Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

mardi, décembre 25, 2007


C'est évident que la conversation tourne autour du couple Bernardo-Karla, les deux tueurs en série, de la défense de publier du juge, et de l’implication directe des Francs-Maçons dans une autre affaire de camouflage et de pots-de-vin. Qui était donc le véritable père de Bernardo? Et qui a intérêt à taire l’affaire? Protéger Karla? Bernardo?...

Nous savions déjà que les sectes sataniques n’aiment pas les transfugent: ils les tuent. La Franc-Maçonnerie est connue pour tuer les membres qui en savent trop. Les Francs-Maçons ne badinent pas sur les moyens pour que le secret des loges ne soit pas connu du grand public. Ils ne donnent jamais la liste de leurs membres. Pourtant elle n’est pas tellement difficile à obtenir.

Si vous voulez en connaître quelques-uns, vous n’avez qu’à relever les noms des journalistes, des animateurs de radio ou de télévision, des artistes et des personnages publics qui attaquent directement et de façon virulente l’Église catholique, la famille et les valeurs traditionnelles. Autrement dit, vous allez avoir une longue liste. Il y avait même un acteur homosexuel qui passait à TQS pour inciter les catholiques à apostasier. En plus d’être un acteur médiocre qui fait le trouble en Gaspésie en se prenant pour un personnage important, il pense vraiment que la foule va le suivre. C’est un petit-gros-laid à grande gueule. jacques Clouseau


by j.c.
St. Thomas, Ontario

There is nothing that can be measured any more. The whirlwind of the new world order has crossed the thresholds of our souls and overturned the natural order there - F 0 R E V E R. - E.C.



Informer: One came to me last year, you know, out of the blue so to speak.

J.C.: A change of heart?

Informer: Perhaps. She had been born on the altar of Satan and is in the process of being groomed to become the High Priestess of Canada - her parents were witches of course.

J.C.: Where did this take place?

Informer: British Columbia where the National Headquarters of the Church used to be located. When she came to me she wanted out. She came for sanctuary, guidance, and in a state of repentance. Once you are in, though, it is practically impossible to get out. It is not her fault; she was, of course, innocent once, but then children are always innocent.

J.C. So the National Headquarters of the Canadian Church of Satan is in British Columbia?

Informer: Until June 1991, when they moved to the 'heartland' of Canada to be more centrally located and to establish closer connections with the United States. Since then the membership has infiltrated every walk of society: education, law enforcement, the Courts, etc. - just name it.

J.C.: Did you save her?

Informer: We had several secret meetings, but the force of the antiChrist won out. They already have seven Churches or cells operating in the proximity of the National Headquarters.

J.C.: Which is precisely where?

Informer: London, Ontario. They wanted a conservative environment, a place where people would least expect it to be. I tried my best, not that it would have done much good, because if she had got out she would have been murdered for talking. Nobody gets out.

J.C.: Who is their Godhead? Informer: The Prince of the air; the Prince of Darkness - Lucifer himself.

J.C.: Yes, but do they have an earthly potentate, an unseen hand which guides the day-to-day activities, if you will?

Informer whispers: An international figure who is high among the Illuminati: they call him the STRONG man.

J.C.: Surely you don't mean... ?

Informer: Yes.

Informer: Enough for today. Church meets tomorrow and I must prepare my Sermon.

J.C.: One last thing! Perhaps all of this goes much deeper, might even involve the T - case, which could in effect bring everything full circle.

Informer pauses and then speaks: The Canadian nation which we all love is being strangled by the machinations of an unseen hand and the real purpose has yet to be defined. It is not truth alone that sets men free, but the knowledge of the truth. I will make an arrangement for you to speak to 'Deep Throat'.


Deep Throat: I understand that you are seeking information with regard to a specific phenomenon.

J.C.: Yes, my intuition tells me that the alleged serial killings were somehow connected with rituals of the Church of Satan in Canada.

Deep Throat: Your intuition does indeed take you down the right road. Let's look at the big picture as best we can. It is Satan's burning passion to rule and conquer the human race, so he disguises himself always as a bearer of Light.

J.C.: As one of the Illuminati?

Deep Throat: Yes. In fact, the word 'illuminati' is derived from the word 'Lucifer' and human sacrifice is integral to satanic worship. Some of the children of this world are being dragged into the bowels of a living hell. One of the prime aims of the Illuminati is to destroy the traditional family and now it is the children who are exposed, who are vulnerable - it is they who are being sacrificed.

J.C.: Before we go on here, I must know if you are indeed in the loop?

Deep Throat: Yes, I am a double agent of course.

J. C.: Were Saul and Marley part of a cell?

Deep Throat: Yes, Marley was the bait. The Trial was closed down to the public because of the tapes.

J.C.: The tapes?

Deep Throat: Everything was videotaped for the private pleasure of the membership; home entertainment, if you will. They were simply pawns in the scheme of things, and the coverup is massive.

J.C.: Indeed, the Government placed a ban upon all proceedings; a publication ban. Maybe we are breaking the ban right now.

Deep Throat laughs: Is all of Canada going to close now - with a ban on this and a gag on that - because of the grisly murders that two people are alleged to have committed: The ban is both very vague and very precise. Under section 486, sub-section 1 of the Criminal Code, the public are excluded from the trial and 'there will be no publication of the circumstances of the death of ally person referred to in the trial.' Does this order relate to 26 million Canadian or just to those who were in the courtroom? Surely we are not being banned from talking about it or from recording the conversations of people who were not there. What I am telling you half the country already knows. It was a plant - disinformation to fool the public. Let them believe that they got away with it and the masses are satisfied.

J.C.: I do not understand.

Deep Throat: Let me give you the big picture here. The masses elect the Government - Federal, Provincial and Municipal. The people are then satisfied that they have participated in the democratic process, having elected representatives who will do what is good for the Country. Then they (the masses) conveniently go back to sleep, not realizing that Government representatives at all levels are merely 'puppets' of the new world order.

