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dimanche, janvier 27, 2008


Also at the Bilderberger meeting with Professor Polanyi was then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton. This was a full year before Clinton was nominated for president and well before he announced his White House ambitions. Clinton's participation in the Bilderberg conference, however, marked his anointment by the global élite as an 'insider' on the White House track. Apart from Spotlight (Washington), the rest of the media remains silent on Bilderberger activities. This year Spotlight carried a report of the Bilderberger Helsinki meeting under the title of 'Clinton does will of Globalists':

HELSINKI, Finland - Even as the Bilderberg luminaries were retiring behind the locked and guarded entrances of the Kalastajatorppa Hotel here for their annual secret meeting, President Clinton - one of their own - was working their will.

The president proudly announced that the United Nation's 'high
commissioner for immigration' would decide which Haitians should be allowed into the United States and who should be rejected out of the flood of 'refugees' currently headed this way.

This is a direct response to a report at the Trilateral Commission
meeting (SPOTLIGHT, 12 April, 1993) a year ago, which called for giving the UN the power to decide which immigrants can enter any country.

The Trilaterals and Bilderbergers have interlocking leadership with David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger serving on both executive committees and share a common agenda of promoting a world government.

Clinton, like his predecessor George Bush, is a long-time member of the Trilateral Commission. In 1991, Clinton was summoned into the more exclusive Bilderberg group for the first time. The other major report of that meeting called for the establishment of a permanent UN army and asserted that Nato was part of that standing force.

Clinton obligingly set the precedent of having American soldiers fight under a Turkish commander in Somalia, accountable to the UN Security Council, not the president or Congress.

Similarly, Clinton advanced the world shadow government's agenda by sending US fliers to former Yugoslavia, where they conducted bombing runs on orders of the UN, not the president.

Clinton can't attend the Bilderberg session now; no president could account for disappearing for three days. But since the days of President Eisenhower, top White House officials have attended so they could convey Bilderberg orders to the president.

President Clinton is most obedient.

In the above I drew from material in the following volumes: Gary H. Kah, En Route to Global Occupation (Lafayette, Louisiana: Huntington House, 1992); Texe Marrs, Dark Majesty: The Secret Brotherhood and the Magic of a Thousand Points of Light (Austin Texas; Living Truth, 1992); Des Griffin, Fourth Reich of the Rich (Oregon: Emissary, 1989); SPOTLIGHT (Washington D.C., September 1991); and O'Driscoll et al. The New World Order and the Throne of the antichrist (Toronto, 1993).

1. This prediction was made in 1871 by the Grand Commander of Freemasonry and the top Illuminist in America, Albert Pike. Quoted in Des Griffin, Descent into Slavery? (Emissary: Oregon, 1988), pp.38-40. My debt to Mr. Griffin's seminal research is immeasurable.

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