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mardi, juin 05, 2007


by Brian McCurdy
(Shelburne, Ontario)


New World Order scientists are now creating and controlling weather and causing earthquakes by using Nikolai Tesla's weather inventions. Tesla was born in Yugoslavia in 1857 and moved to North America in 1884 to work with Thomas Edison. He was so far ahead of Edison in his scientific knowledge that they soon parted. Tesla went on his own and secured financial backing for some of the extraordinary experiments he was conducting.

He was interested in direct current electricity (DC) and radio transmitting. He did not transmit radio waves the way we now do, but used electromagnetic, very low frequency waves, from 7.5 to 15 Hz., through the faults of rock, deep within the earth. Effectively, he was using the earth as a giant radio transmitter. With his technology, he could easily send a radio signal around the world.

Tesla also invented a system whereby he could send electricity through the atmosphere, without electrical lines, to various homes, miles away from his generating station.

In short, he was a genius, so far ahead of his time that his backing was withdrawn after people found out what he was really trying to invent. For there was no money in his inventions: instead, his rich backers wanted to make money by building huge power plants and constructing long power lines. They also wanted to control the air radio waves; with Tesla's method, anyone could have operated a radio station that could, at very little cost, reach the whole world. So the monopolists withdrew the money from Tesla's work, effectively shutting him down before he could bring his technology to a needy world.

He went on with his experiments at his own expense at a slower pace, never gaining much recognition but patenting some 900 inventions over a lifetime of 80 years, including the invention of the neon fluorescent light. He died in 1943. In 1950 a museum was started for him in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, to collect and catalogue all his patents, information, drawings and inventions. Around 1955 the American and Soviet Governments became interested in his inventions for secret weapons: special agents of both countries, working together, sought out the Tesla information, and took it to top-secret laboratories for study and further experimentation. For five years the leading scientists of both the USSR and the USA worked on the material, rediscovering and developing the technology; until they emerged in 1960 with some of the most advanced technology and weapons ever seen in our modern world. Many of these are in use today: the public had no idea of the effects they are capable of or even that they exist.

Some of the discoveries Tesla made were in controlling weather patterns, causing lightning, winds, floods, and many other strong effects. Utilizing Tesla's underground radio wave transmitting experiments, new world order scientists can produce tornados, huge floods, rain storms, very cold weather, bad snow storms, tidal waves and earthquakes. Low frequency electromagnetic radio waves are sent into the ground and boosted by huge currents of electricity (up to 40 million watts) as a carrier of the megahertz signals. After being transmitted into the ground, the radio waves travel to the earth's core, then bounce off the earths' core with a great power surge. They can be then directed to erupt any place on the globe by a computer guidance system. When the energy emerges from the ground, it shoots straight up approximately 30,000 feet, where it comes in contact with the jet stream at a certain point. This technology effectively creates a huge standing radio wave; it can be thousands of miles high and long. The jet stream is effectively stopped in its tracks. It can be held indefinitely in one place, as the radio wave acts as a barrier. Then a secondary charge is emitted, causing the jet stream to dump huge amounts of water on any given area.

This is what happened in the Midwestern United States last year, and the 1993 flood was considered the worst in history. Many meteorologists could not figure out why the jet stream completely was held stationary over the Midwestern United States for ninety days. The truth was that certain governments were making rain for their own evil purposes. They can also pull the jet stream completely off its natural circuits. The jet stream normally runs east to west, bringing warm air in the spring off the oceans. They can re-route it to bring cold air out of the Arctic, and this is what happened during the winter of 93-94. The thermometer did not get above 0 degrees F this winter for over 80 days in parts of Canada and USA.

As well, warm air can be brought out of the south to melt the polar ice caps. This has all been made possible with the help of Tesla's technology; computer technology has refined the processes. Tesla used approximately 20,000 watts; now new world order scientists use 40 million watts. Sometimes these radio signals are so strong that AM, FM radio, shortwave and ham radio operators are completely shut down by interferences.

In 1960 a joint American/Soviet effort was initiated to build four enormous electromagnetic low wave frequency generators in the USSR, north east of Moscow, near Nyandoma area. These four transmitting generators are the most powerful radio transmitters in the world. Together they can put out an unheard-of 160 million watts of power. It is said that the total power generated together from these four towers could literally make the earth wobble on its axis or could shake it apart with earthquakes.

