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mardi, juin 05, 2007


by Brian Cundle (London, Ontario)

'Ozone depletion is now so serious that it amounts to a threat to the future of all life on Earth,' says a spokesman for Greenpeace. The United Nations Environment Program predicts new human health and environmental effects as a result of ozone depletion. Other experts warn us that volcanic eruptions from Mount Pinautubo will block the sun's rays, causing a global greenhouse effect, and on and on goes the rhetoric, as it is passed from news wire service to news wire service, magazine to magazine, newspaper to newspaper and eventually on to all the peoples of the earth.

As the information intensifies with increased data and scientific appraisals, we the people are slowly and methodically programmed into believing that the massive outlay of information on ozone depletion is actually true.

How many of us have the desire, ability, or time to verify these claims and the overwhelming amounts of supposed proof shown to us in endless computer graphics? We as a people just accept the barrage of ozone literature and continued updates about our rapidly spreading ozone depletion, global warming, increasing skin cancers, etc. etc. Hardly ever do we question its validity and the credibility of the sources of all this data. After all, who are we to question NASA and our scientists, who surely have our best interests at heart and want to better our lives by keeping us informed about what we may be expected to experience.

NASA has admitted that there are no documents upon which to base ozone depletion claims, and the data that claims an ozone depletion of as much as 6-8% per decade has not even been 'peer reviewed'. That means that not only is there no written scientific evidence to back up these claims, but the data itself has not even been submitted to competent scientists for examination. Furthermore, the UV being measured in 1991 was in fact 7-12% lower than when the ozone depletion issue was first raised in 1974.

As you read on, I hope you will come to the same conclusion that I have reached, which is that some of our 'highly respected' scientists do not have our best interests at heart and that they are mostly looking out for themselves.

The late Richard Feynman told us: 'Scientific knowledge is a body of statements of varying degrees of certainly - some most unsure, some nearly sure, but none absolutely certain'. The majority of the scientific knowledge that makes its way to our attention comes under the three categories mentioned above. The media then takes this information to the masses, dressing it in great headlines, pictures, updates, and additional data that is regurgitated daily. The media, knowingly or unknowingly, has been given the job of shaping public opinion to whatever it wishes it to be.

This uncertain information now is passed from person to person until it becomes an accepted truth - all over the world. We have just been told today's news. I would rather like this news to focus on what we should be caring about today, because when the news is over, we seem - ironically - to forget the item that was drilled into our heads but at the same time we jump on the bandwagon and are ready for a new pronouncement.

I am taking a moment, before I begin my story, to illustrate that what we are so often asked to care about is not necessarily the truth. More often than not, it does not even resemble the truth.

Two years ago - and like so many other topics, I was challenging what I was hearing with relation to our deteriorating ozone layer - I embarked on a journey that has spanned from the ancient past, including the Summerian Texts, forward into the heavens to a star system many Native Indian tribes have traced their ancestry back to: 'The Seven Sisters' - the Pleiades.

Although none of us can dispute the fact that everybody has had a hand in damaging our atmosphere, the real truth of this ozone matter is quite another story, and a serious one at that. Much more serious than we are being told.

Since 1962 our scientists have been aware that our solar system was entering a cosmic cloud, more correctly called a Photon Belt or Manastic Ring. This Photon Belt is made up of electrons, positrons, and negatively-charged particles which, when combined, have at least one important quality: they are extremely reflective.

This Photon Belt has been watched very closely and in great secrecy as time has marched on.

A NASA satellite orbiting at 375 miles has pinpointed the location of a belt of cosmic ray particles encircling the earth, scientists have reported. Solar Anomalous and Magnetospheric Particle Explorer Satellite (SAMPEX) found the cosmic ray belt was most intense in a 5,000 mile strip above the Atlantic Ocean, between South America and Africa, researchers from NASA and the California Institute of Technology reported at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union. The instruments aboard a Russian spacecraft first discovered the cosmic ray belt in 1991, but its precise location was unknown until the satellite measurements were taken, the NASA announcement said. Cosmic rays are particles originating from unknown sources beyond the solar system. The rays are different from the high energy particles that make up the Van Allen radiation belts that also encircle the earth. The Van Allen Belts were discovered by NASA's Explorer 1 satellite in 1958. A spokesman said the cosmic rays apparently are captured in a belt within the inner of the two Van Allen belts. 'The cosmic rays became trapped in this field, where they bounce back and forth between the poles of the earth's magnetic field. The strength of the trapped cosmic rays varies with the intensity of the solar activity.' Between August and November 1992, the trapped radiation doubled and it is now about 100 times the normal intensity of cosmic rays in interplanetary space, a NASA announcement said.

