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vendredi, avril 13, 2007


Editorial page cartoon of Jack Parizeau as Jack the Ripper

From Jose Wallenius in Thunder Bay, Ontario:

For some time she had been only looking at the cartoon on the editorial page because she knew that it was the only thing that ever said anything.

On Sept. 18th she saw the signal. It was a large and very gross picture of Parizeau depicted as a wrestler, a small man in the background with a bow tie holding up a sign saying, 'Jack the Ripper'. She knew what it meant because she had read the last book about J the R which had been published after some secret records had been released in 1992 in England.

It had been another front book of the Illuminati, so she had read it to see what was really hidden. The book had explained
that the Queen's physician Gull had participated in the murders, and a proof of his Masonic ties was depicted in a photo of a painting of an operation at Guy's Hospital where Gull practised, the entrails of the patient trailing in the same pattern as the entrails of the prostitutes.

She already knew that the British postal service of the 19th century - 3 deliveries a day - was set up simply as a cheap means of conveying messages to the 'city' before the telephone was invented: when the book stated that 'news' of the 'terrible' murders were conveyed instantly around the world by telegraph, she felt alert.
She reckoned thus.

One of the women had had a child by the Prince, and they had married. When the Queen heard about it, she dragged the Prince away from his haunts and back to the Palace. The woman and her friends organized a blackmail ring to blackmail Royalty about the child. The Queen (or somebody else, who knows) had engaged Gull and his cohorts to get rid of the women.

Now, if they had simply wanted to get rid of the women, why didn't they simply chuck them over Blackfriars Bridge like they do other people and be done with it?

Why the Masonic ritual of the murders?

Because the Illuminati needed a message sent world wide, and the news that women had been found dead in the Thames was not enough to be credible as a world-wide message because at the time women were found dead in the Thames as a matter of London routine.

The ritual murders had been to send a cheap message by telegraph to the rest of the Illuminati, and she had promised herself that she would study that era to see what events the message had heralded, but the dreadful events had been so many she could not work it out.

When she saw the cartoon of Parizeau as Jack the Ripper, therefore, she went to her computer and began exiting her files.
Delete file? Yes.
Delete file? Yes.
Delete file? Bejeasus, especially this one.

After an hour the computer was empty, and she turned it off.

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