Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

dimanche, janvier 27, 2008


Pour comprendre un peu plus pourquoi le Canada se retrouve en Afghânistân, il faut savoir ce que font les Bob Rae, Maurice Strong et compagnie. Il faut aussi savoir que la soi-disant «reconstruction» du pays dévasté comprend des centrales hydro-électriques. Ben voyons! Le Canada est là pour le bien des Canadiens et celui des Afghanis!

Nous vouons votre bien. Nous l’aurons! (La Haute Finance)

Jacques Clouseau

In 'Periscope of the Canadian Illuminati' Texe Marrs (formerly of the United States Air Force and the University of Texas) reveals that in 1984 nine influential leaders of the Secret Brotherhood of the Illuminati met and, renewing their ancient vows, dedicated themselves to their goal of a New World Order to encompass the entire globe. 'The nine individuals,' Mr. Marrs writes, 'who believe themselves to be a sacred nobility and the forbearers of a new type of man, also gave their Order a new name. In French that name is L'Ordre International Chevaleresque, Tradition Solaire, which translates in English as the International Order of Chivalry, Solar Tradition.'

At the 1984 meeting were two Canadians. One is said to have been Maurice Strong, who - as soon as 'THE SOCIALIST' Bob Rae came to power in Ontario in the early nineties - was given control of the largest electrical conglomerate in North America, Ontario Hydro.

Already, in 1984, Strong and his wife and his former partners in the American Water Development controlled, as William F. Jasper of the United States, writes, 'water worth, by some estimates, as much as $600 billion' - yes, 600 billion dollars, more than the whole national debt of Canada.

What is water but the generated soul?

Texe Marrs states that the 1984 meeting of the Secret Brotherhood of the Illuminati took place in France, but startling evidence that has fallen into our hands at the last stages in the preparation of this book suggests that the meeting took place at the premiere bilingual city of North America: none other than our own Ottawa, and this has been confirmed by the most distinguished authority on the subject, Monsieur Gaetan De La Forge in his brilliant and inspired book The Templar Tradition in the Age of Aquafius:

A core group of the Orders has reconstituted and consolidated itself into a new Order which was formally established in 1984. The Executive Council of this new Order decided that in line with the historic destiny of the Order of the Temple, the headquarters of the Order should be located somewhere on the North American continent. The reason for this decision is simple. North America has become the source of most of the new impulses which determine the way life evolves on this planet. It is therefore fitting that the modern Knight Templar of the old continent should play his part in the Age of Aquarius by adding his inspiration to that which his counterparts in the New World will bring to the planet.

Because of the historical and cultural links of the Order of the Knights Templar with France, the cradle of the Order, it is natural that the OCITS should establish its first North American foothold in Canada, a country whose bilingual culture makes it admirably suited for linking the old world with the new. Work is currently afoot which will enable the English-speaking peoples of Canada and the United States to contribute the energy and pragmatism which characterize them, and to add these to the Latin qualities which have marked the Templar tradition, so that in this new world of many cultures the two will work as one. The new environment will provide the vitality and vigour the Order of the Temple will need to fulfil its primordial destiny.

The Americans had known that Ottawa was the physical swing-point of Canada even before Canada was constituted as a nation. During the War of 1812 between the United States and Canada, when the Americans felt that their 'manifest destiny' was to annex Canada, their chief strategic military intention was to take over the Rideau Canal from which they could block the St. Lawrence. They failed.

Few knew, however, that Ottawa was the psychic as well as the physical capital of Canada - except perhaps the Knights Templar. 'In certain esoteric circles,' La Forge writes,'there have been hints that there are places on our planet where the vibratory conditions are such that the seeker may more easily contact the spiritual realities symbolized by the Grail. Nowadays the veils which have been held over certain teachings are being lifted' (p. 18).

The Knights Templar had been aware of the 'vibratory' significance of Ottawa and Canada (where the True North is located) for a long time - since at least Friday the thirteenth of October thirteen hundred and seven - yes, 1307.

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