Our entrance into the Photon Belt is an important part of our experience. Many of the phenomenal stories that have been recorded in histories, mythologies, and religious writings have their origins and basis in this segment of our orbit. Our solar system, whether we choose to accept this or not, is part of the larger Pleiades Solar System and this solar system is just about to enter this Photon Belt. It is a part of a Great Cycle of events and this event has occurred on a regular basis ever since the creation.

Every time we come around in this spiral in this circle we must move through it. All of this revolves around solar systems, solar systems out from solar systems, all revolving around Alcione which is the central sun of the Pleiades and our solar system is the seventh out from this sun.

To complete this great cycle, we must complete a sequence of events. Beginning from where our solar system was born, we travel first through 2,000 years of light (24 hours of continuous light) onward for 10,000 years of darkness (night and day), then into 2,000 years of light again, moving now again into 10,000 years of darkness, and returning once again to the 2,000 years of light - which completes what is called the Great 24,000 year cycle.

To get directly to the point, our solar system is now moving away from its normal path and is positioning itself into a new orbiting path, which accounts for the new planet sightings reported in the last year and a half. Our solar system will be utilizing the suns of the Pleiades which will cause the continuous 24 hours of light that occurs during the 2,000 years of light.

Our solar system is once again poised on the threshold of the final 2,000 years of light, the time the Bible speaks of as the 1,000 years of peace. Planet Earth has returned to its place of birth and is now entering the great lighted time of higher vibration. Nothing in the three-dimensional plane can continue to exist unless its vibrational pattern is raised to match this great moment of light.

Transition of our planet into the Photon Belt will bring a time of catastrophic earth changes consisting of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes of such proportion as to sink existing land masses beneath the oceans and raise and reclaim other lands that have been under the oceans for thousands of years. It will involve weather changes, hurricanes of unprecedented intensities and unheard-of destinations, tornadoes and torrential rains creating massive flooding, and in the latter years of the century, sustained winds of 200 to 400 miles an hour. Economic changes - already securely in place - will plunge all countries, and all citizens, into financial collapse and into a Depression so great that it has never been experienced before. All of these changes will cause worldwide famine as food supplies dwindle to unprecedented levels (indeed, to begin to store food would indeed be a wise thing to do). We all will be tested greatly in this time prophesied in the Bible as 'The Time of Tribulation'. Anyone that is astute will be able to see that these changes are already taking place and beginning to influence the world we once lived in.

It is expected that we will enter fully into the Photon Belt in the year 2011 and it is obvious that the intensity of this light will increase dramatically during the coming years. When you recall that the Photon Belt is extremely reflective, you will begin to understand what is being put forward about our increasing ‘ultraviolet radiations'. My research would lead me to believe that what is really happening is that the normal ultraviolet radiation within the light frequency spectrum is not intensifying, but rather is reflecting these photon particles I mentioned earlier.

These photon particles are increasing daily, causing this ultraviolet radiation to become more concentrated also.

I also believe in the near future we can probably expect to be told by our governmental bodies that our protective ozone shield has been totally destroyed and that it is not safe to venture outdoors at all, or our controlling élite will be forced to conjure up some other reason for keeping us indoors.

If you are perceptive, you will probably have noticed that the sunny daylight hours are extremely bright and intensely white in colour: this is prevalent in the morning sunrise and even more prevalent in the late afternoon - until sunset. You will note that the intensity of visible light is unbearably bright even as the sun is about to touch the horizon. If you have been in the front seat of a car recently (say, in the last two or three years) facing west between 4:30 and 6:30 in the afternoon, on a clear and sunny day you will have noticed - if only subconsciously - that the reflection of the sun on the asphalt road surface is beyond bright and is almost a n-drror-like image of the sun. Objects and white surfaces seem almost super-defined. The beautiful red, orange and dusty rose colours of sunsets of many years past are all but nonexistent.