J.C.: Who then is pulling the strings? You are indicating that Government for the people is but an illusion and there are unseen forces behind the scenes?

Deep Throat: Exactly. The control lies in the hands of unelected people who are in effect shaping, directing, and controlling everything. The Government Officials make the laws of the land not for the good of the people, but at the discretion of the unseen power brokers of the new world order.

J.C.: I am beginning to understand, but give me an example that is relevant to our present subject: to digest, savor, think about.

Deep Throat: Remember all the sheep who raced over to Buffalo to 'get the facts'? Do you remember all the media hype and how Big Brother rose to the occasion by calling out 'The Authority' to search and seize the newspapers?

J.C.: Yes, of course. I was rooting for all Canadians who made such an effort to seek out the truth - to beat Big Brother at his game.

Deep Throat: It was all planned and orchestrated. Did you not question the fact that the same 'Authority' who placed the ban at the Provincial level of Government was totally breaking the law at the Federal level? The Customs did indeed exercise their authority in searching for and seizing newspapers, but everybody was a allowed 'TO TAKE ONE PAPER HOME.'

J.C.: That is true. So in effect the officials of the Federal Government were violating the Ontario Government ban by allowing the unsuspecting masses one newspaper.

Deep Throat: Correct. It is called aiding and abetting, but the masses were sleeping.

J. C.: Aiding and abetting whom?

Deep Throat: The will of the unseen Government that was unelected by the people for the people - in effect the Illuminati of this world.

J.C.: Why did Saul change his name?

Deep Throat: His Mother informed him at about the age of 16 that the man he thought was his father and to whom he was deeply attached was not his biological Father at all. In effect, his Foster Father raised him out of love and it was time, the mother felt, to face the 'truth' or the fascination of what had happened. So he was told about an affair that had taken place a long time ago. Quite a traumatic experience no doubt for the young man....

J.C.: He was told everything?

Deep Throat: Yes. Perhaps he changed his name out of the guilt and frustration of it all. His biological father is a rather important man in Canada: the cover-up widens because of the scandal.

J.C.: I just have one last question. In the whirlwind of it all, the Ontario Government must be feeling a lot of pressure? I mean the next trial and all. Does Race Bob Know?

Deep Throat: Let me put it this way. The Father in questionknows aaallll. Do you understand?

J.C.: Yes, I believe I do. Thank-you for meeting me and I must say, I find your uniform very impressive.


Il est temps que le Québec sache quelle vipère il héberge et ce qu’elle est capable de faire. Il y a des enfants qui disparaissent au Québec. Certains ont disparus depuis la réception royale que firent le Québec et son élite à une des femmes les plus dangereuses de l’histoire du Canada.

Rouler le Québec ne constitue pas un exploit...

Jacques Clouseau



In the course of compiling this book, literally tens of thousands of pages were sent to us by concerned and interested Canadians. Some of this material related to three particularly vicious serial killings: Leslie Mahaffy (14), Kristen French (15), and Tammy
Homolka (15).

We seem to have a new twist on the serial killer here, not a single individual operating in isolation but - seemingly - a young man and his wife, both in their twenties.

Tammy Homolka, sister of convicted killer Karla Homolka, died on 24 December 1990. At the time her death was thought to be accidental. It was only after the murder of the other girls that it was discovered that she had been murdered too.

The second girl, Leslie Mahaffy, was abducted on 15 June 1991. On 29 June 1991 'Leslie Mahaffy's concrete-encased body parts are pulled from Lake Gibson, south of St. Catharines' (Toronto Sun, 28 August). Is it one of the accidents of history or one of the perversions of man that the discovery of the dismembered body of this your girl coincided with the marriage consummation of her alleged killers? 'June 29,1991 - Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka are married in a glitzy wedding in historic Niagara-on-the-Lake'. On the 17 February 1993 Bernardo was arrested with police allegations 'that he raped and murdered Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy, killed his wife's sister Tammy Homolka and attacked or raped 19 young women' (Toronto Sun, 28 August). In Toronto, the suspect Bernardo went so far as to flaunt his 'accomplishments' by actually changing his name from Bernardo to the name of a real serial killer called Teale. In doing this, he seems to have wanted to empower himself as a double serial killer, in myth and reality. The press followed along obediently and soon the name of Paul Teale was, like some new blasphemy, on everybody's lips, repeated over and over. After a period of this, the name was changed back to Bernardo. It's not clear what this signifies.

In the meantime his estranged wife did a deal with the Attorney General's Office and received a 12-year sentence because she said she will give evidence against her ex-husband.


Karla Homolka s’adressa seulement à la presse francophone lors de sa libération, en jouant la carte du nationalisme de mal aloi qui affecte la province de Québec. D’une meurtrière en série qui avait des relations homosexuelles en prison, elle était devenue une suffragette en manque de protection.

C’est que la «victime» venait de passer du bon temps en prison. Elle n’a jamais manqué de partenaires homosexuels, comme elle. Une photo la montrait devant un gâteau d’anniversaire, accompagnée de sa «copine». Le gouvernement a eu de la misère à faire croire que la pauvre Karla, la nouvelle Aurore l’enfant martyr du Québec, avait des remords. Elle n’a jamais d’ailleurs regretté ses gestes. Elle cadre bien avec les autres lesbiennes et meurtriers d’enfants qui opèrent légalement dans les abattoirs pour enfants des faiseurs d’anges.

Jacques Clouseau

The details revealed at the Homolka trial were so unsavory that the judge in question, backed up by the Government, placed a ban on 'publication of the circumstances of the death of any person referred to in the trial'.

