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mardi, juin 05, 2007


Both the USA and the USSR have manipulated world weather patterns with Tesla ELF transmitters, creating MAJOR ALTERATIONS in the polar environment. Vast amounts of Soviel, mineral wealth, for example, are inaccessible because of the severe Siberian weather, so this has been one of the main motivations on the part of the Soviets to alter Arctic weather patterns. Also, US multinational oil companies have been expanding operations into the Arctic and Antarctic regions. By engineering world weather patterns with Tesla ELF transmitters, the U.S. and the Soviets have already begun to create MAJOR ALTERATIONS of the polar environment.

In 1977 the Trilateral Commission published official paper #13 entitled 'Collaboration with Communist Countries in Managing Global Problems.' The report recommended Trilateral/Communist cooperation in nine areas of global concern 'including international energy cooperation, international control of oceans and space, weather modification and earthquake control. As an Arctic power, the Report went on, 'the Soviet Union should have considerable interest in bringing NATIONAL WEATHER MODIFICATION efforts under some kind of international consultation procedures.'

Many details about the early U.S./Soviet work on world weather engineering were published in Lowell Ponte's book, The Cooling (Prenfice-Hall, 1976). Ponte worked as a researcher in a Pentagon-associated think-tank and in this way was able to obtain details about secret U.S. /Soviet scientific cooperation for weather engineering.

In 1974 President Gerald Ford and his Trilateralist Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (World War II Communist double agent name Bor) held a summit conference with Soviet leader Brezhnev at Vladivostok Siberia. Lowell Ponte reveals details of the summit that have never been made public. He reports that Brezhnev, Ford, and Kissinger held secret discussions on joint U.S./Soviet weather modification.

The secret talks analyzed the covert /research conducted by earlier U.S./Soviet polar experiments and decided which 'climate modification technologies would be tried' to warm up the earth in order to stop a global 'cooling trend.'

The results of this Soviet/U.S. agreement first became evident when the USSR started work on its Tesla transmitter in 1976. Three years later - in 1979 - the Trilateral-controlled US Government started its part of the secret agreement by turning on 30 Hertz ELF transmitters.

Secret new world order bad-weather generators have demonstrated startling powers: holographic combinations to produce geometric hemispheres; shields of incredible energy density; launch/phase, midcourse and terminal phase antimissile weapons and antibomber weapons of great power; scalar EM anti-stealth weapons of high effectiveness; scalar EM underwater weapons, radar, and communications; time reversed wave weapons, using a variety of waves such as sound, electromagnetic, and mechanical waves; weapon adaptations of Tesla's magnifying transmitter, which energize the entire earth itself into electrogravitational resonance, making of the earth a self-pumped phase conjugate mirror; giant, amplified phase conjugate replica pulses of mechanical and electrical energy furnished by the earth itself and directed at specific targets to cause earthquakes and massive destruction, etc.

These generators can also be used for some types of genetic engineering, including changes in the cellular structure, inducing lethal virus infections, bacterial plagues, nuclear radiation damage, or any sort of cellular death or disease desired.

For further information contact Carmen Miller, 875 7th Avenue, Hanover, Ontario N4N 2K3; Youth Action News, PO Box 312, Alexandria, Virginia, USA 22313 (including a pamphlet Weather War Deluge Over America, $4); David J. Smith, Church of God Evangelistic Association, 319 Osler, Arlington, Texas, USA 76010, for newsletter and cassettes on the history of the Tesla machines and what they are being used for today.

Brian and Mary McCurdy produce a monthly Christian Survivalist Newsletter. Subscriptions can be had by writing to Brian McCurdy, RR2, Shelburne, Ontario L0N 1S6 - $10. As well as broad analyses of the current and political situation, 'we will tell you', Brian writes, 'Of survival skills with relation to hunting, fishing, trapping, herbs, natural healing, Bible prophecy regarding end times, food storage, preserving, homesteading, alternative energy, self-protection, weapons, currency investments, the tanning of hides, making of clothing and boots, etc. Also, you must know that you are not getting the real news from the mainstream news media, AM, FM radio, TV or newspapers: these outlets are totally censored. If you want the real news, get yourself a shortwave radio. Remember too to remove the bar codes from all containers of food that you store as these can be detected at a distance.

Your readers will need all of this information to survive the coming collapse. They can learn too how the original Christians held church in their homes (Phil 1:2; Romans 16:5; 1 Cor. 16:19),for when the collapse starts, they will have to return to that as well as to the basics of life.'

Plate 42: Disguised as a Hydro-generator, this new world order weather generator, located outside Arthur Ontario, is one of two in Canada. This electromagnetic wave oscillator wave generator is built to create extremely high or low atmosphere pressures and so alter the weather: high pressure can create droughts and low pressure fuels hurricanes, hail or snow storms. During the giant snow storm which killed 250 people in March 1993, the barometer dropped so low that it would hardly register. There are said to be 50 electromagnetic wave oscillator generators throughout the world.

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