Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

mardi, juin 12, 2007


The Govemment in their wisdom are soon going to confiscate all your guns. This decision did not come out of the blue: almost 30 years ago, the United Nations passed a Resolution and sent it to all member nations: all conventional guns must be confiscated within the next thirty years: all countries must disarm their citizens. The reason? At that time we would have accepted the explanation of some grand movement towards PEACE. But in the hindsight of what has happened since then, we now clearly see that the UN Resolution was to make possible the vastest police state this world has ever seen.

If ordinary people have guns, there could be a Revolution or Uprising to try to stop their plan. Highly trained antigun, special interest groups are employed to brainwash the people into thinking guns are bad.

In 1993 the Gun Control Bill was passed, giving the Government broad powers of search and seizure. Should you be found to possess banned guns, you can be thrown into jail and all of your assets seized: home, land, bank accounts, business, etc.

By the autumn of 1994 _ in Canada _ all guns must be registered under a new Firearms Bill _ even a single shot 22 rifle will soon be illegal. When you register them, they know where to come to get them. Registration always leads to confiscation. Consider what happened in the Soviet Union, in Germany and in China. They took the guns from the people: millions were slaughtered.

If you live in a free country, you must retain the right to bear arms, and if any leader tries to tell you differently, they are no better than the greatest dictators who ever lived in this century, or in any other century.

The thing the DICKHEADS don't realize is that there are approximately 10 million gun owners in Canada holding 30 million firearms, and 80 million gun owners in the USA holding approximately 300 million firearms. In other words, this constitutes a passable standing private militia of 100 million people with an extra 230 million guns that could be put into nongun owner's hands, should they suddenly realize the seriousness of the moment.

When the time comes in Canada for people to register their guns, only about one_third will comply, leaving 20 million guns unaccounted for. However, if people don't start stocking up on ammunition, the guns won't be of any use. One cautionary note: since the summer of 1993 ammunition manufacturers have been adding a special chemical to all ammo made in Canada and the United States to break down the powder and primers in the shells so that they will not detonate after a period of six months to two years. In other words, faulty ammunition is being sold to people from some sources and it simply will not last.

Ordinarily, ammunition should last for one hundred years or so - if kept dry. I have ammo from the second world war and it works fine even though it is fifty years old.


To summarize: there are approximately 3,000 black helicopters in the USA and Canada: some were sighted near Hanover Ontario last weekend (17-18 May) with 60 mm. machine guns protruding from them. There are also approximately 600,000 UN soldiers in North America _i.e. Canada, US, and Mexico _ including 30,000 Gurkhas. The Gurkhas are the most violent fighting men ever to have been born: they might even kill you for saying ‘please'.

The population of Canada and the United States must become survival minded. Get out of the cities as fast as you can. If you are observant, you will note concrete posts along the 401 and all major highways leading out of Toronto. There are slots in this posts for - for what? For heavy steel gates that will be swung into place at the last moment to trap inhabitants in the cities.

Find a retreat. Store up food, clothing, and equipment. Build a cabin. Get out of the system or get ready to get out when you have to. If you don't get out, you will either die or conform. You have one of two choices: bow to those emanations of Satan or survive, serve God, save yourself and your family from the hell that is coming.
It has all been planned a very, very long time ago.

The above has been prepared from extractsfrom Brian McCiirdy's Christian Survivalist Newsletter (published in Shelburne, RR2, Ontario L0N 1S6) and from correspondence from Brian McCurdy to Professor O'Driscoll.


by Serge Monast
Quebec Journalist

To affirm the World Government which is to be established by mid 1999, the United Nations have made an unilateral DECLARATION OF WAR upon the 'FREEWILL of the PEOPLE'. That DECLARATION OF WAR includes:
  • The abolition of all Christian Traditional Religions in order to replace them by a One-World Religion based on the 'Cult of Men';
  • The abolition of all National identity and National pride in order to establish a World Identity and a World pride;
  • The full abolition of the Family as it is known today in order to replace it with individuals working for the glory of a One-World Government;
  • The utter destruction of all individual Artistic and Scientific works in order to replace them by works that have a World Government in prime view.