In 1966 these four giant transmitters became operational. In 1967 and 1968 they began to cause terrible weather worldwide: devastating earthquakes, floods, and droughts. We may well ask: Why would man operate such terrible devices? It is just one more tool in the hands of the new world order, a means of destroying the world economy. It has been said that the cost of severe weather disturbances in the last six years alone has amounted to over $6 trillion dollars worldwide. Dozens of insurance companies are reported to have gone bankrupt or are on the verge of bankruptcy. This all comes at a time when our world economy is at a breaking point and near total collapse. The old secret societies, which the International World Bankers belong to, know full well that before they can bring their new world order, with One-World Government into being, they must do two things: disarm all people of their private conventional firearms and related accessories, and then proceed to the financial destruction of every person and every country throughout the world. This is what they are methodically doing.

Three vital scientific discoveries Tesla did not have in his time were computers, lasers and satellites. With the addition of these to Tesla's discoveries, you have an awesome technology for the production of far-ranging effects: advanced holography projection of three-dimensional images, UFO'S, and other strange sightings. It has been reported that this has been successfully done. The technical means exist to project any image by night or day in the skies. It is done by using computer generated images sent on Tesla's electromagnetic low frequency radio waves. When the giant standing radio wave is sent into the ionosphere, it can project an image thousands of miles. Not all UFO's are projections by holography, but new world order scientists have definitely projected some.

Star Wars was created not to fight against people or nations on this planet, but to put up a protective laser shield around this planet. The Hubble telescope was also meant to spy on earthlings as well. Canada has a satellite tracking station at Allen Park, Ontario (between Durham and Hanover). In fact it is the only known one in Canada. This facility is being used in conjunction with others to generate images and receive information from various satellites. They in turn are linked into the Electric Magnetic Laser Frequency and Star Wars project. It also seems probable that Telesat Canada at Allen Park is receiving transmission from the Hubble Space Telescope, as well as from many installations being used by new world order scientists.

Just before the occurrence of major earthquakes, special instruments measure the earth's natural electromagnetic flow (which runs from the north to the south pole) registering completely off the meter scale. In other words, the current jumps so dramatically that it cannot be tabulated. We can only concur that the government is using one or more of the forty-million-watt EMLF generators in Russia to cause these quakes to help bring economic chaos quicker to the world.

When the EMLF waves are used to cause earthquakes, they are computer-pinpointed directly into the earth's core, where they cause hugh vibrations which radiate outward towards the earth's surfaces. They then come in contact with the various faults and plates, causing them to shift, creating earthquakes, major or minor quakes by adjusting the frequency and the wattage.

The second effect that can be caused by skilfully-directed radio waves is a variety of illnesses in humans and animals, such as depression, headaches, memory loss, blindness, nervous disorders, anger and even death. There are many things which we the public are unaware of, but which is now being 'tried out' on us.


We have some information regarding the Canadian and American Government involvement in weather engineering as far back as 1965, from nothing less than the Commons Debates. On 20 May 1965, the following question was asked in Parliament by Giles Grégoire:

Mr. Speaker, I should like to put to the Prime Minister a question which has to do with the artificial seeding of clouds to stimulate precipitation in the Saguenay-Lake St. John and Abitibi areas,. . . since the operation of those rain-making machines is a health hazard for the people of those areas.
The Minister of Transport, J. W. Pickersgill, clearly evaded the question but in his stonewalling response he did - wittingly or unwittingly - release some rather key information:

It is true that in 1963 the Department of Transport did complete an experiment in rain-making techniques by actual field operations in an area along the Ontario-Quebec border near Rouyn-Noranda. That was completed in 1963, after two or three years of experiments. The results of this scientific test have been under careful analysis since that time, and in due course they will be
communicated to the scientific world through the usual channels.

That is the only respect in which the federal Government has anything to do with these activities, and it does appear that there is some question as to whether we have any jurisdiction in this matter under any law that now exists. It is true that the Air Transport Board has jurisdiction generally over aviation, but whether the present jurisdiction could be stretched into this field without further
amendment of the law, I would not like to hazard an opinion without consulting
the law officers.

