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samedi, juin 09, 2007


Foreign Combat Vehicles Spotted Across the U.S.

You haven't been seeing things. There have been a number of strange military-related maneuvers around the country lately.


By Mike Blair

The SPOTLIGHT has obtained irrefutable evidence that hundreds - perhaps thousands - of foreign military vehicles and armor are in the United States, including vehicles intended for use by the UN.

At he same time, President Bill Clinton has signed new Executive Orders, giving wide-ranging new powers to the UN to command U.S. military forces and delegating new powers to the National Security Council and the office of National Security Adviser to the President, a post currently held by Anthony Lake.

Hundreds of railroad flatcars bearing Russian military vehicles and armor and some UN vehicles and armor have been spotted in several states, including Montana, Colorado ans Wyoming in the West and Pennsylvania in the East.

In addition, in Mississippi, hundreds of Russian-built vehicles, obtained from what was formerly East Germany and apparently being refurbished for the UN, are located in a massive depot. Many of the vehicles were designed for chemical and biological warfare purposes.


The SPOTLIGHT has obtained photographs of railroad flatcars filled with Russian and UN trucks and armor spotted in the Western states, along with othes taken of the massive depot in Mississippi.

The SPOTLIGHT has also obtained copies of bills of lading for Russian vehicles obtained for UN purposes from what was formerly East Germany, which have been shipped to the United States, landing at Gulfport dock facilities in Mississippi and driven to the depot, located three miles south of Saucier,
(See WHAT, Page 3)

Soviet chemical and biological warfare trucks and other vehicles, reportedly destined for the use of the United Nations, are parked in a special depot in rural Mississippi.

Plate 40: Spotlight article with regard to military equipment we have seen on previous pages.

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