST).

Losses from the flood will bankrupt many more farmers and allow the land to be grabbed up by the big bankers. The 7 September 1993 WALL STREET JOURNAL reported: 'Among America's two million farm operators, roughly 10% are considered financially overextended, so economists guess that RAIN WILL WASH OUT THOUSANDS MORE THIS YEAR than the typical annual exodus of 15,000 or so.'

The 8 May 1993 WASHINGTON POST reported: 'THE WIDESPREAD FLOODING COULD PROVE A DEATH KNELL FOR SOME RURAL COMMUNITIES,' said Jack King of the American Farm Bureau's Chicago headquarters. Localized economic disruption may be significant. Bankers expect that many of their farm borrowers WILL HAVE TO SIGNIFICANTLY SELL ASSETS.'


The June 1981 (Vol.3#1) P.A.C.E. NEWSLETTER reported that Dr. Ralph Markson of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggests 'that if atmospheric variations do affect the weather, the appropriate use of Extreme Low (ELF) and Very Low (VLF) Frequency radio waves might do the same trick.'

It is known that VLF (Very Low Frequency) radio waves, such as those generated by lightning, can cause trapped particles to be dumped into the atmosphere by destabilizing plasma in the magnetosphere. Experiments to cause such triggered particle precipitation have been conducted rom the space shuttle.

... Laboratory experiments and modelling indicate they [electrical fields] may play an important role in cloud electrification and coalescence of droplets into raindrops or condensation of water vapour into droplets.... Also, the rate of growth of ice crystals from water vapour is reported to accelerate
with increasing electric field intensity.

Dr. Markson's article in the 30 May 1980 SCIENCE MAGAZINE stated:

The earth's fair-weather field, 'is maintained by worldwide thunderstorm activity. Increases in stratospheric ionization or the intensity of the fair-weather electric field, or both may affect thunderstorm electrification and thus, may lead to physical effects on ice particles and droplets within clouds that could result in changes in the earth's albedo and transformation of
atmospheric energy.

THESE COULD AFFECT AIR MOTIONS ON ALL SCALES, FROM CONVECTIVE CELLS IN CLOUDS TO THE GENERAL CIRCULATION. There is a global circuit, sometimes referred to as the Wilson circuit, in which the ionosphere is maintained at a positive potential, generally in the range 200 to 300 kilovolts, relative to the earth. In the non-thunderstorm (fair-weather) portions of the atmosphere, a return conduction current flows between the ionosphere and the earth, AND THE CIRCUIT IS COMPLETED BETWEEN THE CONDUCTING EARTH AND THE BASES OF THUNDERCLOUDS through a combination of conduction, convection, lightning, point discharge and precipitation currents. The charge, put on the earth by thunderstorms, maintains the earth's electric field and the ionospheric potential.

This natural global circuit, was discovered by Nikolai Tesla in the 1890's. The Tesla system involves utilizing giant magnifying transmitters to act as global generators and ARTIFICIALLY create the same global electromagnetic circuit functions that are NATURALLY created by thunderstorm activity.

The April 1969 issue of SPECTRUM, a publication of the prestigious institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) carried an article by Aeronautical Engineer, Seymour Tilson, which stated:

Workers in the fields of atmospheric electricity and cloud physics have accumulated sufficient evidence to suggest that electric fields, forces and changes in the earth's lower atmosphere play a critical role - perhaps the critical role - in the development and behaviour of clouds that produce precipitation. This in turn, suggests that manipulation of the electrical properties of clouds may someday provide the long-sought key to modification of weather by man.

One of the first scientists to sound the alarm about Soviet weatherwar actions was Dr. Andrew Michrowski of the Planetary Association for Clean Energy (P.A.C.E.). After establishing monitoring stations across Canada, Michrowski sent out a February 1978 letter stating:

In the case of the winter of 1976-77, the Soviets managed to establish relatively stable and localized ELF (extremely low frequency) magnetic fields, WHICH WERE ABLE TO HAMPER OR DIVERT THE JET STREAM FLOW IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE.

The fronts were localized along the Polish and Romanian borders, along the Gulf Stream between South Carolina and mid- and off the West Coast of North America between Baja California and the Alaskan coast. THIS PERMITTED GREAT DIVERSION OF AIR MOVEMENTS AND MAINTENANCE OF HIGH AND LOW PRESSURE AREA FOR LONG PERIODS.

In the case of the winter of 1977-78, the Soviet scientists involved had the ingenious idea of setting up one series of standing columnar waves that extended from the Westerly tip of Alaska all the way to Valparaiso, Chile. This columnar wave front is projected from near Axigarsk, Siberia.