With this declaration of aims, the following will be implemented:

  • A Universal and obligatory Membership of the United Nations;
  • A Strengthening of the United Nations by Multi_Military and Multi-Police Forces;
  • A World-Wide Justice Department through the United Nations with an International Tribunal;
  • A World-Wide New Trade Agreement for all Nations;
  • The End of 'Cold War', of 'Local Wars', and the obligation for Coexistence;
  • And a 'New World Religion' and a 'New World Culture' for all men.


IF YOU ARE A 'RESISTANT', the United Nations specialists will consider you dangerous for the Community. WHY? Because, in the actual rules of the United Nations, anyone who proclaims to have beliefs in Religion or in his National pride and tradition is considered dangerous and violent, and has to be treated in a hospital for psychiatric disorders.

IF YOU ARE A 'RESISTANT', you will be sent to a 'Special New Technological Camp' for Re-Education in the ways of One-World Government beliefs.

IF YOU ARE A 'RESISTANT', and tend to still be one because you believe in your Religion, and your Country, and most important, in the 'FREE WILL OF THE PEOPLE', you must act now and take a strong STAND against the Dictatorial Government the United Nations want to implement.

The implementation of the New World Order will be made possible through 'Economic Disorders' and 'Social and Political Disorders' everywhere. We have received information that this implementation will start in large cities. Why? Because there are not sufficient Army and Police personnel to take control everywhere at the same time. Those outside the cities will be starved and all goods and services will be taken inside the cities for the people trapped there. If you tend to be a Resistant, you have to act like one now.


Dr. John Coleman

(former British Intelligence)

A critical examination of the UN Charter shows that it differs only very slightly from the Communist Manifesto of 1848, an unabridged, unaltered copy of which is deposited in the British Museum in London. The Manifesto, allegedly the work of Karl Marx (Mordechai Levy) and Friedrich Engels, was actually written by members of the Illuminati.

In 1945 absolutely none of this vital information was ever viewed by the senators, who fell all over themselves in their rush to sign the dangerous document. If our law-makers knew the Constitution, if our Supreme Court would uphold it, then we would be able to echo the words of the late Senator Sam Ervin, a great constitutional scholar, so much admired by liberals because of his work on Watergate: 'There is no way under the noon-day sun we ever joined the United Nations' and force our legislators to recognize the fact that the US Constitution stands supreme over any treaty.

The United Nations is a war-making body. It strives to place power in the hands of the executive branch instead of where it belongs: in the legislative branch. Take the examples of the Korean War and the Gulf War. In the latter, the United Nations, not the Senate and the House, gave President Bush authority to go to war against Iraq, thereby enabling him to use diplomacy by deception as a means to bypass the declaration of war mandated by the Constitution. President Harry Truman evoked the same unauthorized power for the Korean War.

If we, the sovereign people, continue to go on believing that the United States is legally a member of the United Nations, then we must be prepared for more illegal actions by our Presidents, such as we saw in the invasion of Panama and the Gulf War. By acting under cover of Security Council resolutions, the president of the United States can take on the powers of a king or a dictator. Those powers are expressly forbidden in the Constitution.

Under the powers vested in the president by UN Security Council resolutions, the president will be able to drag us into any future wars he decides we must fight. The groundwork for this method of sabotaging the declaration of war procedures mandated by the Constitution was tested and carried out in the days before the Gulf War, which will no doubt, forever be used as a precedent for future undeclared wars, in furtherance of the strategy of diplomacy by deception. Wars make far-reaching changes which are unable to be achieved by diplomacy.

So that we are perfectly clear about the procedures laid down by the Constitution, which must be complied with BEFORE the United States can be engaged in war, let us examine them:

1. Both the Senate and the House must pass separate resolutions declaring that a state of belligerency exists between the United States and the other nation. In this connection we need to study the word 'belligerent', for without 'belligerency' there can be no intent to go to war.

2. The House and Senate then must separately and individually pass resolutions declaring that a state of war exists between the belligerent nation or nations and the United States. This officially places America on notice that it is about to go to war.

3. The House and Senate then must pass individual and separate resolutions advising the military that the United States is now at war with the belligerent nation or nations.

4. The House and Senate must then decide if the war is to be an 'imperfect' or a 'perfect' war. An imperfect war means that only a single branch of the military can become involved, while a perfect war means that every man, woman and child in the United States is in a public war with every man, woman and child of the other nation or nations. In the latter case, all branches of the armed services are engaged.

