Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

samedi, avril 14, 2007



The simultaneous assassination of what seems to be 55 Double Agents of the new world order operating in Canada and Switzerland and which was reported widely in the international press this week (6 October onwards) represents to us one of the most daring achievement of Counter Intelligence in modern times. The 55 who were assassinated were all members of the Order of the Solar Temple in Canada and of the Order of the Solar Temple in Switzerland.

The extraordinary thing is that on page 255 of this book we identified this group as having taken over Quebec Hydro - one of the most closely held secrets in Canada. The following passage, based on information delivered to our door last spring, was written in May: 'and in Quebec a secret society called L'Ordre du Temple Solaire [the Order of the Temple of the Sun]... "penetrated" Quebec Hydro with a 150 billion dollar "scam" and simply took it over: just about all of the vast reserves of Canadian electrical power were now in new world order hands.'We neglected to add at the time - something Brad Chamberlain had told us on February 11 or thereabouts - that the emblem of the Order is on Quebec Department of Highways vehicles.

Were these assassinations, one would be inclined to ask, the work of a secret Canadian patriot group intent on regaining control of resources in Canada that the new world order had usurped, like Quebec Hydro? Or were the assassinations the work of a Canadian patriot group acting in concert with a broader international group, the object in both cases being the same?

The latter seems to be true, for the Order of the Solar Temple is based on the Knights Templar,'who fought in the Crusades to regain the Holy Land from the Muslims' (Toronto Star, 8 October 1994). Once again we are led back to Ottawa.

In our section on 'Ottawa: Occult Capital of the new world order' we stated that a false branch of the Knights Templar had been set up in Ottawa on 21 March 1984 'about as different from the original Knights Templar as chalk is from cheese. Whereas the quest of the original Knights was the most noble quest possible for man - the quest for his spiritual centre - the quest of the ,reconstituted' Knights for the establishment of an order to rule the world is the most ignoble quest man could ever embark on. The rituals originally devised for spiritual edification are reversed, are turned to personal aggrandizement, material power, and the control of the destinies of others.'

Radio-Canada, the French language arm of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, identifies Joseph di Mambro (the ‘mastermind' behind the Order) 'as being involved in the international arms trade' and that the 'cult' was used 'as a front for an elaborate arms network that tunneled high-powered weapons through Australia and Third World countries on to the international black market.' (Toronto Star, 8 October 1994).

An RCMP report states that Di Mambro was 'under investigation for laundering $95 million' and that much of the 'business was conducted out of an Ottawa luxury apartment and through branches of the Royal Bank and the now defunct Bank of Credit and Commerce in the capital. The cult members who died were "executed", the report said, either because they knew too much or as a settling of accounts.'

Who were the only ones with the capacity or the motivation to 'execute' and 'settle their accounts' with the highest officers of the Solar Temple in Canada and Switzerland? International Rosicrucians whose traditions had been defiled by the setting up of the false 'Solar Temple' in Ottawa in 1984? It seems partially so. What we do know is that the second group we have suggested did play a part, a major part, almost the total part, and that group is a Canadian patriot group unidentified until now - The Canadian Golden Eagle Militia (or GEM STAR).

The Canadian Golden Eagle Militia for Systems Targeted Armed Resistance is, according to a very reliable source,'designed to nullify all movements towards the One-World Government Police State commonly called the new world order or THE UNITED NATIONS. Their object to achieve those goals are either by military or political negotiations.

Their beliefs are (1) individual freedom for all, such as the right to a sovereign country, (2) choice of religion, or none at all, (3) the right to keep and bear firearms for hunting or self-protection, or 'to act as a safeguard against a dictatorial government taking away individual freedoms, such as is now happening in Canada and the United States.'

GEM STAR is made up of English, French, native peoples, and a large contingent of ex-military personnel and patriots. Their ranks are drawn from Canadians all the way from Labrador to British Columbia. They are called simply RAINBOW WARRIORS, a term that derives from Indian lore and Biblical scripture. 'In the Bible, the Rainbow symbology was given to signify that there would never be a flood again that would destroy the earth. The same thing applies here. The last great battle to be fought in this age is about to take place: the Rainbow Warriors against the dark forces of evil'.

There is a counterpart of GEM STAR Canada in the United States. The force in Canada is over 100,000 strong. A spokesman states: 'The governments of North America will stop at nothing to bring in a ONE-WORLD government. GEM STAR and other secretly-allied organizations will fight in any way - to the last drop of blood if necessary - to foil the governments'plans. You must understand that we don't get a second chance. If we don't win this time, it's game over. What happens between now and the year 2,000 will govern how man lives for the next 1,000 years: either FREE or in SLAVERY. May God help us and all human beings if we lose. God Save North America. Death to the New World Order.'

The ex-military personnel involved in GEM STAR got out of the forces because they had early warning of what was coming and could not bring themselves to fight against their own people. The Government of Canada, we were told by a spokesman from GEM STAR, 'is planning a confrontation with the people on this issue of the World State. They now have 20 prison camps throughout Canada to confine anyone who will not give up their guns or who will not take the micro chip implant, THE MARK OF THE BEAST. The new world order is ready. We in turn must also be ready, and we invite Canadian patriots to contact us regarding GEM STAR, not tomorrow but now, because our country is also gone.

It is our understanding that CSIS knows about GEM STAR and is trying to 'put the lid' on it. This tells us a great deal about the organizations we have set up to protect this country: they indeed seem to be the tools of the ONE-WORLD government that is planned to enslave not only our country but the whole human race.

