Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

mercredi, juin 06, 2007

374-376 29 November 1967

Canada is in a turmoil. The day you will study and understand the intricacy and fallacy of the UN will be as if a great mystery unfolded before your eyes. I may seem an alarmist, an extremist to you. Most people think so in fact. But I know, I am positive of what I put across. For years I shouted over the rooftops: the UN wants to divide nations, the UN is promoting Québec Separatism, the UN is pushing English Canadians to stick to the STATUS QUO, and refuses to allow Canada to become really bilingual so that we can be set apart.

I never thought I'd be that right so fast. Look: De Gaulle throws his bombshell in Montréal last July: Québec Libre. Pearson, although known as a great diplomat and a poor leader, retorts passionately, insultingly, to please his English-speaking voters. Pearson is a one-worlder. He too knows in advance that Canada is going to be divided, as the USA is being divided between Black Power and White Supremacy.

There, the UN plan is to form two nations, to give the Deep South and maybe a few other Southern States to the Colored, in order to weaken that great nation: to give the UN a chance to intervene and take over, bringing WORLD PEACE: the UN Bait. Same in Canada. Lesage, Jean Marchand, Daniel Johnson, René Lévesque, Dupuy, Gérard Pelletier, Pierre Elliott Trudeau are all one-worlders, all working for the same cause? To establish a one-world government. And they are all working against Canada, to stretch her beyond the breaking point. Same can be said of Pearson, Walter Gordon, practically all NDPs, Diefenbaker, most likely now, Robert Stanfield.

And the little game keeps on: De Gaulle is still nosing into Canadian domestic affairs, as Canada and the USA and Britain were nosing into French domestic affairs in the Algerian war, siding up with the FLN. Algeria was a Department of the French Republic. De Gaulle has a long neck, a long nose, and a long memory. Now there is a question of withdrawing our Canadian Ambassador from Paris as a reprisal. If Canada does so, it would split our country more and more. Québec has been asking for the rewriting of the Constitution for over 10 years. Our Centennial took place, and very little has been done. Although the capital of Canada, Ottawa still remains a unilingual city.

War in Vietnam? The UN runs it under the guise of the USA and Vietcong. They do not want the U.S. to win: they want disorder, chaos, they want the U.S. left like a pigeon-stooge. LBJ maintains his little war - his no-win war, as Truman waged his no-win war in Korea. It is run by the same string-pullers behind the scene, and public opinion is diverted, blames U.S. Capitalism. World-wide revolution is making headway every day.

What can be done? Tell the truth. Expose the pawns in the game, unmask the Illuminati, the UN: tell the people what is going on in this infamous building of New York.

Trust no MP, no public man, for they are all either dupes or liars. They would not be there if they were otherwise. Radical, extremist? So what, as long as you know the truth. It is ABSOLUTELY SILLY TO TALK AGAINST NEGRO DEMONSTRATIONS, or French-Canadian claims to separatism, because the most powerful, omnipotent propaganda machinery is controlled by the Illuminati, which founded and run the UN. One way or the other, our public men in Canada are working under the same dictatorship, even if apparently fighting each other. De Gaulle is the puppet of the Rothschild Franco-Austrian faction, as Wilson, Pearson, LBJ are stooges of the other Anglo-Saxon branch. They are all aiming at ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENTDICTATORSHIP. It would take a big miracle to change the course of events, all prepared, all organized for years - centuries. I know it sounds fantastic, incredible, foolish, unrealistic, yet it is factual and it is the only way to understand fully what is going on in the world.

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