If the president does not get a constitutional declaration of war from Congress, any and all US military personnel dispatched to fight the undeclared war must return to the United States within 60 days from the date they were dispatched (this vital provision has mostly become null and void). It is easy to see how the Constitution was steam_rolled by President Bush; our military are still at war with Iraq and are still being used to enforce an illegal UN blockade. If we had a government that actually upholds the Constitution, the Gulf War would never have been started, and our troops would not now be in the Middle East, or for that matter, in Somalia.

Such declaration of war measures were designed specifically to avoid the United States being casually thrust into a war, which is why President Bush did an end_run around the Constitution so that we could be railroaded into the Gulf War. Nor does the United Nations have the authority to impose a rule on the United States that tells us to obey an economic blockade of Iraq or any other nation _ because the United Nations has no sovereignty.

These powers, not given to the president, but to the legislative branch of government, de facto, make the United Nations the most powerful body in the world via Security Council resolutions. Since abandoning the Jefferson form of neutrality, we have been ruled by a series of vagabonds, one after another, who have plundered America at will and continue to do so. It was Thomas Jefferson who issued a stern warning, which our agents in Congress blithely disregarded, that America would be destroyed by secret deals with foreign governments having the desire to divide and rule the American people, so that the interests of foreign governments would be served before the needs of our own people.

Foreign aid is nothing more than a program for robbing and plundering countries, so that the Committee of 300 can reap obscene benefits from the illegal plunder, while the American people, no better than the slaves of the Egyptian Pharaohs, groan under the huge burden of 'foreign aid.' The Belgian Congo was run for the benefit of the Committee of 300, not the Congolese people.

The United Nations uses foreign aid as a means to plunder the resources of sovereign nations. No pirate or robber ever had it so good. Not even Kubla Kahn had it as good as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs and their kin have it. If a nation should demur in handing over its natural resources, United Nations troops go in to 'compel compliance,' even if it means murdering its leader, as was the case with Patrice Lumumba. The ongoing attempt to murder President Hussein of Iraq is yet another example of how the United Nations is subverting US law and the laws of independent nations.

The question is: how long will we, the sovereign people, go on tolerating our illegal membership in this One_World Government body? Only we, the sovereign people, can order our agents, our servants, in the House and Senate, to repeal forthwith our membership in a world body which is injurious to the well-being of our United States of America.

The above extract is from Dr. John Coleman's Diplomacy by Deception (Carson City, Nevada: Joseph, 1993), pp. 24-8.


by Philip Agee

(former CIA 'case officer' for Mexico)

The more remote overt intervention becomes, the more remote the possibility of reform becomes. This applies particularly to Latin America: the proof is visible there, as is the principle we have enunciated.

A study of the relevant security agencies in the United States shows that while they are tucked away safely within the US they reach out to Latin America in covert and overt violations, feeding - with the back draft of turmoil - the burning jingoism of a few at home.

The interests of the privileged minorities in poor countries lead back to and are identified with the interests of the rich and powerful who control the US. Counter-insurgency dogma tries to blur these international class lines by appeals to nationalism and patriotism, by falsely relating movements against the Capitalist minorities to Soviet expansionism. But what counterinsurgency really comes down to is the protection of the capitalists back in the US, their property and their privileges. US national security, as preached by US leaders, is the security of the capitalist class in the US and not the security of the poor except by way of enforcing poverty.

It is from this class in the US - the ruling minority - that our counter-insurgency programmes flow together with that most fundamental of American foreign policy principles: 'any government, no matter how bad, is better than a Communist one for now, is better than a government of workers, peasants, and ordinary people.' The support of our government for corruption and injustice in Latin America flows directly from the self-interest of the rich and powerful in the US.

To retain and expand these riches and powers, in true capitalistic fashion (buy low and sell high), we give the rich in Latin American countries a power we don't have in our own country and lay the foundations of a police state that will secure the future of the classes in both countries.

Those are the political and economic realities which give meaning to the US intervention in Latin America, as with all other world designs for control. Sooner or later our counter-insurgency methods abroad are applied here at home. The same tactics have also been applied for centuries by other well-established organizations and made operative - indeed infallible - by a grand smoke-screen of religious beliefs without being questioned by the faithful. But today, with exposure from all directions, local political changes are being synthesized with global views. It is consequently inevitable that the innocent brainwashed individual believes he will join the grand finale as a 'Brotherhood' of the 'Faithful' in one world-encompassing religion.