GEM STAR plans another 'hit' within two months. The target was not identified, of course, but the new venture, we have been told, 'will involve a continental combination of Americans and Canadians combined with native peoples from both countries.' We give now some of media coverage of this rather extraordinary simultaneous assassination of new world order agents in a front page article headed '48 Found Dead in Doomsday Cult' by Bill Schiller, The Toronto Star (6 October 1994):

CHEIRY, Switzerland - This country of watch-making and pastoral landscapes yesterday became the site of unsettling carnage, an eerily executed mass cult suicide [that was the first instinct of the press, to cover over the event as suicide, but even they had to yield to the evidence involving ceremonial robes of black, red and gold.

Forty-eight people died - many with bullets in their heads. Among them, four Quebecers - including the mayor of Richelieu, a journalist with Le journal de Québec and a civil servant with the provincial finance department.

One report says up to 11 Canadians died in the bloodshed.

The bizarre killings follow startlingly similar deaths that erupted at a cult building in Quebec.

The doomsday cult apparently synchronized their suicides in two Swiss locations, about 160 kilometres apart. In the village of Granges-sur-Salvan, southeast of Montreux, at least 25 bodies were found in three chalets. And here, in this lush and tranquil valley known mostly for dairy farming, at least 23 people died, ranging in ages from 10 to 73. [Plolice found most of the dead
arranged in a circle on the floor of a secret, subterranean vault, police said, the victims' heads pointing outwards, blood on the carpet.

An altar in one of three rooms in which the dead were found was inscribed with the words 'The Rose and the Cross,' which police believe is a centuries-old secret society with beliefs in occult lore and power.

Religious objects and materials relating to the cross and the rose were found on site, police said.
'The first thing was astonishment to come upon that scene,' said 35-year old Mayor Pierre Torchee. Looking at the scene yesterday morning, at about 4 a.m. local time, he said he had 'difficulty comprehending everything seeing these people dressed in capes, red on the inside and black on the
outside. There was blood because three quarters of the people were shot in the head.

A group of 19 were found in an underground meeting room beneath the garage, entry to which could only be gained through a door hidden beneath the carpet, the mayor said.

Two others were found in an adjacent hallway, and then a woman and the 10-year-old were found in a luminous room apparently lined with glass and mirrors.

Johannes Aagaard, head of a European cult-monitoring organization based in Aarhus, Denmark, told the Associated Press that he believed [Luc] Jouret was behind both the Cross and the Rose and the Order of the Solar Temple, which he described as 'two branch names with the same trunk.'

Jouret 'has built up several occult groups in Switzerland and in Canada within this category of occultism which is called 'new temple orders' a mixture of old master temple traditions with 'new age' phenomenon,' Aagaard said.

We quote 'Clues Point to Cult Murder,' Toronto Star (7 October 1994).

There is mounting evidence that the mass suicide may have been murder. In
total now, nine Canadians have died in the cult killings - four in Switzerland
and five in Quebec.

Judge André Piller said those being questioned were either present or past members of the cult, which went under the name the Order of the Solar Tradition in Switzerland.

Piller said Luc jouret, the leader of the apocalyptic cult and part-owner of the complex in Morin Heights, Que., where the five bodies were found, was not among those detained. One of the chalets in Granges-Sur-Salvan, however, was rented by Jouret, leader of a cult called the Order of the Solar Temple in Canada and the Order of the Solar Tradition here. He, however, seems
to have vanished without a trace.

The reason for this combination of Canada and Switzerland is clear: money and power. These men, too, seem to be attempting to mask their megalomaniac delusions of materialistic grandeur under a self-made 'spiritual' authority. The report in the Sunday Tribune in Dublin (9 October 1994) reveals the connections with Hydro-Québec, the Royal Bank of Canada, Quebec's Finance Ministry, etc.

Swiss police have issued a warrant for the arrest of the cult leaders, French Canadian Joseph Di Mambro and Belgian Luc Jouret, whom they believe are not among the dead. The bodies of Robert Falardeau, a senior official in Quebec's Finance Ministry, and Di Mambro's wife Jocelyne have been found in the chalet at Granges-sur-Salvan.

The cult was becoming increasingly right wing and intolerant. In Canada, it had infiltrated Hydro-Québec, the province's power company. An internal probe of the company found 17 employees to be members of the sect. One of them, Jean-Pierre Vinet, a vice-president, who was subsequently charged with illegal possession of firearms in 1993, left the company. Following this, two of
the company's pylons were blown up.The firearm offences, which Jouret was also charged with, were the results of a potential assassination attempt on the Quebec Minister of Public Security, who the cult felt had been too lenient on the native Americans during the 1990 Mohawk uprising. Jouret was fined $1,000 for possession of semi-automatic firearms.

Meanwhile, Di Mambro is thought to be under investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for the illegal laundering of $100 million through the Ottawa branches of BCCI and the Royal Bank of Canada. Police officers have indicated the money was part of a large-scale gun-running operation.

But inside the cult, arguments over finances had broken out between Jouret in Switzerland and Falardeau in Quebec. Meanwhile, the Mounties were closing in on Di Mambro for the money-laundering operations. Somewhere, something broke and last week the blood bath got underway. Murderers moved in on the victims in Switzerland, and set incendiary devices that could be triggered by telephone from the airports they flew out of.

One will note the reference to the native peoples above, and one will be reminded of Oka, and, more recently, of Davis Inlet where the Canadian flag was flown upside down, signaling distress. The RCMP did not dare 'go in', as in Oka, because they had been told that there were at least 500 members of the Golden Eagle Militia mingled among the native peoples.

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