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vendredi, avril 13, 2007


Rae and Dudley Laws, founding member of the Black Action Defence Cornmittee. In the same issue of The Toronto Sun (8 0ctober l994), Jeff Harder writes: 'The cop-hating Black Action Defence Committee is being financed by the provincial government'

The same old Marxist tactic (a push from above, a push from below) is being used in the new world order struggle to gain control of the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force. We draw your attention to the Editorial which appeared on page 10 of The Toronto Sun (8 October 1994):

'Put simply, we want BilI McCormack. Of course he should stay on as the Metro
police chief, if he so chooses.
'He's been a good chief. He should stay for four more years until his normal retirement at 65. At least he should stay for two years until the political uncertainty in Ontario and at Metro Council Settles.
'Let's cut to the quick. Clearly Susan Eng, who was Premier Bob Rae's personal choice for chairman of the police services board, is trying to finesse the selection of the next chief as one of her last acts as chairman.'

In the same issue, the following was stated: 'Wednesday [October 13] is D-Day for Chief Bill McCormack. In a frank interview yesterday, Metro's veteran top cop said that's the day he'll announce his plans to retire.' The Toronto Sun (7 October 1994): states:

Rank-and-file police officers have joined the campaign urging Chief Bill McCormack to stay on as Metro's top cop....
A petition asking McCormack to 'remain as chief of the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force for at least one year, or until political stability has returned' [italics ours] was posted in all division stations yesterday.
Duty officers contacted by the Sun last night said response from both uniformed and civilian personnel in the 7,900-member department 'has been 100% behind the chief.'
But sources also said staff at various stations had been contacted yesterday and informed that police services board chairman Susan Eng is outraged at the cops' petition campaign and wants it
stopped. ... Fellow board member Norm Gardner said he wouldn't be surprised if Eng was seething over the rank-and-file actions. 'It's going against her game plan to have the chief's official retirement date in hand this month,' Gardener said.

Here we rest our case!
Let the public judge!

Later (Toronto Star, 8 November 1994), the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney-General denied 'it's creating a separate legal system for blacks but confirmed it's considering diverting blacks accused of minor crimes away from the courts.' The Star reports that Michael Leshner, a crown attorney opposed to a diversion for blacks, said the new proposal differs from what already exists. "Currently, you look at the nature of the offence, not the colour of someone's skin. " Leshner said. Race would become a major consideration under the proposed change, "And that's nuts." he said. Does Race Bob know?

In terms of the strategy Rae is pursuing, we are reminded of Shotover in Shaw's Heartbreak House. 'You cant spare them until you have the power to kill them. At present they have the power to kill you. There are millions of blacks over the water for them to train and let loose on us. They’re going to do it. They’re doing it already. They do use it. We kill the better half of ourselves every day to propitiate them. The knowledge that these people are there to render all our aspirations barren prevents us having the aspirations.'

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