In this scenario, class identity comes before nationality. Class divisions in capitalistic society are based on material prosperity or lack of it, adversary relationships, exploitation of labour as a market-place commodity, etc. Due to irreconcilable class conflicts, a failure in Latin America (as one of the Target areas) corresponds to a failure in the home country (in this case the United States), confirming the inability to achieve any kind of meaningful reconciliation between the classes.

Class identity, then, not only comes before nationality but it leads to the rejection of liberal reform. Exploitation of the masses - keeping them in a constant state of chaotic turmoil - is fundamentally a manoeuvre by the ruling class in a capitalistic society, a necessary lever to maintain their control and order.

The Alliance for Progress was exactly this kind of fraud, a 'New Deal' heralded by liberals as a Marshal Plan for Latin America. Counter-insurgency programmes, operated through the US government, were intended to strengthen ruling minorities abroad. Can there be any question then who arranges military assistance, 'Public Safety' programmes and training missions to help police? Or indeed trade unions which operate through a complex international organization controlled by nothing other that the Master Designer itself: the United Nations.
Good for Capitalists in the USA, Alliance for Progress, therefore, is a safety valve for Capitalistic injustice and exploitation.

As the oppressed in capitalistic society comprehend the illusion of Liberal reform, their ruling minorities have no choice but to increase the repression in order to avert 'socialist revolution'. Every secret mission or operation designed - on the outside that is - to alleviate the situation provides a little glimpse into the unenunciated foreign policy that sustains it, an unseen hand that shores up unjust, unpopular, minority governments - always with the hope that overt military will not prove necessary.

The more successful the operation, the more covert intervention becomes and the more remote is the possibility of liberal reform. Until people of this world can conceive how the freedom of humanity is being systematically destroyed, we are doomed with total slavery for a long long time.


by Bill Gertz
(The Washington Times)

US forces will serve under United Nations command in peace-keeping operations by the world body, a US Army field manual now under preparation says.

Except for allied command in World War II and the NATO alliance, US combat forces have never been placed under foreign command. This may raise constitutional questions, since the Constitution makes the president the commander-in-chief of all US military forces.

The Army manual on peace operations, now in its fifth draft, says that commanders of UN military operations will report to a special UN representative in the country, or to the secretary-general of the United Nations.

'The force commander will normally exercise operational control over all assigned units, including US units,' the manual says. 'The commander has full command authority over says. 'The commander has full command authority over operational and logistics matters with the exception of purely national administrative matters.'

A primary author of the manual, Col. Jack Clarke of the US Army's Training and Doctrine Command at Fort Monroe, Va., said the manual recognized the prospect that commanders of UN 'peacekeeping operations' may not be US military officers.

'This is a reality we must deal with,' he said in a telephone interview.' Our doctrine is not making policy statement. We have done this kind of thing in the past, we may see it in the future, and we're obligated to tell commanders how the UN functions.'

As examples of the different types of peace operations, the manual lists military support for diplomacy in Cambodia, preventive deployments in Macedonia, protection for humanitarian aid in Somalia and enforcing sanctions in Iraq.

In Somalia, UN control of the operation prompted a change of mission from humanitarian support to taking sides in a civil war when US forces were assigned to hunt Somali warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid.

The above article has been extracted from The Washington Times (15 December 1993).


by Serge Monast
Quebec Journalist

I should like to comment briefly on the planned UN takeover of all Occidental populations, and on the link between the Concentration Camp Program in North America and the 'Vaccine, Experimental Medicine and Liquid Crystals' by which populations will be tracked, tortured, and murdered.

As an International well-known journalist working in the field of Economic, Political, Medical and Military Reports Investigation, I have been in contact several times with journalists from Australia, USA, Europe and Canada. Throughout my investigations, I happened to come face to face with some frightening journalistic, private reports and declassified information concerning the establishment of a program involving military concentration camps. That matter showed to be covered up with regular penitential facilities in order to hide their real meaning to the public. On another hand, those same facilities seem to hide some kind of formation of a wide North America Military-State and local Police task Force better known in Canada and in the US under the name of FINCEN: - FINCEN MISSION and FINCEN NETWORK.