Who is he or who are the Government that they should dictate to 26 million Canadians what to read or what not to read, what to talk about or what not to talk about, especially when it involves the death of three children, the rape of nineteen more, and perhaps the rape and murder of many more whose mutilated and 'dismembered' bodies will probably never be found. Is it his intention to protect these alleged serial killers, to sweep it under the carpet? The priority of Canadians is: what happened to these children? How were their bodies 'dismembered' and why?

Of course the whole ban - or to use that silly buzz word 'gag' - was ludicrous. The grisly details were released in the tabloids south of the border and Canadians were allowed to cross the border like controlled cattle 'to take one paper home' - one. Any more were seized by Canadian Customs. In this day and age of photocopying, this is ludicrous Why were the Canadians so sheepish? It was galling enough to have to suffer the collective guilt of these profane murders, but to have to go to another country to read about them was the ultimate indignity, the ultimate demonstration that our free will has been taken away from us as well.

The whole arrangements for the trials seem to have been very carefully orchestrated by the Canadian Authorities. For example one correspondent writes:

The Crown obtained this publication ban not to protect Paul's right to a fair trial, but in order to keep secret the lack of evidence against him, and particulars of the plea bargain with Homolka away from any public scrutiny. If Homolka changes her mind and fails to testify, the crown prosecutors will probably lose the case against Bemardo. This prompted Ken Murray, Bemardo's lawyer, to say that the Attorney General made 'a pact with the devil'. Without Karla Homolka's evidence, it is highly probable that Bemardo will get off.

Recently, the Attorney General decided not to hold a preliminary hearing in the trial of Bernardo. This is a serious departure from standard judicial procedures. The Attorney General's plan is to hold the full trial sometime in 1995. Probably this will benefit the Provincial government of Bob Rae to avoid public scrutiny and embarrassment until after Provincial elections are held. There are other revelations as well.


Karla Homolka savait ce qu’elle faisait en choisissant le Québec pour l’accueillir lors de sa libération. En Ontario, elle risquait un tout autre sort réservé aux gens qui commettent des atrocités. Mais dans le Québec qui trouve normal le mariage homosexuel, le meurtre en série d’enfants dans les CLSC et ailleurs, Karla est plus considérée que Lady Diana.

Il faut dire aussi que le meurtre en série fait partie de la secte satanique, que la Franc-Maçonnerie est une secte satanique, et que le Mouvement Laïque Québécois, avec la CSQ, sont des branches externes de la Franc-Maçonnerie. Dans le cas de la CSQ, ce sont des membres du MLQ qui l’ont infiltrée.

Ce qui est encore plus étonnant, c’est de voir les autorités dérouler le tapis rouge de sang devant Karla Homolka. Ils accueillent à bras ouverts et chaleureusement une des leurs...

Jacques Clouseau

'when the man gains power
he is no longer the man
but the godno worse no better
than hitler
for there are a million ways
to destroy the soul'

This suggests that there is some kind of link between the Government of Ontario and the alleged serial killing of these estranged lovers? Why should one killer be given a kiss of a deal and the trial of the second be delayed until 'sometime in 1995'? Why should 'the Provincial Government of Bob Rae' feel it incumbent upon them 'to avoid public scrutiny' regarding an alleged serial killer? Why should Bob Rae feel 'embarrassment' in any way about alleged killers of three children and the rape of nineteen young woman? We knew Rae got Ontario into the Casino business in a bigger way than he first gave the impression of, but....

We have far more material than we can reveal here. We do not wish our book on Corruption in Canada to be impounded before it reaches the bookshelves. Reviewing this material, we have concluded that Canada is now in a process of protecting its serial killers and alleged serial killers. Why? Go back and read the Introduction.

We can almost say that it seems as if 'a conspiracy' has been hatched by the authorities in relation to this. If you re-read the Toronto Star of 27 August 1994, it is suggested that a 'sweetheart' deal is being devised for Mr. Paul Bernardo as it was devised by Karla Homolka. Note too how public pity is being mulcted for this poor prisoner in 'protective custody' on his 30th birthday.

Bernardo eats all his meals alone, in his windowless cell, which is about the size of the large, walk-in closet at his former home in Port Dalhousie.

For his birthday breakfast it was cold cereal, coffee, toast and jam. After a soup-and-sandwich lunch, his day will end with a supper of pork chops, mashed potatoes, yellow beans, apple sauce, bread and margarine....

Bernardo loved to drive around in his leased Nissan sports car, traveling freely about southwestern Ontario, and making regular trips over the border to see friends in the United States.

Now, when he travels, it's in the back of a police van to and from court, his legs and arms shackled....

Prison conditions for his former wife seem almost luxurious by comparison.

Homolka, likely to be the crown's star witness in his murder trial, is at Kingston Prison for Women, where she's serving a 12-year sentence after being convicted of manslaughter in the French and Mahaffy slayings. She has a television set and her cell is wallpapered with her favorite Walt Disney cartoon characters.

She's also getting computer training in the making of name tags for government employees....

Crown prosecutors are looking at ways to avoid that expense [that is the expense of several trials in different cities, as if they all couldn't take place in one city] and save alleged victims the trauma of testifying in court [how touching, how considerate], several sources say.

One solution being discussed, the sources said, is to offer Bernardo a 'package deal' [Here we go again!].

In exchange for pleading guilty to all the charges he would be given a favorable jail cell, a 'room with a view'. Such plea-bargain efforts by the crown are common in cases involving a variety of charges.

This was the Toronto Star's 'tribute' to 'Paul's' thirtieth birthday. The Sun (28 August 1994) published four pages of provocative photographs and nostalgic prose about his former cell where he was 'happy':

Along with watching The Simpsons, his favorite TV program, Bernardo took an interest in music videos and dance shows. He loved TV dance club shows such as Electric Circus. When the music played, he would dance around, at the same time critiquing the bobbing and weaving figures on the

'I should be out there making the videos,' Bernardo would offer.

