Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

mercredi, juin 06, 2007


by Yvette Poirier
(Rougement, Québec)

The idea of separatism in Quebec is part of a Communist plan to take over Quebec and Canada. Once it is installed in Quebec, Communism could take over the rest of Canada. Separatism is a Marxist-Communist strategy to take over a country. There are several examples of this: the separations in Vietnam, Algeria, Nigeria (Biafra), Korea, Pakistan (Bangladesh), etc.


The Toronto-based Canadian Council of Protestant Churches published, in 1969 a small booklet entitled: Quebec's Impending Fate - Communist State? We quote here a few paragraphs of this booklet. It is important to re-read these excerpts in 1994:

The most militant area for Communist activities in Canada is the province of Quebec. The first objective adopted at the Congress of the Communist Party of Quebec, held in Montreal in 1967, was the establishment in Quebec, in Canada and in the entire world, of a socialist society, and eventually of a Communist society.

Noting that their objectives agree with the efforts of the other Communist revolutionary groups around the world, the participants at this Congress proclaimed: This is a foundation of proletarian internationalism, a science that the Communist Party of Quebec proudly adopts, and this will guide
us in our battle.

Quebec's Communist Manifesto, dated December 1967, is a call to the militants for the establishment of a socialist State - through an armed revolution, if necessary - to eventually arrive at a Communist dictatorship.

The Communist Party of Quebec declares in its Manifesto: The Communist Party of Quebec is the Marxist-Leninist party of the working class.

This declaration has a great meaning. It identifies the Communist Party of Quebec with a tentacle of the World Communist Party, which is guilty of most atrocious crimes and massacres against the peoples it subjected to slavery. It represents the slaughter of one hundred million people whose sole crime was to express their confidence in our democratic way of life, or who had doubts about the right of a handful to impose their absolute will upon the great majority.

Quebec's Communist Manifesto revealed a plan for political and social action. This plan includes a new federal constitution and a new constitution for Quebec, the right to self-determination for Quebec, and the privilege to secede from Canada if necessary.

To separate Quebec from the rest of Canada is therefore a plan of the Communist Party of Quebec, a plan that is quoted in its Manifesto, a Communist plan for the conquest of Quebec, of Canada and of the entire world. Do not think that Communism is dead and buried, even if many countries have succeeded in freeing themselves from this infernal bondage. Communism strives to trigger revolutions in different countries to weaken peoples and eventually to arrive at a Communist world government. The Parti Quebecois fits perfectly in the plan of the Communist Party of Quebec.


The separatists claim to be the ardent defenders of the French language and culture, of Quebec's identity. However, they dissociate Quebec's culture from the Christian Faith passed on by our forefathers. They don't give a damn about saving Christianity in Quebec; on the contrary, to annihilate it forever seems to be their objective. These ardent independentists preach patriotism in every possible way, and yet they themselves are dedicated to a Communist plan, knowingly or not. In the name of a false patriotism, they lead the Quebec people to separation, which would bring about a bloody revolution, a civil war. Separatism flows from a socialist and Marxist ideology. Those who fight for Quebec's separation are not patriots, but veiled Communists.


The Canadian news media are presently talking about the preparation of a new federal constitution, and a new constitution for Quebec, Quebec's 'right to self-determination', a kind of sovereignty. These changes strangely correspond with Quebec's 1967 Communist Manifesto. Would the Ottawa Government itself contribute to separating Quebec from Canada? Would it be part of the plot to bring about a civil war? Do they want to establish in Quebec and Canada atheistic and Marxist constitutions to lead us to a tyrannical world government?

Canada and all the provinces are the slaves of High Finance. This is the real problem. All our governments are rendered impotent by public debts. When will they break their chains of slavery to the banking dictatorship and when will they stop bowing down to the controllers of money in order to borrow figures? What must be added to the federal and provincial constitutions is to free, to separate, Canada and all the provinces from High Finance, our common enemy. The law that allows private banks to create money must be repealed.


The Bank of Canada actually does not carry out the function for which it has been created; it is rather at the service of the International Monetary Fund. Since the Bank of Canada is stubbornly tied to the International Monetary Fund, the Federal Government must disqualify it and untie, separate Canada from the banking dictatorship.

A National Commission of Credit must be put at the service of the Canadians! We want a national currency created by this Commission to finance - without debts, without interest, without taxes - our country's productive capacity and the needs of the consumers. Public debts must be written off immediately, including the interest charges on these debts. The federal and provincial income taxes must disappear! A monthly social dividend, based on the abundance of goods and progress in Canada, must be distributed to each and every Canadian! Our country, which has been built by our ancestors and the present generation, is the property of all Canadians, and not only of the Bankers.

The whole of Canada must free itself from High Finance! We want economic independence, in a strong and united Canada. With a national currency created by a social organism, the provinces will continue to exchange goods and live in harmony. And then the Financiers will have no means to sow discord between the provinces.

The Quebecers do not want the separation of Quebec from the rest of Canada. The French-Canadians are the co-founders of Canada. Why should their descendants separate from Canada? Will they give up this rich heritage passed on by their ancestors? Canada belongs to all the Canadians, and the Quebecers are Canadians. We want a united and prosperous Canada, freed from High Finance.

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