Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

mercredi, juin 06, 2007

379-380 11 November 1969

You say that when you re-read my letters you are discovering that I was right about many issues, that many of the things I said have come true. Yes, I knew about Trudeau, René Lévesque, Jean Marchand, Gérard Pelletier long ago. I studied the world conspiracy, one-world government, communism, and the USA: the evilness of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, the hypocrisy of Eisenhower, the ambition of the Kennedys, the lowliness of LBJ, the opportunism of Nixon, long before they came to the fore.

But do not forget the center of evilness is the UN. This has not come as yet to full overwhelming culmination, but it is the core or headquarters of Satan on earth. Quote me on that and you will get an answer: 'Father LaPlante is nuts, or a fanatic, lunatic, a crackpot,' and so on and so on. But I know what I am talking about.

Even if the last three Popes have seemed favourable to the UN, it just proves that the Holy Spirit talks through them only when they are talking officially as the Vicar of Christ. Otherwise the Pope can talk through his hat like anybody else and Pope Paul certainly did so when he visited the UN a few years ago.

All the riots, the revolutions, the wars in Vietnam and in the Middle East are directed by the UN, run by the Illuminati. Remember that. Anyone who says that may pass for a fool to-day, but time will prove - maybe as early as 1980-85 perhaps - that this is exactly true.

Even an independent Québec would need to know English. But in a time of revolution reason is most unwelcome. The subversive elements work on the emotions of the masses. The purpose of that stupid march on the Québec Parliament was to make French Canadians and the French language hated by the majority of the other Canadians. Québec has fought for over a century to have a bilingual Canada from coast to coast. Now that she has it - thanks to Trudeau - she wants her province to be unilingual. As a result, the rest of Canada says: to heck with them! They'll never be satisfied.

Incidentally, the same crazy situation prevails in Belgium. The Flemish refuse to learn French now. Belgium is just a tiny country: they need to have a second language to communicate with the outside world. French is the international language of continental Europe. Who would learn Holland Dutch or Flemish but a native? But the UN says let us create unrest, turmoil, riots, strikes, wars, revolutions the world over, so that the people of all nations will be so disgusted that finally they will cry for peace at any price and countries will surrender their sovereignty to a one-world government, whether in New York or in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Again remember that. Communism is just a stage, not a goal: one-world government is the goal. Only a direct intervention from God can change that: nothing else can. The churches have become the tools of that world conspiracy, including mine, since Pope John XXIII.

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