'Hey, at least the guy's out there dancing. It's better than what we're doing,' fellow inmates would respond.

'But if I was out there, I'd be doing way better.'

The Government of Canada prevents us from revealing to the public the type of video that 'Paul' made prior to his incarceration. We leave it to the reader to imagine the worst and then he will be still a good distance from the truth.


Dans cette section, vous allez commencer à comprendre pourquoi notre ancien Premier ministre Paul Martin a fait adopter le mariage homosexuel et pourquoi il a invité un sorcier lors de l’investiture de ses ministres. Le rite auquel les Canadiens ont assisté en était un de la secte satanique. Ne vous méprenez pas.
Le meurtre d’enfant et l’homosexualité ne sont que quelques-unes des activités prisées par les membres des sectes sataniques. La Franc-Maçonnerie est une secte de ce qui est des plus sataniques.

Afin d’établir le Nouvel Ordre Mondial satanique, il faut que l’homosexualité, le meurtre d’enrfant et tous les maux que combat l’Église catholique soient devenus au moins légaux, à défaut d’être normaux.

Jacques Clouseau


Barry Kincaid

The above article appeared under the title of 'The Terrible Fate of Missing Children' in Contact: The Phoenix Project (17 May 1994).

Over the centuries over 100,000 persons throughout the world, both children and adults, have been tortured and killed as human sacrifice in satanic rituals, or what is termed 'The Continental Holocaust'.

Police have been unable to locate all these missing persons; families have had to abandon their loved ones: they have all joined the statistics of 'unsolved mysteries'.

These people have not run away. They have been abducted and kidnaped for the precise purpose of being tortured and murdered! You may see some of the children's faces on milk cartons or blue and white cards found in your mail boxes.

Some infants and young children's lives may even go unnoticed, as their births were never recorded. While some of these babies and pre-schoolers maybe born to prostitutes, others were conceived by Satanists with the sole intent that they be born and die at a very early age, die cruelly at the hands of Satan worshipers who reap pleasure from those terrible atrocities. Xrated and violent movies are kindergarten entertainment for these savages who stalk their prey until the moment is propitious for them to act. Barbaric, but true.

While abortion is wrong to Christians, this is a story of individuals who are allowed to be born and who are then led in all innocence to their deaths. It would be far better for them if they had been incarcerated for having committed crimes - even in Singapore - or if they were to die in the gas chamber, the electric chair, or by hanging or lethal injection.

The victims of these satanic rituals are abducted by various methods: many are kidnaped from loving homes, others are outcasts of society who will not be missed, and still others are the victims of drugs, alcoholism, family abuse, or homelessness. They may be drifters living in the slums of cities, infants taken from their mothers on the street, or young men and women living loose with no parental supervision. They may be your children some day.

These people are often befriended, given money, drugs, liquor, coerced into sexual acts, or just plain abducted. While the method of recruitment may vary, the ritual is generally the same for all victims: they die a slow, tortuous, and painful death with onlookers cheering the dismemberment that they are experiencing.

Satanists include in their ranks John Wayne Gacy, Larry Eilers, and Jeffrey Dahmer. The difference is that Gacy, Eilers and Dahmer were eventually caught and jailed. Generally, the Satan worshipers do not get caught. No one is really looking for them either. They share their secrets and go on to more barbaric killings.

Who are these Satanists? They come from all walks of life. They are the devil in disguise. They could be an astute businessman, politician, police officer, religious preacher, school teacher or nurse. They come from all socio-economic backgrounds. Just as Christians raise their children to love and honor God, Satanists raise their children to love and honor the devil. Early in their lives, abuse and satanic rituals may form part of their childhood experience; later it becomes a way of life for them. While they are living the life of a satanist, they generally do not break their silence; many, however, break away and eventually open up to their spouses or the clergy, desperately hoping they will be believed.

Many of the clergy are aware of what is going on at all levels in the world. Psychologists and psychiatrists are well aware of satanic abuse and rituals. Many children who come into contact with satanic abuse develop multiple personality disorders (MPD); others have repressed memories as their pain was so great that they were forced to suppress thoughts for survival.

This is a domain that is not often spoken about but is put on the shelf for someone else to resolve.

It is time to band together as Christians to do something to stop this inhuman holocaust. It is time to stop thinking that baby snatchers are mothers simply wanting children of their own. Baby snatchers, in most instances, are out to get your children for their own nefarious purposes.

They operate in the evenings, the time that witches like to cast their spells. In other words, while Christians are praying and worshiping the Lord, Satanists are doing the same to their god, the devil, and let us not for an instant underestimate the power that resides in witchcraft and the occult.

The devil is crafty and clever. We all know that but we forget it when we become lost in worldly pleasures. We sin and become inured to sin and say 'After all, we are only enjoying ourselves. God's ways are too square for me.'

That is not to say that all sinners are Satanists. As humans we are fallen beings and we all sin. Christians, however, feel remorse and sorrow, then pray for forgiveness. Not Satanists! They feel no remorse when they hurt and kill. They feel they are having a good time and look forward to the next Saturday night when they can do the same to someone else.

'Doing it' means this, and I apologize for the brutality of the act I have to describe: the innocent victims of 'The Continental Holocaust' are gagged, bound, and taken to a hidden place. In some cases, the children of Satanists go willingly, unaware that their 'parents' brought them for slaughter.

The victims are thrown in the middle of a circle, often stripped of their clothing and sometimes raped. It depends on what the crowd is after for their 'Saturday Night Live' entertainment. Witnesses have spoken out that they have seen the victims beaten, sodomized, raped, spat upon, rolled in feces, kicked repeatedly, stabbed in the heart and their blood spread around their naked and scarred bodies. Sometimes - for thrills their eyes or their tongues are gouged or ripped out, and their bones broken. It depends on what the crowd is feeling, but none of it is human or warranted.

