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samedi, juin 09, 2007


In an article, 'Like WPD BLUE - Only Worse' by Bart Johnson, that appeared in The Edmonton Sun (11 March 1994), and in the accompanying photograph, the description of the police involved in the incident very much resembles the newly-formed MJTF police operating on behalf of a UN force that is now firmly established in North America (see lead article in this section).

What was supposed to be the high-risk arrest of dangerous armed robbers turned into a nightmare for four teenagers in west Edmonton yesterday.

Mike Varro and three friends were on their way to pay some utility bills and a speeding ticket when they found themselves in the middle of a Hollywood-like cop drama.

'Ever seen (the TV show) NYPD Blue? It was just like that only worse,' said Varro, aged 19.

'Looking down the barrel of a gun at guys in gas masks and bulletproof vests, I've never been so scared.'

The four teens were in Varro's Volkswagen Jetta headed south on 170 St. about 1 p.m. when two unmarked police cars and a van boxed them in. Then a marked cruiser pulled up behind

Before they realized what was happening, the doors of the van flew open and tactical cops, clad in gas masks and flak jackets and armed with submachine-guns, stormed out.

They ordered the teens - two men and two women - out of the car and demanded they lie face down on the ground. Officers trained their weapons on the teens and handcuffed them.

All four were taken in for questioning and released without charge about three hours later when investigators determined they weren't the people they were looking for.

Police said they began watching Varro a couple of days before because his car fitted the description of one suspected in a hotel robbery.

Varro said police apologized and 'were really decent about everything.' He said he holds no grudges.

Plate 35: This appears to be the United Nations MJTF-trained military police in combat gear, identified here as
Edmonton Police. They seem to be the same type of police and similarly equipped to those mentioned in Brian McCurdy's 'Report from Ontario'. The photograph and article appeared in The Edmonton Sun (11 March 1994).

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