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vendredi, février 01, 2008


by J.L. Read (Washington)

The idea of mind control conjures up many different impressions. Mind control can be as overt as drug-induced behavioral modification or as subtle as subliminal suggestion below the level of awareness. Most people would never suspect that they may be the object of mind control, particularly from those in control of the government. Most people are certain that they are independent thinkers and that all the conclusions they have drawn about themselves and their perception of the world are of their own making.

Aldous Huxley stated in 1959: 'It seems to me perfectly in the cards that there will be within the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods.'

Huxley was concerned with pharmacological or chemical methods of distraction, which do abound in our society. Alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and all of the over-the-counter depressants and stimulants that are available are indeed mood or behaviour altering methods of distraction. There are myriads of mood-altering prescription drugs such as valium, librium, etc., that are easily obtained through a doctor. Add to this the extensive use of illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, morphine and its derivatives, plus LSD, mescaline and their derivatives, and you have a large, if not total, segment of the population perpetually ingesting some form of mood-altering substance.

Biologicaltoxicityis another factor that can aid and abet other mind-control techniques. When the body is continually ingesting toxic substances, it functions at a level below optimal efficiency. When the body is sluggish, the mind is sluggish. When the mind is sluggish the ability to make intelligent and discriminating decisions is greatly impaired. The ability to perceive that one is even being controlled is much more difficult due to impaired mental processes.

Yet chemical behaviour modification is only one aspect of what could be considered mind control. The broadcasting of selected electromagnetic frequencies with encoded messages via the air waves, is another. The use of microwaves as modulators for extremely low frequency waves is another method of behaviour modification. Both the United States and Soviet Union have overtly used such methods on their own and other populations.

Microwaves can also be used to send signals in frequency ranges that will cause lethargy within those individuals receiving the radiation.

The human brain is basically a receiver, and it receives frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum as well as those that popular science has ignored that are outside of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is these frequencies beyond the electromagnetic spectrum that are almost impossible to detect. By projecting these frequencies to the brain one can be put into a beta, alpha, theta or delta state of consciousness, according to the frequency modulation.

Another method of behaviour modification is the use of subliminal suggestions. Subliminal suggestions are received by the subconscious, the truly potent director of behaviour, at the level below conscious awareness. Subliminal suggestion is used extensively in advertising to get people to respond to the recommendations of the selling agent. Without special equipment, subliminal messages are also impossible to detect.

Last but not least is behaviour modification via the educational system, free public education particularly. Young children are acutely suggestible. If you tell them that reality is constructed in a certain way they generally believe it. If you further punish them through peer pressure or other means of deprivation for not behaving according to a particular version of reality, you can enforce compliance to your standards.

This paper is concerned with how all of these methods have been and are being used to keep the North American public complacent and asleep to what is going on politically: the abovementioned methods that, individually and collectively, are creating the scenario that Huxley so aptly specified, of 'making the people love their servitude. 'Most people are totally asleep to the gradual decrease in their basic liberties and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. Those who are aware are too apathetic or fearful to do anything about it.

Though direct methods of electronic and subliminal mind control are being used, it appears that the most overt method of mind control is through perpetual distraction. Most people are totally distracted with television, entertainment of any kind, keeping up with the Jones', alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal drugs, and, the necessity of working long enough hours to pay their taxes. They are totally asleep to the steady loss of their personal freedom.


It has long been known by the scientific community that the human cranium resonates within certain frequencies. This frequency range is between 830 Mhz to 890 Mhz. This is the same frequency that the cellular telephone towers, that are being erected everywhere, operate from. If a certain frequency is pulsed and modulated through a microwave signal, this will cause entrainment (synchronization) with the human cranium, thereby entraining the thoughts of the human receiving the signal. In effect, if one's mind is broadcast a signal that causes entrainment, one would feel as though the thoughts being projected by signal were one's own.