The victims witness orgies and homosexual acts of the Satanists themselves who come out to party. Just picture the scene when Moses came down from the mountain and saw his people sinning and worshiping the Golden Calf. That was nothing in comparison to what goes on in satanic rituals.

Babies and young children are tortured and killed in separate places. Sources report that these rituals often take place in forest preserves. It is common practice to drink the blood and urine of these victims - dead or while still alive.

The adult slaughters can take place almost anywhere. Some of these rituals occur underground while others take place in homes or businesses operated by Satanists.

These victims suffer endless torture and death. Human denigration and humiliation is the least of their troubles. Stripped of dignity, which even criminals are granted, the victims of 'The Continental Holocaust' experience tremendous fear and know there is no escape for them. They are outnumbered and defenseless. They are not in war. They have nowhere to turn for help.

The world deserves to know MORE so that this can END! Prayers are not enough to end these holocausts. You can pray for the souls of the victims and that is doing something. Or, you can join together in your churches and communities to investigate and learn more from witnesses willing to speak out. This terrible truth cannot be hidden any further.




The following ABC interview took place on 1 May 1989, with the transcript appearing a short time later tinder the title 'Headlines That Shocked the Nation ... Satanic Cult Murders.'

Oprah: We're glad to have all of you join us here on the show. You come from generations of ritualistic abuse. Rachel here was used in Satan Worship Rituals.

'Rachel': Yes, my family has an extensive family tree, and they keep track of who's been involved and who hasn't been involved, and it's gone on like since 1700.

Oprah: And so you were ritually abused.... You all were worshiping the devil inside the home?

'Rachel': Right. There's other.... families across the country. It's not just my own family. Oprah: And so who knows about it? Lots of people now. 'Rachel': Well, I talked to a police detective in the Chicago area, and several of my friends know, and I've spoken publicly before, and -

Oprah: So when you were brought up in this kind of evil, did you just think it was normal?

'Rachel': I blocked out a lot of the memories I had because of my multiple personality disorder, but yes, it's like if you grow up with something, you think it's normal. I always thought something

Oprah: So what kinds of things? You don't have to give us the gory details, but what kinds of things went on in the family?

'Rachel': Well, there would be rituals in which babies would be sacrificed, and you would have to, you know.

Oprah: Whose babies?

'Rachel': There were people who bred babies in our family. No one would know about it. A lot of people were overweight, so you couldn't tell if they were pregnant or not, or they would supposedly go away for a while and then come back....

Oprah: So you witnessed the sacrifice.

'Rachel': Right. When I was very young, I was forced to participate in that - in which I had to sacrifice an infant.

Oprah: And the purpose of sacrifice is to what? Is to bring you what? What are we sacrificing for?

'Rachel': For power.

Oprah: Power. And so were you ever used? Were you ever used yourself?

'Rachel': I was molested. I was raped several times.

Oprah: What was your mother doing?

'Rachel': She's -

Oprah: - in all this? What's her role in all of this?

'Rachel': What is - I'm not exactly - what her role is - I haven't, you know, recovered all of my memories, but her family was extremely involved. You know, she brought me to it. Both of my parents brought me to it.

Oprah: And where is she now?

'Rachel': She lives in the Chicago metropolitan area. She's on the human relations commission of the town that she lives in, and she's an upstanding citizen. Nobody would suspect her. Nobody would suspect anybody involved in it. There's, you know, doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs involved in it .....




Professor Robert O'Driscoll

On 29 September 1993 we published the second volume in this series, The New World Order in North America: Mechanism in Place for a Police State. The volume was based on a secret Military American Counter-Intelligence Report and had been prepared by hundreds - if not thousands - of counterintelligence agents who had been secretly observing the movements of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms), MJTF (the Multi Jurisdiction Task Force), etc.

When I edited the Report I did not at that time know the source from which it had emanated, but having been trained in Universities in Canada and Great Britain to tell the difference between an eighteenth and a nineteenth-century forgery I could - after a few hours checking the internal evidence, cross-checking recent Congressional, State and Senate legislation, as well as back-issues of political journals and newspapers - determine that it was genuine.

Subsequently, I was to discover that the Report was synthesized and compiled by Mark Koernke, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and this gives an additional authority to what it contains.

The thrust of the Report was to reveal that the mechanism is in place for a police state in what has been known as the most democratic system of government ever devised by man - the United States of America. We have learned that the same system for a police state is in place in Canada, and this will be documented in some of the material below. But first the US.

For the last five years far-reaching legislation has been enacted in the US, and massive financial and military resources provided, for the training of a new type of law enforcement personnel in the United States and Canada. Through two of the new forces that have been established - the MJTF (the Multi Jurisdictional Task Force) and FINCEN (Federal Crime Enforcement Network Personnel) - the responsibility for law enforcement in the United States and Canada is being shifted from a local, state, or even national control to a global law-enforcement body - nothing less than the United Nations. In about a year the centralized force in every state and region will be completely under the jurisdiction of the United Nations. Law enforcement in the United States and Canada, therefore, is rapidly becoming a small cog or component in a vast New World Order mechanism.

The MJTF and FINCEN forces have been recruited from the regular National Guard, existing local law-enforcement personnel, and alarmingly - from street gangs, and secret police from overseas. They have no allegiance to family, state, or nation (experienced personnel or those with attachments to local areas are systematically weeded out of the force). They are - surprisingly - predominantly European (Belgian, Dutch, German, French, Asian, and perhaps the fiercest of all fighting forces - the Gurkhas), and are armed, equipped, and maintained by the Department of National Defence funds. Equipment in the hands of the American military forces are systematically and surreptitiously transferred to FINCEN.

Another organization, FEMA (the Federal Emergency Measures Association) - the Canadian equivalent is EMO (Emergency Measures Organization) - is literally the secret government of the New World Order in North America.