It is also true, moreover, that it does not require aircraft to carry out these rain-making experiments. They can be done in other ways that I am afraid do not come under the control of Parliament, but the general conclusion that has been reached by the experiments that were concluded in 1963 is that these efforts to make rain do not really produce very much rain.

Mr. Grégoire: A supplementary question, Mr. Speaker. Those machines produced quite enough rain last year in the Saguenay-Lake St. John area. As a matter of fact, figures show there were 67 consecutive days of rain.

I put this question to the Minister of justice. Did he receive a brief from the Saguenay-Lake St. John region concerning the operation of companies using rain-making machines? Furthermore, would he examine the Bill of Rights to determine whether such operations do not run counter to the essential rights of citizens living in that area.

Hon. Guy Favreau (Minister of Justice): ... if we were given the facts I would have them looked into by officials of my department and then I would perhaps be in a position to give an opinion (Commons Debates, pp.1499-1500).

Two weeks later, on 8 June 1965, Marcel Lessard (Lac-Saint-Jean) revealed that with regard to the rain-making operations, the Quebec Minister René Lévesque had stated that the Americans were also involved in those experiments in Canada. 'I am not aware of any such negotiations,' the Minister of Transport answered. 'When he met Mr. Denison, the Vice-President of Weather Engineering,' Mr. Giles Grégoire continued, 'did the discussion bear only upon cloud seeding by airplanes or was cloud seeding by land-based machines also discussed?' 'This gentleman,' the Minister of Transport went on, 'told me that neither from the ground nor from the air were they doing rainmaking in the Lake St. John region.’ ‘Would the Honourable Minister,'Mr. Gregoire interjected,'ask the RCMP to investigate this matter if we pointed out to him the locations of the rainmaking machines in the Saguenay and Lake St. John districts?' No, no special study was required, Minister of Justice Guy Favreau replied. 'In view of the importance of rainmaking operations and jurisdiction between provinces and the Canadian government,' Mr. Lessard asked, 'does the Prime Minister intend to add this question to the agenda of the next federal-provincial meeting, in order that the said problem might be discussed by the Quebec and Ontario premiers and that an agreement be reached to settle this matter?' 'No,' replied Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, he did not want to indicate whether the item would or would not be put on the agenda.

Mr. T. C. Douglas (Burnaby-Coquitlam): Mr. Speaker, I should like to ask the Minister of Transport whether he has been able, during his discussions with Mr. Denison, to ascertain whether or not Weather Engineering has been conducting rainmaking experiments and, if so, when were they discontinued?

Mr. Pickersgill: I have been informed that at no time have they ever done any of this rainmaking in the Lake St. John area, but that they had carried out these experiments farther down the river.

Mr. Woolliams: Why is it raining farther up river?

Mr. Pickersgill: I can merely repeat, as I have said before, what I have been told. It would be very interesting if some of those who are most interested could furnish factual information that would refute what this company has told me, and I am very sorry I do not have that in writing. I think it would be valuable to have their statement in writing, and I have asked them to provide it.

Mr. Grégoire: On a point of privilege, Mr. Speaker. The minister asks us to give him facts and to pinpoint some places. Now, I have sent to the Department of Transport a geographical map on which at least some 40 places are marked where rain-making machines are operating the Saguenay-Lake St. John area. He has that map on hand; therefore, he has the facts and should not ask for them anew (Commons Debates, p. 2093).

These quotations from the Commons Debates show beyond a shadow of a doubt that our governments were involved in manipulating the weather as far back as 1965 and that they did not want their involvement to be known. The machines they were using then were low tech, but the machines today are Tesla's EMLF transmitters mounted on covered tractor trailers, so they can be hauled from place to place to alter our weather patterns and cause earthquakes. In Canada there are two large stationary type weather modification generators: one at Arthur, Ontario (south of hwy. 9, on County Wellington Road 16) and the other at Pincher Creek, Alberta. Six others are located in various parts of the USA. There are approximately 50 stationary generators world wide, including the four multi-giants in Russia.

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