The cellular telephone microwave towers are all connected by satellite to a central computer in the National Bureau of Standards building in Boulder, Colorado. When messages are placed within the computer, which are then broadcast through the microwave towers to the public, the target population is being sent messages without their knowledge.

In this way you can begin to have certain thoughts that are not your own. If the airwaves are filled with coded messages to modify behaviour or program a certain thought pattern, the population living within those air waves will be responding without their conscious awareness.

Dr. Robert Becker stated in his book The Body Electric: 'Everyone worries about nuclear weapons as the most serious threat to our survival. Their danger is indeed immediate and overwhelming. In the long run, however, I believe the ultimate weapon is manipulation of our electromagnetic environment, because it is imperceptibly subtle and strikes at the core of life itself.'


This signal operates at the subliminal level of awareness. It operates about 6 cycles away from the signal that is the harmonic of regular electric power lines, (60 Hz). It is transmitted through television. This signal helps to put one into an alpha state of awareness while watching television. When in an alpha state of awareness, one is hyper-suggestible. Therefore, whatever progranuning is being projected on the screen is taken into the subconscious without any conscious filtering or discernment. It is a subtle form of hypnosis. Thus, whatever you see on television - violence, fear, guilt, the evening news, advertising and the melodrama - is processed and incorporated into the subconscious as real and believable.

A more complete understanding of the mechanics of microwave and videodrome programming may be had by watching the video Relativistic Physics by Dr. P. Nichols and D. Cameron, available from Quantum Communications, Olympia, Washington.


It has been known for a long time that the mind, particularly the subconscious mind, is aware of everything we see and hear, even at inaudible levels, and momentary visual flashings. In the past you could go to an outdoor movie theatre and expect to have subliminal messages broadcast with the popcorn commercials. Without knowing why, you would become very hungry for popcorn.

Subliminal means below the level of conscious awareness. This form of advertising was supposedly outlawed because it violated the right of the individual to his freedom of choice. The only problem is that even though it was technically outlawed, there is no way for the general public to verify if there are still subliminal messages being broadcast to them. It is legally used with the background music that is played in most department and grocery stores, carrying a subliminal message that discourages shoplifting. But whether this same music also carries subliminal messages to encourage spending of more money is not determined...


The CIA has been experimenting with many of the above mentioned techniques for mind control since the early 1950s. One project was named MK-ULTRA. This was the use of various drugs that would not only alter human behaviour, but would be undetectable in their administration...

Gordon Thomas did extensive research into the CIA's involvement and experimentation with various mind-control techniques. In his own words from his book Journey Into Madness, Thomas reveals: 'Their [CIA] behaviour poses a continuous threat to those of us who still possess that most precious of all gifts: the right of the human spirit to choose. In working on this book I have come to terms with my own emotions - disbelief, bewilderment, disgust, and anger, and more than once in the early stages, a feeling that the subject was simply too evil to cope with. Nothing I had researched before could have prepared me for the dark reality of doctors who set out to deliberately destroy minds with even more horrifying descriptions of the agonies endured by the victims of the CIA-funded psychiatric mind control experiments; the reader watches as officials of the CIA and other US government agencies are drawn further and further into a chilling, inhuman world in which all consideration for human rights and freedom are trampled in the search for the key to mind control.'


Psychologist John Gittinger was a graduate of the MK-ULTRA program of the CIA. He created a unique system dubbed appropriately Personality Assessment System (PAS). The theory behind personality assessment testing is that each individual, though unique, still falls within certain personality criteria e.g. extrovert, introvert, etc. By testing each person to see what his personality type is you can then program him accordingly.
This method has been heavily incorporated into the public school system. For the past twenty years, students have had to take tests which would not measure their scholastic aptitude but their attitudes. The latest round of these tests has been called the Educational Quality Assessment tests. They are given so that the government can maintain a psychological profile on students. By understanding what kind of personality type a student is, he can be placed in certain environments and given repeated programming that will mold him according to 'socially acceptable standards.'

