Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

samedi, avril 14, 2007

613-618 coda


rod to ee (5.11.91), holograph:'l had somehow climbed up to the dark woof of the world. Found the canvas torn. Gingerly moved along the scaffolding, invisible. Climbed through the hole. Got out. To confront a ring of alien men in all black uniforms, dark in appearance and intent, with cocked extra-terrestrial guns.

They are given an order to fire. Silent. They understand. Before they do, my full form emerges from the tearing in the canvas, and last my desiul hand. But the hand is not free. it is holding another hand and on and on and all the remnants of the human race - those who had still retained their humanity, homo sapiens not Darwin type - passes out through that opening and onwards into the heavens they have earned.

Elizabeth, give me your hand! Place it on the tiller? You must steer the ship. I must remain the deep-sea diver, gathering in the darkest of darkness the nuggets of light you need to guide our interstellar ship - towards[...]

rod: The principle on which the new world order was founded on earth is no longer operative, the Big Bang and the projection of an ever-expanding universe. Did you get a chance to look at today's New York Times (5. l.'93). May I read: 'the universe is not open, meaning it is destined to expand forever, but closed. In a closed universe, the gravitational force of its matter is enough to match or exceed the outward force of expansion. Most of the universe is composed of invisible material of an unknown kind. Analysis of the data indicated that the mass of that "dark matter" might be as much as 25 times greater than that of ordinary matter, the elemental stuff of visible stars, planets and people. It's the first time there is evidence of enough dark matter to support the idea that the universe is closed."

'Cosmologists have contemplated two alternatives to a closed universe. If there is not much mass, the universe might be open and keep on expanding, diminishing into infinity; or with considerably more mass, the universe might be dragged to a halt and then collapse, in what is described as the Big Crunch.' The short and the tall of all this is is that the principle on which the concept of a new world order is based is no longer operative.
ee: I was on SUN,
You were on MOON.
A signal flashed:
Meeting on EARTH!
rod:JUPITER, EARTH, VULCAN, SUN. Science fact
Not science fiction:
Blocked the path
'Tween four and five,
Jupiter and Earth.
Our choice:
Back two or forward
Are we only specks
Of dust?
Most of us went back to SUN,
Focolare! Reconnaissance to Vulcan,
Seven! SAMURI! We'll meet again
Though we're only specks of dust!
ee: So this, according to the esoteric tradition that has been hidden from man, is the sequence of planets where man has been and will be.
rod: On SATURN, where you and I met, the basis of the physical body, the most developed part of man (look at the intricacy of the ear or the loins) was laid down. On SUN the heart was infused into the physical organism, and on MOON the mind. On EARTH man is given the opportunity to steer his or her ship with the rudder of a cosmic consciousness and an individual conscience, or else yield up that responsibility to somebody else - a church leader, a marriage partner, a WORLD DICTATOR, or somebody else - whatever.

There are three distinct spheres of the human soul: sentient, intellectual, and consciousness soul.

Sentient soul has to do with 'sensation', the phenomena of the corporeal world revealing itself to the soul and making an 'impression' on man's inner world, arousing an experience of pleasure or displeasure, sympathy or antipathy. What is retained in the soul in response to the stimuli of the external world becomes a mental image independent of the external impression. This is retained by the process of 'memory' which links the perceptions of the past to the perceptions of the present.

The world of the spirit reveals itself to the soul through the 'intuition' of the consciousness soul. This is translated by the soul into the wish to realize it: it becomes a deed, an 'action' with the help of the body as an instrument.

The 'intellect' stands mid-way in the soul between sentient and consciousness soul: of itself, it is neither good nor bad. Since, however, we live in a visible universe, the intellect has a tendency to use its capacities to make man more secure in his earthly life rather than to mediate between the visible world and the invisible realms of truth, beauty, and goodness. The intellect has a tendency to abstract from experience, to apply what is true of one instance to the category which subsumes the instance, for although the brain is the organ of living thought, it contains also a tendency towards ossification: thoughts that have crystallized into belief or dogma tend to take over the intellectual life, preventing fresh thought. Thinking becomes an affair of the head, severed from the life of the heart and the spirit; as it ossifies, the feelings detach themselves, and intellect, divorced from spirit on the one hand and feeling on the other, attempts to grasp reality in finite, quantifiable terms, explaining every imaginable phenomenon in the universe, including the biological and the psychological, as mechanical models, viewing the world as a giant machine and man himself merely as a highly complex mechanisms product of heredity and environment, a complicated protoplasmic mechanism engineered into existence by genetic codes and DNA helixes and, by the mechanics of stimulus and response, adapted to the world around' (Alan P. Cottrell, Goethe's View of evil, p. 283). Indeed, material science has made its tremendous advance by treating the world almost exclusively as if it were dead matter, by assuming that everything can be weighed, measured, calculated.

This leads man into a sub-natural world hidden below the threshold of sense perception. The order that technology recreates is not a picture of the world in which man is immediately living, but a picture of the world below man: in the painting of this picture, in the casting of himself as detached observer, man has begun to eliminate himself from an active role in earth evolution. The human 'will' is subverted, even enslaved, for with the mechanical models that the intellect projects and the information it gathers a tendency develops to have the information itself dictate the decision, thus eliminating the human being from the process.

REASON, therefore, is given to man on MOON, is turned to blasphemy by man on EARTH: There 'his wars on God begin.' The choice on EARTH - I quote Gilson again - but it needs to be repeated several times to be fully understood:
'is not among us, he is in us. It is man himself, usurping unlimited creative power and proceeding to the certain annihilation of that which is, in order to clear the way for the problematic creation of what will be,' the monstrous idol made by our own hands and to our own image and likeness.
ee: Those who are bent on destroying JUPITER are bent on destroying EARTH.
rod: 'The time has come to destroy those who are destroying the earth' - Revelation 11:18
ee: 'Then there will be great distress such as, until now, since the world began, there never had been, nor ever will be again. And if that time had not been shortened, no one would have survived, but shortened that time shall be' - Matthew 24:22.
EE begins her lament over EARTH.
ee: fin is terre fin again firm again firm egan
Finnegans Wake!
French for
for reason'

The double-ended coffin of reason!

rod: On EARTH, however, something else is stirring. Did not the fifteenth-century mystic Joachim de Flora say: 'the Kingdom of the Father has passed, the Kingdom of the Son is passing, the Kingdom of the Spirit is at hand?' The choice on EARTH is either to apply endlessly what man knows and is capable of discovering or of surrendering to the spirit that turns the atmosphere to gold rather than red - Jupiter, the Temple of Love, man's next esoteric home.
ee: There is a holy and an unholy fire, the fire that ignites the atmosphere as Tesla saw, and the fire of love that arcs like archangels over the chasm of all that divides us.
rod: tu es petros et super hanc
petram edificabo ecclesia meam: in you I found our Church of Love

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