Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

mercredi, juin 06, 2007

381-384 27 October 1970

Cross and Laporte are already forgotten. Mrs. Cross's terrible grief and anguish is brushed aside, not only in Québec among French Canadian separatists, but all over Canada. It is Trudeau who is the threat to DEMOCRACY. It is Robert Bourassa who is making political hay with those assassinations, as well as Drapeau, the nemesis of Canadian politics, according to our Con-Lmunist frontiers.

The real victims are the 125 still under arrest, without trial, under the WAR MEASURES ACT. From Vancouver to Halifax, you will see placards, demonstrations, parades, crying out in favour of the release of those innocent victims. The FLQ is no longer the main aggressor, but Trudeau, Bourassa, Drapeau, Robarts, Caouette, who keep those suspects in detention, and their families left even without news.This is what is criminal, not the FLQ. It shows how right I was about the depth, the extent of the Communist infiltration in our politics, in our churches, in our labor unions, in our schools at all levels. The destroyers of democracy are using the super-deception of the defense of democracy to foot us, as they always did everywhere else. Step by step they will ruin our Canadian Confederation. And who pulls the strings? Of course, the United Nations, that super-hypocrite and puppet U THANT, who is merely a figure head of the invisible super government, or one-world government to be established in 1985 or thereabouts. René Lévesque, as well as Fidel Castro, or the Fellaghas of Jordan, are merely instruments of a vast conspiracy. Half-wits like John Diefenbaker, Robert Stanfield, Tommy Douglas play ball with them. If Trudeau was in the opposition, he would be much worse. Those public men are used like blind tools.

But Christ in the Catholic Church will finally win and triumph. Pope Paul gives a bad image, a false picture of the plan of God on earth. It is just passing. God works through our mistakes, gives lots of rope to Satan and his satellites for a while, and finally reaches his purpose in a most unexpected way, simply, candidly, forcefully. We will not see that, but rest assured it will be fulfilled. It has been revealed. Christendom will be rebuilt and there will be peace on earth. The bad fruit of humanism, of naturalism, of greed, of communism - just a scareword weapon in the hands of the one-worlders to reach their vicious end - have replaced supernaturalism, the grace of God, the fruits of Redemption. The bloodshed of the Son of God/Man on the Cross can not remain sterile: it will be fertile, fruitful, truthful, the unifying factor. This is not day-dreaming, but factual.

The invisible Government, which runs the UN, and all the countries, the mass media and the press, has used in CANADA, first and FOREMOST, William Lyon MacKenzie King, Lester Pearson, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, and to a lesser extent John Diefenbaker. If you could only understand what is behind the formation of the Company of Young Canadians, and Le Front de Liberation du Québec - how they have worked together with federal tax-payers' support, as Caouette exposes it so well - you would open your eyes, and stop laughing at those who know the score in the world conspiracy.

Has your mind ever been awed by the simple fact that 20 years ago Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Gérard Pelletier, Jean-Louis Gagnon, Vallières, Langlois, Larue - the three latter under arrest for FLQ activities - were working hand in hand with René Lévesque. They were all friends of Mao Tse Tung and Fidel Castro. Today Trudeau is Premier of Canada, Pelletier is Minister of Télé-Communications, or Secretary of State; Vallières and Gagnon got good jobs from Trudeau since he has been in Ottawa.

How come they are apparently enemies to-day? They are not, my dear. They are just working in two different departments for the world conspiracy, the first group in Ottawa for the federalism bogey, the second for Québec separatism, all pursuing the same purpose: socialism and gradual Marxism, or Fabian socialism if you wish. They are all in accord as to the aims; they fight over the means. But, first and foremost, they have agreed on the destruction of the Christian conception of democracy. 'Dividera et impera' has been the motto of every empire on earth: it is the motto of the world conspirators. Let the French-Canadians and English-Canadians fight against each other, two Christian nations, and we - the world conspirators and agents say - will undermine their traditions, will make them purely secular, easily manipulated, pawns in the game.

Can't you really see the trickery of Trudeau and Lévesque right now, with their War Measures Act, their civil and human liberties, seemingly fighting teeth to teeth, and underneath the country is being acclimatized to the pretence of FLQ TERRORISM that the world conspirators have dreamed up and prepared and are still preparing in all our universities and high schools, with the help of Tommy Douglas, David Lewis, Lucien Pépin, Laberge, Claude Ryan (a guiltless criminal) and all that left-wing crap. We are sandwiched in on both sides. It is the fundamental philosophy of Marxism, right there in action under our color blind eyes: thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

As you said, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island have no FLQ or terrorist apparatus, yet there is much more poverty there than in Québec. But they need to create social unrest, inflation, moral corruption to start a revolution.

Pearson, TRAITOR #2, organized CYC [Company of Young Canadians] to arouse the Indians against the whites, and Trudeau finished the job so well, so much so that today Indians are rebelling against their Christian missionaries, Catholic and Protestant. Trudeau took away their denominational schools from them without alleviating their poverty or the fact that they are a part of an under-privileged group. Same in USA with the negroes, the Mexicans, and the Puerto-Ricans. It is a clear-cut plan, the results of which are visible, readable.

I feel sorry when I see so many good people being fooled so much, who know so little. The press is controlled. If Trudeau could be trustworthy, I'd approve everything, but I do not trust the bastard. He has too much of a record.

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