Are we to believe that high amounts of ultraviolet radiation at sunset are causing this effect? I think not.

Reflecting ultraviolet radiation bouncing off photon particles seems a far more likely answer to me. If one has been monitoring the LTV readings given daily on the Weather Networkyou will notice that the readings always appear to drop off quite drastically both in the morning and evening.

It could be, therefore, that the truth of the situation is being kept from the public, that the whole of the world is being duped? Indeed, as we enter into this Photon Belt, we are experiencing an increasing bombardment of ultra-high frequency rays called xrays. These x-rays, combined with ultraviolet radiation, create a dangerous scenario. So what we are being warned about is not really the problem and we should be extremely concerned about the increasing and intensifying amounts of x-rays which are invisible, ultra high in frequency, and are omnipresent - both through the day and the night. The effects of these x-rays are only recently being felt and noticed because every moment we are moving closer towards this 'great lighted time', the great end times mentioned in the Bible - no, not the end of the world (although in the near future it may well seem that way), only the end of the Space/Time illusion called the third dimension.

As we move along in our inescapable passage into the Photon Belt with its accompanying x-rays, it should become obvious that many changes will have to take place in relation to our ability to live within this lighted time of higher frequency.

In the years we are living through now - precisely at this time - we are in what is known as a Space/Time overlap. This involves a kind of cosmic bombardment at the polar regions, which causes the melting of the polar ice caps. This more properly explains the concern about the Antarctic and Arctic ozone fluctuations, not to mention the rising water levels such as the 20 to 24 inch rise in Lake Ontario and Lake Erie recorded only recently. In the future there will be much inundation world-wide caused by this melting, not to mention rain and storms of massive proportions. This Space/Time overlap is also releasing some built-up torque manifesting itself as volcanic and earthquake activities which are already increasing and will continue to escalate.

If you are reading the Earthweek: a diary of the Planet article being run weekly in many Saturday issues of newspapers, you will observe the definite increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, not to mention other weather abnormalities. These are all signs of being in the throes of earth changes.

The Space/Time Overlap Zone is when electromagnetic-magneto-hydro dynamic changes begin to take place just prior to entering what is called a Null Zone, which moves the life zone of gravitational compression into a larger gravitational spectrum. As Earth moves into the Photon Belt all molecules will become excited, all atoms will change and the compacting of the energies will raise the vibrational frequencies in the atmosphere. This Null Zone sits just on the edge of moving totally into the Photon Belt.

Since the Photon Belt fluctuates at the edge, one of two possibilities will occur. If our sun should enter into the Photon Belt first, we will experience 4 to 5 days and nights or 110 hours of immediate total darkness. That is at least three days and nights without the sun rising. The interaction between the Solar Radiation and the Photon Belt will make the sky seem as if it is full of falling stars caused by reflective matter. All objects including ourselves will become luminescent. So there will be a perception of total obliteration of light but luminescent objects will begin to create their own light system.

Now should our planet earth pass into the Photon Belt first, the sky will appear to be on fire - incredibly bright and very damaging to the eyes. This also will last a duration of 4 to 5 days and nights.

During this Null time there will be an energy vacuum that will cause extreme panic and serious problems unless we know what is happening and we are prepared for it. All electrical power as we know it will cease to exist. That includes everything that runs on electricity or battery power in any way.

All electrical power generation systems on the planet utilize the planetary magnetic grid to function and in the Null Zone the earth's grid will be immediately neutralized for 4 to 5 days and nights. I believe you can use your own imagination to conceive the horrendous possibilities of this scenario.

There is absolutely nothing mystical about what is being written here. It has foundation in pure physics upon which the knowledge is based. Whether one chooses to remain ignorant to the facts, or will not change, this is our future.