Children are the prime targets for this type of brainwashing because they are so suggestible. This type of educational programming can even override the parental guidance they receive at home. Thus, if a child is taught at school to conform to the group and peer pressure and not to behave as an individual, he will be less likely to rebel later in life if his individual liberties are taken from him. He will perform as one of the flock and can be herded into whatever programs the government designs.

B. F. Skinner, noted psychologist, whose work is used extensively in the academic and educational communities, is quoted as responding to a question on the purpose of society; 'The intentional design of a culture and the control of human behaviour it implies are essential if the human species is to continue to develop.'


Research by the Foundation For Advancements in Science and Education has discovered that there are over 700 foreign chemicals in ordinary drinking water. This is water processed through city water systems. Most of this is due to one hundred billion pounds of hazardous waste that is generated and has polluted the ground water. Also over 2 billion pounds of pesticides are used on food crops annually.

An 8 February 1986 article in Science News revealed: 'A recently-released study funded by the Environmental Protection Agency indicated that there is a link between exposure to poisonous doses of agricultural pesticides known as organophosphates and a number of neuropsychological problems including depression, irritability and difficulties in thinking, memory and communication.'

The food chain is riddled with these organophosphates along with petroleum-based fertilizers. It is common knowledge that high levels of toxicity in the human body create sluggish brain functioning. If the body is perpetually busy through the immune system fighting off toxic waste, there is little energy left to supply the brain with nourishment. This is what has created the necessity for most people to rely on a daily intake of caffeine in order to be functional.

It stands to reason that a population that is physiologically debilitated is operating at low levels of awareness. Their resistance to disease is lower, and so is their resistance to programming through electromagnetic means, subliminal advertising, and political propaganda. This is also what creates the lethargy and apathy that is so characteristic of the general public. This is the perfect scenario for governmental enslavement.


How does one be an individual who can think independently, while immersed in a sea of electromagnetic entertainment, overt media propaganda, subliminal intrusion, educational disinformation and manipulation, as well as food and water pollution? To begin with, people could turn off their televisions. Not only are encoded messages being flashed every 32 seconds on the screen for subliminal ingestion, but the frequency of the electromagnetic projection through this media alone puts one into an alpha state. In this state one is totally suggestible.

Being placed in an alpha state is akin to being in a state of hypnosis. There is nothing wrong with being placed into an alpha state of consciousness, but one should be cognizant and a willing participant if this level of awareness is being experienced.

Read as much as possible in areas that will enhance personal sovereignty, not only financially, but psychologically. Be discerning about what you read and what you chose to read. Reading material that will heighten your personal awareness will replace the barrage of programming projected through television consumption. If one's focus of awareness is on obtaining independent thoughts, the deluge of electromagnetic and media pollution will have less ability to penetrate.

Be aware of what is going on around you and what you choose to participate in that will be making an impact on your subconscious mind. There is ample material available on techniques to intensify your personal awareness, mental acuity and focused attention.

Be careful what you eat. To obtain your water from a well outside the city with clean untampered water is preferable. To grow or obtain organically grown food is essential to be rid of the pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers that permeate the food chain. Everything you buy in a commercial grocery store has been altered chemically and its nutritional value is minimal at best. Mental acuity and agility is totally dependent upon one's state of health. If you are physiologically undernourished, your thinking processes will be clouded and you will be a greater target for someone else planting their thoughts into your mind.

If you have allowed yourself to become apathetic about the government and those who wish to control elements of your life, you are a perfect candidate for complete control.

To live in a free society one must participate in government, at all levels. Become aware of what your city, county, state, and federal governments have done to take away the freedoms guaranteed to you by the Constitution. Few people are really aware of the rights they are guaranteed in the Constitution. Study the document for your own edification.

Mind control implies that someone else is controlling either your thinking processes or is preventing you from thinking independently. Once you are aware of all the methods that are being employed to implant thoughts in your mind against your awareness, to give you only disinformation to make judgements with, or to keep you from thinking clearly, it is your responsibility to do whatever possible to maintain your own individual consciousness.

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