It appears from the evidence presented in the Report that the creation of these new law-enforcement agencies in Canada and the United States is a preliminary to a massive round-up of North American citizens who refuse to bend to the will of the New World Order. In other words, full-fledged citizens of the United States and Canada - numbering certainly in the hundreds of thousands - who have committed no crime will become prisoners of the new world order regime. Elaborate mechanisms have been devised for the incarceration of citizens on a grand scale: systems of tracking from a chip in the ignition of your car, or a shut-down capacity in the car you didn't know about, to the trigger of your gun or a chip in the money in your pocket.

Each metropolitan area has a pick-up point that has already been designated and to which 'prisoners' will be taken after rigorous neighbourhood and house-to-house searches have been conducted: in cases of contention or doubt, whole families will be taken together, then separated at a later point. The detainees are then to be taken by those unmarked black helicopters we have heard so much about from the temporary pick-up sites to permanent detention centres (or 'concentration camps'), thus avoiding contact with any potential impediment of family or friend on the ground. Forty-three of those huge detention camps are spread out across the United States, with supplemental camps across each region or state. In addition to this, certain cities have been ‘mundalized', i.e. converted from a Canadian or an American city to an international city under the protectorate of the United Nations. Dundas, Ontario, is an example, and it is used to transfer UN resources inside the US and Canada.

Before the trap of the new world order can be sprung, however, most of the firearms in private hands must be eliminated: otherwise, it impossible that civilian resistance might tip the balance. The confiscation of firearms has been, therefore, one of the main missions of MJTF and FINCEN who have been joined in this endeavour by the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) unit. First, the names and addresses of those possessing Federal Firearm Licenses (FFL) have been carefully checked, confirmed, and recorded. Next, although we have not heard much in this respect from the media (ninety percent of which is new-world-order controlled), neighboiirhoods have been cordoned off, house-to-house searches conducted, and owners prosecuted if firearms are found. The WACO and WEAVER tragedies were not isolated incidents, but were part of national policies that are being rigorously pursued at this time, and are - as with the Los Angeles Riots - being carried out against American and Canadian citizens by foreign forces under UN authority. The material that has reached our hands confirming this report published in The New World Order in North America: Mechanism in Place for a Police State is so massive that we would require the full scope of another book to present it properly. We are limited therefore to a few of the more telling items concerning Canada.

From Canada To South Africa The New World Order Tightens Its Grip



I ask that the Editors bypass this resource in entering some very urgent information into this paper [on page 22]. I do not need to comment at this time _ just allow the readers to understand the urgency in the information offered. I also ask that an emphasis be placed in getting Serge Monast's books. Why more urgency? Because in th Canadian instance (Serge Monast, Canadian Journalist) the time is at hand to publicize and support - for his life is under threat NOW! For instance , the information regarding the Military College which has just come under full United Nations control in St. John, Quebec, is HOT material. The institution in point is urgently important, is less than 40 miles north of New York state and is a JOINT-VENTURE (U.N.) which will train, almost exclusively, ones to attend citizen concentration camps. (Again, see "United Nations Threat" on Page 22 details.)

Mr. Monast also shares with you that there are large troop transports making regularly "international" flights across the Canada_U.S. borders INTO Canada. This is obviously a major position move staged prior to the up_coming Provincial election and Referendum concerning the independence of Quebec. This whole confrontation can en up in a Canadian civil war, so all measures will be taken to prevent such an outbreak. Some of you just don't roll over and "go dead".

I ask that information be given regarding the obtaining of Monast's books, so that he gets support for them IMMEDIATELY upon pint_shop release. Thank you. [Once again, see page 22 for taht ordering information.]


I am asked time and time again to specifically comment on the things of Canada. I simply cannot spread my people so thin as to take up political and revelation as as represents separation - specially of those two particular countries. YOU ARE NOW BASICALLY ALL THE SAME "ONE" UNDER ONE WORLD ORDER AND U.N. GOVERNMENT. I MUST CONTINUE TO FOCUS ON ROOT CAUSES AND IMPLICATIONS. For instance, you consider the JOB now held by Mulroney of Canada with ARCHER MIDLAND CO. (U.S.-America’s and world’s largest Grain Cartel) you will see that there already are NO BOUNDARIES except in your "minds" - the political limits are already surpassed long before any NAFTA bargains.

Plate 29: Headline of Contact Magazine (The Phoenix Project), April 1994



by Brian McCurdy
Shelburne Ontario


Canada and the world are bankrupt and are on the brink of total economic collapse. We have been taxed and regulated to death. Why? To help pay the interest on our massive deficits and to help institute a new World Order.

The total accumulated debt from all forms of Canadian Government - including Federal, Provincial and Municipal - for the last 50 years is approximately 1 ½ trillion dollars. This debt can never be paid off and it was never meant to be paid off. It was created to break and destroy us as a Sovereign Country. Every other country in the world is in terrible financial condition. The total debt in the USA - from all forms of Government - is approximately eight trillion dollars. These figures do not take into account the private, individual and business debts, which are as much or more than the Government's.

Both the Government and the people have lived far beyond their means. Make no mistake: there is a reckoning coming! We have had out-of-control social spending; crazy giveaways to big businesses and special interest groups - not to mention idiotic government inquiries and programmes; kickbacks and bribes. By the end of 1995, our government will no longer be able to collect enough revenue (taxes) to even pay the interest on the deficit: it will then be three trillion dollars. In other words, there will be no money for anything.

Friends, we are about to witness the collapse of a financial house of cards that has been at least fifty years in the making. There is nothing to hold it together. The house is ready for total collapse, not only in Canada, but worldwide: the greatest financial explosion and crash this world has ever seen is at hand. When the dust finally settles, nothing will remain as we know it now. Before it is over, this imminent world collapse will make the 1930s Depression look like a Sunday School picnic.

