Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

dimanche, janvier 27, 2008


byRobert O'DriscollUniversity of Toronto


We have, facing us on the page overleaf, a chart delineating the various groups which are being utilized by the Illuminati to establish a New World Order. In this brief article I shall concentrate on the Bilderbergers in drawing the connection between the power structures of the new world order and Canada, particularly the University of Toronto.

The Illuminati was formed in 1776, a secret society with limitless financial resources and dedicated to a programme of world domination. In 1782, at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad, an alliance between the Illuminati and Freemasonry was sealed. Shortly after, the general ban was lifted that prevented Jews from joining the Masons; the headquarters of Masonry were moved to Frankfurt, the stronghold of Jewish finance. Judaism and Masonry, soon to be joined by a third, the Church of Mormon - and aided by the official Vatican - plunged ahead in the preparation of a new Kingdom on earth: the Kingdom of the antichrist, antiman, antibuddha, antimohamed.

The aims of the Illuminati were set down as follows:
(1) Abolition of all ordered governments;
(2) Abolition of private property;
(3) Abolition of inheritance;
(4) Abolition of patriotism;
(5) Abolition of all religion;
(6) Abolition of family;
(7) Creation of a New World Order or World Government.

The Illuminati quickly realized that the old power structures must be eradicated, and in 1871 devised a sequence of three World Wars in the twentieth century that would change the face of Europe, Japan, and the rest of the world.

The remarkable thing is that these World Wars came in the sequence in which they were predicted, the first to destroy Czarist Russia; the second by capitalizing on the differences between German Nationalists and political Zionists; and the third which is to result from the manipulation of the differences between Zionists and Arabs (1).

In The New World Order and the Throne of the antichrist Des Griffin has shown that in the Second World War Roosevelt and Eisenhower repeatedly held back the advance of the American troops to allow the capital cities of central Europe to fall into Soviet hands: Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, etc. Meanwhile, a number of non-military but strategic industrial targets Hamburg, Dresden, Tokyo, and a host of other Japanese cities were levelled, the chief reason being that the Intemational Bankers and Financiers wanted to use the military power of the Allies to level these cities so that they could rebuild them after the War to their own image and likeness.

As indicated above, the three main Illuminati families are Rothschild in Europe, Rockefeller in the United States, and a Canadian family - actually five families operating as one - that is known but which has not yet been named publicly. The Canadian families are not Jewish.

Plate 22: In Dark Majesty, Texe Marrs provides a chart showing the astonishing global network of control that the Illuminati have established throughout the world. Clic here to enlarge the diagram.

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