FINCEN NETWORK is an abbreviation for 'The Financial Crime Enforcement Network' established in Arlington, Virginia. It happens to be the largest US government-run artificially-collected intelligence data ever established, with over 200 employees from the IRS (the Internal Revenue Service), the FBI (the Federal Bureau of Investigation), the Secret Services and the FDIC. It works closely with the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms - remember WACO), with the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and the Defense Intelligence Agency, acting as a collection point, a clearing house and distribution centre of computerized data for virtually all government agencies.

FINCEN MISSION is, on its part, a United Nations/United States Program for a 'house-by-house search and seizure of property and arms', a 'separation and categorization of men, women and children as possible prisoners in large numbers, especially those who will be considered by the government authorities as dangerous to “Law and Order” because they will not be ready to collaborate in the implementation of a New World Order', and the 'transfer to Detention facilities of aforementioned prisoners.'

FINCEN is also a 'Network of city, State and Federal Police with United Nations Multi-Military Forces having direct orders to bring into United States and Canada foreign Military and Secret Police Forces for deployment against The North American population.'

I have already compiled over 15 different Maps showing: Secret Military Concentration Camps, Secret Underground Concentration Facilities using unknown technology, United Nations Training Sites (Canada and US), Secret FEMA (Federal Emergency Measures Association) Detention Facilities, FINCEN confirmed Pre-Deployment Black Locations, the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government's Map, then for the first time a Map showing the United Nations, FINCEN and Special Military Training Camps in Canada.

I have also compiled information on 'Project Rex 84,' 'Operation Dragnet,’ ‘FINCEN mission and FINCEN Network,' 'FEMA's Program,' the 'L.E.A.E with Cable Splicer and Garden Plot Operations,' and many more military underground preparations in Canada and the United States.

Beyond this United Nations Conspiracy for a total take-over of all Occidental Nations, there is the frightening Program concerning massive vaccination Campaigns of new technological 'Liquid Crystals'. This is designed to achieve a global political control over populations combined with a major collapse of the economy. It will be synthesized with a 'universal show' from outer space, with laser beams and music to try to convince people that their new Christ is now coming down to save men from the millennium apocalypse.

But what else has been hidden under the camouflage of the police, the military and the international Medical Conspiracy by the circle of the living dead better known as the ILLUMINATI? They have set up, with the help from NASA, the 'Blue Beam Program', the universal space show for the implementation of a New World Religion, and their ancestors designed in the eighteenth century ten secret steps to guide them toward the possibility of world domination; six supreme Articles to give the Illuminati internal control of the world government; then, finally, and beyond all human knowledge, they drew up the 25 International Decrees of the Illuminati Plan - step by step toward the establishment, without consent, of a New World Order Age of Aquarius, with 66 major international steps for the corruption of all Christian societies, 11 steps for the implementation of a world-wide Masonic society, and 13 Supreme Communist Steps to attempt to make all of humanity believe that the Communist system has ceased to be effective any more!

We have compiled information showing how the CIA has developed communication equipment used to torture and murder persons who match profiles projected onto a screen. In this way a population can be screened for 'terrorists': those who will be held responsible for the economic collapse and world wide social disorders, or those who, clinging to their traditional faith, will reject the New World Order, and so will be considered 'terrorists'.

The CIA has also developed new technological equipment to torture and murder citizens who belong to organizations which promote peace and development in Central America. Experimentation is taking place on hostages held by the US in Canada. Technicians called 'Mind Manipulators' have developed the Technology for brain implant operations such as miniature radio transmitters that can be swallowed, carried externally, or surgically implanted in men without their consent or awareness. Early implants were about half the size of a cigarette filter but newer versions can be adapted to 'Liquid Crystals' and injected directly into the bloodstream to lodge inside the brain. Two-way radio communications with brain transmitters has been possible since the 1950's, including voice messages and 'Returned Thought.'

This dramatic series of events has already been initiated. With the fall in the economy in 1993, we believe that they will accelerate beyond belief in 1994-95.

Only massive campaigns of information all over North America will have a chance to slow down the actual mechanism of the complete destruction of Democracy, of stopping it once and for all.

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