It will last for five months, with no government or private services of any kind available. This is what will happen by the middle of 1995: unemployment will hit 50% - it is now between 25 and 30%, but the authorities won't admit the real figure. By December 1995, many trust companies will have gone bankrupt. Bankruptcies for private and business will hit a figure of 40,000 a month. There will be no work anywhere, no welfare, no UIC, no hospitalization. Provinces and municipalities will be declaring bankruptcy; insurance policies and investments will collapse. By the end of December 1995, the stock market and banking system will come to a total halt. All paper money and coinage will be worthless. Only gold and silver coinage and bullion will be used to barter with as a means of exchange for used goods (as no new goods will be produced).

On 1 January 1996, the Federal Government will declare complete and total collapse. The dollar will not even be worth the paper it is written on; then, friends, starts the worst hell this world has ever seen. Every country in the world will be in the same shape: all bankrupt and destroyed.

lundi, décembre 24, 2007


Pour les sceptiques qui douteraient que ce qui suit puisse jamais arriver, je vous rappelle que lors des émeutes en France, le gouvernement français n’avait plus les moyens de payer sa police. Je ne parle pas du budget de l’État français, mais de sa capacité de payer les forces de l’ordre. Et Guy Fournier, en bon laîciste du Mouvement Laïque Québécois, le fils du Mouvement Laîque Français, donc une organisation externe de la Franc-Maçonnerie, nous présente la France comme un exemple de la réussite de la laïcité. (Jacques Clouseau)

Are you aware that all major grocery stores, gas stations, clothing stores and hardware stores have only approximately 5 days of goods in reserve? After the collapse, there will be no produce or services of any kind, no effective police force. Crime will jump 1000%; there will be no army to help patrol the ravaged streets because the national government will no longer exist to order or pay them for their services. You will not be safe in the cities, towns or indeed anywhere in the southern parts of Canada.

There will be no garbage pickup or disposal, no electricity, sewage or water services. You have less than two years before this total hell starts.
As you read this I can hear you saying, "This can never happen in our great country. Our politicians won't let it happen." Well, friends, 90% of Canadians believe the government will eventually save them from their problems, but it won't - it can't. If the politicians told the truth, they would have to confess that it is too late to do anything to stop what is ahead. Don't listen to politicians when they say things will be better next year.

It is high time someone like me came along and told you the truth. There is no way out. All you can do is to start to prepare for it and by doing that you might just make it through alive.

I tell you this: nothing in your life experiences can prepare you for what is about to happen. If you and your family are not ready for the hell that is coming then - shall I put it simply? - all of you will perish.

287 plate 30-31-32

288 PLATE 30, 31, 32, 33 & 34

White UN helicopters are being built and used by UN forces on Canadian soil. Approximately thirty helicopters were contracted to be built at Sudbury by a Canadian helicopter manufacturing company for the UN. The thirty helicopters were shipped to Downsview Ontario by private contractor. Fifteen were sent to Rwanda Africa for UN operations there and fifteen were kept at the Downsview Military Base for use by UN troops for various reconaissance missions throughout Canada. There are approximately fifty UN helicopters in Canada now.


Now I am going to make a statement that will horrify you. But it must be said. The imminent world collapse has been planned - the same as the 1929 crash was planned. It worked so well then that the International Bankers, who constitute the New World Order, are going to try it the second time around: the Bilderbergers, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and even our own ex-Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and other power-hungry élites the world over. They have bankrupted every country in the world so that they can get richer and make you poorer.

Another statement that will shock you also is that every politician now in power is under the regulating thumbs of the New World Order. They are either paid by them or told by them - under threat - what to do. That is why all our politicians no longer do what we - the people - tell them to do. They only do what the shadow rulers of the world tell them. In other words, almost everything that is done in our world today is the result of total conspiracy.

Since 1990, the politicians have been telling us that things will get better, but every year things get worse. They cannot tell the truth because they have been told not to tell the truth. So the question arises: what must you do to survive what is coming? The answer comes back, loud and clear: Seek ye the Lord, in spirit and truth. Then start preparing, learn to be self-sufficient, build a survival retreat.... Did not Jesus say (Mark 13:14-90), when you see those things starting to come upon the earth, you must flee to the wilderness?


The coming One-World government - which will begin somewhere around 1 June 1996 and will be run by the rich of the world - will be built from the ravages of the five-month world collapse and you will work for them as their slaves or die. You will not be allowed to own land. There will be no paper or coin money, but a new electronic currency. The old system of credit cards and cash will be done away with. There will be a new system based on a computer chip which will be installed in the flesh of your right hand or your forehead.

When you go to the new stores, you will simply pass your hand over a transaction register and it will pick up your personal credit number by an electronic laser light. This microchip embedded in your flesh -will also allow the government to know where you are at all times, through the signal it will send out to existing satellites which now track animals in the same way. They will soon track you. 'Free Will' will be totally obliterated.

The technology is therefore in place to create the worst police state this world has ever seen. All of this has been planned for decades. People say to me: "I will not take the microchip." When the time comes, then, you must be prepared to live as far away from civilization as you can. If you choose to live within the new system, you will have to take it: otherwise, you will not be able to buy or sell.

This is the reason for the five-month world collapse. The regulators of the New World Order know full well that the people will not accept a microchip implant or total control unless they have no other choice. When people have experienced the total hell of trying to live on nothing for five months, with no help or services of any kind, then at the end of the period if someone comes along and says we have a plan for a new world, where no one will be hungry and every one will have a roof over their head and currency to spend and a decent job, people will succumb. Out of the collapse will arise the pillars of the new world order: Mammon and Babel, ONE ruler and ONE religion.

