Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

mercredi, juin 06, 2007

386-389 14 August 1977

For your information, I never considered Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Gérard Pelletier, René Lévesque as true lovers of their race, but I consider them GREAT LEFTISTS, HARD-LINE SOCIALISTS, and first and foremost ONE-WORLDERS, members of CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), but they use the language issue on behalf of one-world-govemment conspirators, of the UN in particular, to divide the country, to get people excited and while they fight over French and English, they enforce socialist legislation, crypto-communist systems, as other COUNTRIES DO.

Why are the One-Worlders using the French POWER ISSUE IN CANADA? Because it is incendiary and it creates a beautiful diversion to make us swallow Communism, or the loss of our sovereignty, in favour of ONE-WORLD-GOVERNMENT.

Let us start from the beginning. There was a war on, in which Lt. Commander Andrew and I were involved between 1940-45. For what purpose? To save democracy - our way of living - in Great Britain, in the British Empire, to keep things as they were. We won. Hitler was defeated. France had lost the battle in the metropolis, but had preserved the French Empire. Marshall Pétain delivered the French Empire intact to his opponent and arch-enemy, Général Charles de Gaulle. There was no reason why Great Britain should lose her empire after a decisive victory over a powerful enemy.

What did happen? THE UN MAGNA CARTA was signed in San Francisco: the right for every nation, every ethnic group to self-determination. It was concocted by Joe Stalin and SOB I MEAN SOB Roosevelt, who had died in between but HARRY TRUMAN SIGNED WHAT ROOSEVELT HAD DECIDED WITH ALGER HISS, ANNA ROSENBERG Montague, and all. That was it. Britain went down, and down she went. Not on account of the war, but because WINSTON CHURCHILL, WAR HERO if there ever was, had been defeated by the Socialist-crypto-communist LABOR PARTY. Lord ATTLEE took over with Aneurin Bevan as Sec. to Foreign Office.

You talked - or rather Andrew talks about the hypocrisy of Trudeau and Pelletier. Admittedly, it is true, they are downright hypocrites, masterminds, but they went to great schools. Take for instance, the defeat of the Conservative Party headed by Churchill in WAR YEARS. The real reasons were never given. Churchill, like Lloyd George in 1914-18, formed a UNION GOVERNMENT. IT HAD WORKED BEAUTIFULLY. LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES WERE REALLY BRITISH ABOVE ALL THEN.
But it was a different story in 1939-45. The Labor Party took over key propaganda portfolios, and they shrewdly prepared their elections, with the help of American money and Soviet strategy. That was the beginning of the downfall. The British Empire folded up, not through Hitler, not through lack of industry, disorganization of the country, which had not been invaded, or devastated, but THROUGH SOCIALIST ADMINISTRATION.

Now FRANCE. Charles de Gaulle, another SOB (sonnamabitch), megalomaniac, super-deceiver, FRENCH STYLE though, also goes down to history as a GREAT FRENCHMAN. A man with a mission. A SAVIOUR! Admittedly, like Churchill, he had TALENT and genius. All the French patriots rallied behind le GRAND CHARLES. Most of them believed in his word of honour, although he had liquidated 100,000 French allies after the war when he took over, to satisfy Joe Stalin, his French Communist friends of La Resistance, under the pretense of collaborationism. In fact, all rightists, all men and women of France, forming the élite of the country and who could have been a barrage to one-world-government, to a laicised and pagan society, of those who could have had some true Christian principles in their minds and hearts, deeply rooted in the best traditions of France.

Then let us choose with open arms a one-world-government. Go away British, French, German, American, Canadian sovereignty: it is outmoded, it is PASSÉ, give us something new. Americans of British, German, Scandinavian stock are no good to wage a really good upside-down revolution. So, Rockefeller and the CFR have decided that Negroes, Puerto-Ricans, Mexicans, native Indians, can put up a good bloody fight. And they did, they do and will do it on a much wider scale, in a few years.

In Canada, Canadians of British stock are too easy-going, have in their bones a long tradition of being law-abiding, patient, reserved. No good for one-world-government. It will take an eternity to start a fierce revolution. They had the CCF and NDP parties, but this is much too slow. Let us use the French-Canadians, who underwent the quiet revolution surgery, through the Lesage-Lévesque Administration. They are awakened and France has a much more radical Communist party than Britain. It will be faster with the French. Then you have two important men, two brilliant fellows, well-trained in Moscow, Red China, Cuba, and their names are Pierre Elliott Trudeau and René Lévesque. They may vary in their ways, but both are solid socialists, in admiration of Lenin, Mao-Tse-tung, Fidel Castro. Canada can be put ablaze over the language issue, overnight. Both Trudeau and Lévesque are daring, have lots of cunning, and both are strong CFRs and one-worlders. That is the name of the game. They will use the French because they are more apt to make firebrands, and all that is described in Andrew's book is the ideal strategy: used in France with the Muslim Algerians, Moroccans (4 or 5 millions of them, outside the Portuguese, the negroes); used in Britain with the Scots and Welsh - 22 MPs in British Parliament as Scottish Nationalist Party - plus the foreign negroes, Indians and Arabs; in Ireland with the good old bogey - Protestants and Catholics, NORTH AND SOUTH; yes, in Canada, they will use that strategy, because it is the incendiary, to make us lose our heads, to revive old grudges and divide the country into many provinces, with the backing of France, of Great Britain, of USA, mind you. NO?

Did you know that Lévesque did speak at the Economic Club in NYC? Run by whom: David Rockefeller, who has financed tax-free - all the main world revolutionary movements? From where did Trotsky and his army leave if not from a NY seaport? With whose money, if not from WALL STREET, Warburg, Loeb and Kuhn, etc? Nothing new in this world. The only new element is that it is our turn, and it happened to be TRUDEAU and Lévesque, incidentally the first two premiers in Canada since Confederation, who are separated - Lévesque for 20 years, has 3 children - Trudeau since April who also has 3 children. It is an awful shame and it is a CURSE.

Canada will remain for a good while bilingual, because it creates more friction with Anglo-Saxons of our country and USA, and a one-world government needs such a social climate to bring peace to the world and each country. That is the sad and sadistic farce we are in. It is all in the book. It is all well described for those who have worked in subversive activities research for years, as I have done. Joe McCarthy, General MacArthur, Forrestal, Myron Fagan, Lyle Van Hyning, Father Charles Coughlin in USA, will come out on top some day. ONLY GOD CAN SAVE CANADA, ONLY GOD CAN SAVE THE WORLD FROM A ONE-WORLD DICTATORSHIP.

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