Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

mardi, janvier 29, 2008


In 1984, this same group of nine influential leaders [The Secret Brotherhood] of the Illuminati met once again in France. Renewing their vows, they dedicated themselves to their goal of a New World Order to encompass the entire globe. The nine individuals, who believe themselves to be a sacred nobility and the forbearers of a new type of man, also gave their Order a new name. In French that name is L'Ordre International Chevaleresque, Tradition Solaire, which, translated in English is the International Order of Chivalry, Solar Tradition (4).

It is interesting that Thomas Ehrenzeller, a director of the World Federalists Association, an influential group founded by the late Norman Cousins that has as its chief goal the setting up of World Government, wrote a book in 1976 entitled Solar Man. In that book, Ehrenzeller put forth a startling blueprint for exactly how the Secret Brotherhood intended to achieve the unity of all nations under one central authority (5).

The plan [of the Secret Brotherhood] calls first for organizing the earth into regions (beginning with the European Community, with the Americas and others to follow), the breakdown and dissolution of the old Soviet communist empire, and finally, a strengthened United Nations with global military capability (6).

All of these planks of the Brotherhood's plan have enjoyed 198 new world order shockingly accurate fulfilment. The surprising, recent developments in the formation of the Europe Economic Community, NAFTA, and the resounding fall of communism and breakup of the Soviet Union, were exactly what Ehrenzeller had prescribed in Solar Man.

In fact, the term 'Solar' is an illuminist code-word. George Bush's 'Thousand Points of Light' phrase (7) is also a byproduct of the 'Solar Tradition' and the plan of the Illuminati to exalt 'Solar Man'. Bush's phrase literally means the sparks of divinity within illuminized, perfected man. Such men constitute the nobility who are to rule and manage our planet.

The ascendance to the pinnacle of global power of the Secret Brotherhood will, its members believe, mean that the Holy Roman Empire of the caesars be once again restored to its former heights of glory. The building of the New Rome has long been the dream of the Illuminati.

In the book The Household of the Grail, Robin Waterfield proposes that his yearning for the return of the imperial tradition is the key to what motivates the secret societies. For the secret societies, Waterfield writes:

The Holy Roman Empire was restauratio and continuatio (to be restored and continued) which in its meaning implies a restoration of the Roman movement toward a world-wide 'solar' synthesis, a restoration which logically, implies transcending Christianity (8).

'Transcending Christianity' means to go beyond it, to leave it behind, to recognize it as lacking in value and no longer useful to humanity. The Illuminati despise true, traditional Christianity. This is why Maurice Strong has stated: 'It must be clear that if the world is to change, Christianity must change.’ (9)

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