It has created a world-wide weather modification, in that east of this formation the weather is drier, and west of it, PRECIPITATION IS ENHANCED. As the standing columnar waves rotate clockwise, Westerly winds are sucked upwards counter-clockwise into the upper-atmosphere, while a drag brings air from the upper atmosphere to the opposite side. The giant standing wave segments were approximately 250 miles long. To the west, of the standing wave, we note a rising low pressure circumstance, and to the east, the descending high pressure.

THE ABOVE DESCRIPTION IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED DURING THE GREAT FLOOD OF 1993, where the area west of the giant standing wave blocking system located over the southeastern USA - experienced unending rain and the area east of that standing wave system experienced ceaseless drought. Dr. Michrowski's 1978 letter continued:

At the same time, this formation cut diagonally the magnetic field of this planet, thus disrupting the normal dynamic of the whole, and creating a vast territory of the earth, a havoc of proper weather prediction, since the critical factor of local magnetic influence on weather has become extremely variable.
In his July 1979, P.A.C.E. NEWSLETTER, Dr. Michrowski provided additional information about the Russian Woodpecker system.

At least five USSR installations are operating simultaneously up to 24 hours daily, since July 1976, with an intensity of up to 40 MILLION WATTS (the most powerful transmitters in the world). These emit pulses ranging from 5 to 26 hertz (ELF). At least eleven carrier frequencies are involved, some of which are random. The installations appear to act in liaison with the highly magnetic MHO apparati located at Semipalatinsk.

The magnetic component appears to be able to siphon and pump 60 Hz electric power transmission systems, indicating a Luxemburg effect mechanism. Magnetic field impulses demonstrate no time lag when compared with the other USSR emissions components normal radio wave propagation.


In the 1980's, the Federal Government undertook the construction of a nationwide network of Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) towers. The official purpose of these towers is to maintain defense communications in the event of a nuclear attack upon the United States. These is strong evidence that these GWEN towers have hidden weather-engineering functions.


Depending upon the specific local geological formations, the continuous signals of the GWEN antenna are clearly capable of altering the magnetic field within a 200 to 250-mile radius of certain units. As documented, alterations of the earth's magnetic field can strongly influence precipitation.

The November 1980 BULLETIN OF THE ATOMIC SCIENTISTS listed some of the GWEN tower locations. Of extreme significance were GWEN units directly in the middle of the high rainfall area. Although not all towers are completed, some of these units were on line and functioning when the Russian Woodpecker system altered the jet stream and set up the long lasting weather-blocks in 1993. Some operating and planned GWEN unit locations are at: Mechanicsville, Iowa; Ledyard, Iowa; Chelsea, Wisconsin; Shephard, Minnesota, Curryville and Dudley, Missouri; Whitney, Nebraska and other units in Colorado and Montana, whose range could influence the magnetic fields in neighbouring states. A total of ten GWEN units are in the Midwest.

The existence of working GWEN units inside the area targeted by the Russian Woodpecker weather-war transmitters greatly enhanced and helped to maintain (by altering certain local magnetic fields) the constant precipitation levels inside the Upper Mississippi Valley. Thus, US Government GWEN Units made a significant contribution to creating the Great Flood of 1993.


The United States and the Soviet Union began secret cooperation on world weather-engineering in 1971. The next year, US and Soviet scientific teams conducted research in the Bering Sea. The second project was POLEX, the Polar Experiment of the Global Atmospheric Research Program. In 1973, both nations secretly cooperated on AIDJEX, the Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment.


The 1970 book, BETWEEN TWO AGES, by Zbigniew Brzezinski, (the founding director of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission) stated: 'Technology will make available, to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised. TECHNIQUES OF WEATHER MODIFICATION COULD BE EMPLOYED TO PRODUCE PROLONGED PERIODS OF DROUGHT OR STORM,' which is exactly what has happened in America, following the commencement of the Soviet Woodpecker transmissions. A 1977 official Trilateral Commission publication described increased Trilateral-Communist cooperation in the area of WEATHER MODIFICATION.'

During 1989, World Bank President Barber Conable (member of the Trilateral Commission) made a speech in Tokyo at a conference on 'Global Environment'. In that speech he revealed the long-range goals of the international bankers. He said that 'while higher temperatures may cause a number of natural disasters, THEY MIGHT ALSO WARM COLD AND UNPRODUCTIVE LANDS IN THE NORTH INTO PRODUCTIVITY' (9 December 1989, WASHINGTON POST). This candid admission described the real reason that the Soviets, and New World Order gang have secretly promoted continuous weather-engineering over the Northern Hemisphere since the early 1970's.

C.B. Baker, who lives in Virginia, publishes every month a meticulously-researched paper on some aspect of the new world order. These papers are published in individual issues of Youth Action News: A Research Report Specially prepared for Youth Action Supporters. Each issue costs $4 (15% should be added to Canadian orders; lower prices are available for larger numbers of particular orders). Send cheque, made payable to 'Youth Action', to C.B. Baker, P.O. Box 312, Alexandria, Virginia 22313.

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