My prediction is that on 1 June 1996 billions of people will flock to designated areas to be implanted with this terrible computer chip and become a citizens of the worst police state that has ever existed on earth. That is why - for fifty years - not a penny that was borrowed from the International Bankers was ever paid off. The sum just kept growing, bigger and bigger. The interest payments just kept ballooning; the money just kept flowing out of the country to rich bankers and in giveaways until we all are much worse off than we were before. It all has been planned to break the spirit of man.


In Canada for the last four years huge prison camps have been built, at least five that I know of, the closest to where I live being at Meaford Ontario: it is called the Meaford Tank Range and it is located about 20 miles east of Owen Sound Ontario. These camps will be used as detention centres for people who will not accept the new world order or the computer chip. They will also be used for UN Headquarters during the five-month collapse from which the military will run their surveillance and terror missions.

We have first-hand information that up to 50 of the black helicopters - which are ultimately to be used to convey hundreds of thousands of North American citizens to 'detention centres', or let us use the word 'concentration' camps - are stationed there.

They sometimes leave the base for extended periods and then return, as if they were being moved from place to place to escape detection. Other bases for these helicopters in Ontario are Trenton, Camp Borden, and Mitchell's Bay.

We originally heard the Government was only going to spend from 40 to 50 million dollars upgrading the military base at Meaford. Now we understand from insiders that they have spent a total so far of 106 million dollars. The base covers an area of 18,000 acres - not small by any means. They have built a sewage and water-reclaiming system big enough to handle the needs of a city of one million people. There are 12 giant buildings 600 feet long in addition to many smaller ones. I am giving you first-hand information: we have seen up to 15 helicopters flying together at one time, from one military base to another - from Meaford to Camp Borden (near Barrie, Ontario) and also flying from Meaford to Mitchell's Bay on Lake St. Clair, and then onwards to the United States.

Any day you can see dozens of army helicopters flying around the base at any one time. The black helicopters usually move at night so as not to raise suspicion. When one does see them in the daytime, you usually see two of them together. We understand that they fly over farms and towns with very sophisticated ultra- sound equipment to detect whether there are guns, money, or drugs in people's homes.

There is too another dimension. All through southern Ontario the railway tracks have been taken up because we are told it is no longer economical to ship anything by rail. In Grey and Bruce County, however, the tracks have not been taken up: when they cross the highway, they are covered with asphalt which can be easily removed. The tracks, too, are being kept in good condition. Why? Some people we know tell us it's because they will want to move prisoners by rail to the Meaford internment prison.

The other interesting thing about these rail tracks in Grey and Bruce County is that they were built to service the furniture factories in the area. During the last five years, however, 95% of these factories have gone bankrupt because of Free Trade. So these giant factories are sitting there empty - all bankrupt. In many cases, however, they are being kept up. And the rail tracks run right by them.

We understand that these factories are going to be used for processing the prisoners and for detention camps as well. In fact - excluding the Meaford base - there are enough of these giant factories in these two counties to house all the detainees the Government could arrest in southern Ontario.

The kind of folks who will eventually be taken there are folks like you, your friends, me, plus anyone who will not give up their guns or who will go against the police state which is definitely coming. Remember, the 'Plan' is to throw the whole world, including Canada, into total bankruptcy for approximately five to six months. By doing this, they feel that most people will go along with whatever the new world order wants.

They have many plans of action: if one doesn't work, then they can try another one. But it all amounts to the same thing in the end: TOTAL CONTROL OVER THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH. It may seem like a lost cause, but you would be surprised to know how many people around here are stocking up on food, clothes, equipment, etc.

Much of this material is hard to believe. There is more going on, however, than any of us realize. I, for one, do not trust the Government to tell us the truth about anything, especially anything like the things I've just related to you.


Why should the Government spend 106 million dollars in - of all places - Meaford, when they are cutting back on their total military budget? And what about the new guns that all police departments across Canada are getting? These guns are new semi-automatics which hold 15 shots! Also, why are police departments spending such huge amounts on infra-red equipment? And night vision goggles?

There is a more sinister dimension to those detention bases that are being built. The Canadian army and no less than 150,000 UN troops - I realize this is difficult to believe but that is the number of UN troops who are here at various times in any one particular year - are being trained there. For what? For Urban Warfare! On some of the bases mock combinations of houses and indeed mock towns are being set up to train these troops in house-to-house search and seizure, to search for guns, valuables, and then to devise the most expeditious way of getting the owners and their families to prison - i.e. after seizing their cars, bank accounts, and whatever else they can find.

This is not speculation. This is actually happening. The Government cannot afford a Rebellion at this late date, as they have very little time left according to the new world order agenda. Remember NAFTA? The agenda had to be adhered to, we were constantly told. Why? We never asked.

At the same time, the Government is cracking down on guns in private hands and the police are actually confiscating them. A woman, for example, in Owen Sound had a break-in. She phoned the police. They came and checked the house from top to bottom. They found a locked closet, demanded that she open it. She told them that the robber hadn't got into the closet, so why should she open it? The police told her that if she didn't open the door of the closet they would tear it off its hinges. The lady complied. There were six guns inside. As soon as the cops saw them, they took them and left. In fact, they completely forgot about trying to find the thief who had broken into the house in the first place.

She still hasn't got the guns back and the cops still haven't found the thief. Nothing was stolen except what the cops took: her guns. Clearly a set up.

There are many instances of this type of thing happening. Another break-in took place near Midland, Ontario, and this reminds me of the new world order MJTF forces described in The New World Order in North America: Mechanism in Place for a Police State. Ten guys broke into a home all dressed in black with ski masks on. A man and his wife with their two children were at home at the time. All of them were beaten up. The young boy, aged two, was grabbed by the heels and swung against the wall head first (he has multiple concussions).
All of them were tied up. The house was ransacked. The only thing taken was guns. The cops were phoned. They didn't do anything, or couldn't seem to find anyone.

It is now at a point where the Government can not be trusted for anything: they are simply PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE.

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