All the while that NASA is telling us that they are putting new sensing satellites in orbit and sending high level flights up to read the ozone depletion levels, what they are really doing is secretly measuring the increasing intensity of the Photon Belt. I have compiled a file of articles that have appeared in the media right up to the moment when I am writing this one. These articles are, if you are discerning and read between the lines, comprised of space shuttles monitoring x-rays from distant stars, sensor satellites on special missions and articles clipped from all of the popular Astronomy magazines which carry almost monthly articles dealing with the x-rays issue. Why the sudden interest in x-rays - enough interest to launch billions of dollars worth of satellites such as the ROSAT x-ray observatory satellite which apparently has detected a hot gas cloud that emits x-rays but not visible light. As recently as February 1993, NASA launched a joint Japanese/US satellite called Astro-D, an x-ray observatory said to promise to shed new light on some of the more intriguing denizens of the universe. It is also said that its on-board spectrometers will analyze the energy and intensity of the x-rays by separating the radiation into its component wavelengths. Two of the spectrometers feature electronic photon detectors. Isn't that interesting?

We are being warned constantly of the ever-increasing incidence of skin cancer, malignant melanoma being the deadliest form. We are urged to use sun screens and lotions with high SPF (sun protection factor) numbers which allow us longer times in the sun without serious sunburning. All with good reason it would seem, but these sunscreens have no effect at all in screening out the incoming x-rays that are able to penetrate completely through the body physical. In fact, two epidemiologists, Cedric and Frank Garland at the University of San Diego, have come to the conclusion that sunblocking lotions give false security, and say that these lotions only block out a portion of the ultraviolet light spectrum. They have found that there has been a surge in melanomas which coincided with the advent of sunblock use. Could it be that melanomas are really caused by the increasing bombardment of x-rays? The future will surely show the truth. The conclusion one can draw from this is that those who suntan and play outdoor sports and work constantly in outdoor occupations put themselves unknowingly under great great risk, far greater than any quantity of ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

To understand this better, let us imagine undergoing repeated exposures in an x-ray clinic. This would not be allowed for obvious reasons well known to us all.

RNA/DNA mutations and sterilization will occur through exposure to these x-rays for those who are exposed continuously without protection, causing a massive drop in the number of people being born into the next generation. Mutations will also abound and massive spontaneous abortions and malformed births will become prevalent. Without protection, these invisible particles can destroy our entire species in a period of time.
Continuous doses of these x-rays also have the ability to kill brain cells and destroy the brain function.

I confess that this article does not paint a pretty picture for the future and that old saying 'what you don't know won't hurt you' begins to sound quite alluring, but I am suggesting that is what you don't know will probably - if precautions aren't made destroy you. The choice, as with all things in this world, will be up to the individual in the end.

So what about animal and plant life? It is expected that our animal and plant species will adjust to the new higher frequencies after a period of mutation. Farm animals, used to bearing the young, should not be allowed prolonged exposure to the rays because they will be affected in the same manner as humans.
Already reports from veterinarians are beginning to surface. Veterinarians, animal pathologists, breeders, and even farmers are finding that a growing number of animals suffer from diseases induced or exacerbated, they believe, by the sun's rays. The experts are turning to human sunscreens and special breeding techniques to deal with the problem, and they expect that the prevalence of disease will rise in the future, including skin cancers, non-cancerous diseases, and eye problems (it has even being suggested that animals be fitted with sunglasses). Blindness in animals and fish is becoming more noticeable around the world, and is especially acute in places such as Australia and South America, where the cosmic bombardment is increasing in its intensity.

Just recently I have been told that farmers in this area are noticing that the sun seems far too bright and intense for this time of year and that it is burning the winter wheat and other sprouting plants. Also, the asparagus crop this spring is aging far too fast. Apparently the stocks are maturing far more rapidly than in past years.

These are only two sure signs of changes and mutations of plant life, and there is much more to come. One other thing of great importance which is being kept from the public is that our planet is receiving doses of radioactive fallout caused by all of the above and below ground detonations of nuclear devices that have been tested in the past decades, and which are being tested right now. Contrary to popular belief, gravity does not pull, but everything in the cosmos returns to its equal density. If the truth be known, we would find that acid rain is comprised mostly of radioactive particles. I don't imagine we shall be told about that either.

The question is then: Are we experiencing ozone holes and increasing amounts of ultraviolet radiation? The answer is a definite and emphatic no. The ozone scare is all a great cover-up to hide the truth from the public, and drain profits of industry by demanding that they install devices to protect the environment. All of this is, of course, quite ridiculous because nothing will change the ending of a great cycle, with all its ramifications. Ozone is infinite and constantly fluctuates. Openings are naturally occurring and have existed long before the testing and monitoring that is now taking place. We are experiencing the entrance into the Photon Belt and we must consider this to be x-rays, invisible penetrating rays of light and yes, they are extremely damaging to all human, animal and plant life.

Our scientists and higher élite controllers know all about this. So the question arises - why are we not being told the truth? The answer is far too lengthy for this article. To put it briefly, however, those in reputable observatories in conjunction with military research, the astronomical research at NASA's Palomar Observatory, Cal-Tech, the NASA Jet Propulsion Labs, MIT, etc., could affirm that we are approaching the Photon Belt but they are under gag order with regard to the happening.

To understand the reason for the 'cover-up' from the scientific community, one would have to understand the inner workings of The New World Order. Is it not interesting that this new 'vision of man' is falling into place at precisely this very moment beneath our very noses and will invariably end in total global enslavement by the year 2000. 'Global Plan 2000,' as it is called, will be a world order that has a supernational authority to regulate world commerce and industry, an international organization that will control the production and consumption of oil, an international currency that will replace the dollar, a world development fund that will make funds available, a one-world religion, and an international police force that will enforce the edicts of this New World Order. I suggest you take a look at the antics of the UN these days which they are getting away with under the guise of peace-keeping.

The two most important factors which connect the ozone depletion farce to the New World Order are simple to ascertain. The first is to keep the world's population in total ignorance of what is really going on, which makes us all easier to control. The second, and more important, is that these x-rays are expected to help depopulate the existing population, as if man-made diseases like AIDS, TB and other new strains of drug-resistant diseases weren't doing a fine enough job.

Science has a very limited perspective and we all have made gods out of science. We do not understand the politics, deception, and fabricated information that is passed on to mankind. There are entities in the higher echelons of science and government meditating as to what can or cannot be made public, twisting our reality, deciding at their whim what we will be told as truth - and when. We have accepted their pronouncements and seem to be forever paying for our ignorance and apathy - whether we realize it or not.

For our scientists to expect to acquire the answers to our planet's dilemma by mapping the ozone's fluctuations is truly foolish. Even though the data they collect sometimes prove their premise, one important factor is not being considered. Man does not and cannot acquire knowledge from books, schools, or research: these are usually the products of past experience and experimentation. Man can only acquire 'information' that way. True knowledge can not be found in the so-called 'facts of matter'. There are no facts of matter in a universe of transient matter in motion. All matter in motion is but a series of illusions which deceives man into drawing wrong conclusions. This is the third dimensional dilemma. Man's knowledge for the most part has been acquired by studying the bewildering complexities of effect of cause. True knowledge is cosmic and 'to know all things' means to have all knowledge of the Whole One Idea of the cosmos as Cause -The Creator which is first cause. True knowledge cannot be knowledge of created things which are merely the effect of cause. It may be wise indeed to contemplate the above paragraph, because therein lies the answer to surviving the transition of our planet into the higher frequency fourthdimensional experience of a greater reality.

Whether we chose to believe it or not, we are all experiencing a time of tribulation and great change will be on each and every one of our doorsteps in the near future. Indeed for many in the world, this moment has already arrived. We must all begin to travel on what the Native American calls the 'Red Road' and begin to follow the laws of God and Creation - the laws of balance - giving and re-giving. We have all been coerced to follow the path of the 'Black Road', the road of man-made misinformation: lies, physical sensing, and knowledge acquired from studying the effects rather than the essence of things.

Only by following the 'Red Road' and searching for the All-knowing of the Creator, which is available to all by simply asking, will we know the truth which will set us free from the consequences of our ignorance, because in the true reality, the future is only the past again, entered through a different door.

Acknowledgment is made to The Phoenix Journals for some of the material used.

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