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lundi, janvier 28, 2008



by Patrick John Clare
Plate 21: Cartoon of Maurice Strong published in Advertisement in the Toronto Globe and Mail (9 July 1994).

CSIS certainly can move fast some times. On Canada Day this year, we had one copy of new world order Corruption In Canada published on Parliament Hill in Ottawa for special presentation to certain officers of CSIS, although they did not know at the time that we knew them as such.

Today, just eight days later, we note A7 of the first section of the Toronto Globe and Mail (9 July 1994) with an advertisement from the Power Workers' Union of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 1000. Our attention was immediately caught by a sketch of Maurice Strong waving farewell underneath the following caption ('tis usually the reverse):

Now that Chairman Maurice Strong is officially working only part time, could we start paying him a part-timer's salary? We congratulate the government on the early exit of Mr. Strong. A good decision. We'd like to see it followed up with a smaller pay cheque to reflect his reduced workload. Here's another idea: combine the duties of Chairman and CEO - and cut the salary. And by the way, has a limit been put on Mr. Strong's expenses yet?

There is no doubt that the publication of our book in Ottawa sidelined Mr. Strong (as the publication of The new world order and the Throne of the antichrist led to the resignation of the Topman in Canadian espionage, Mr. John Bassett'§r., Head of the Security Intelligence Review Committee, SIRC; those interested in the details (Oscar Wilde quipped once that the details are always morbid) can find them in The new world order and The Throne of The antichrist, pp. 223-4.

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of the 55 Canadian contributions that constitute this volume, but something doesn't feel quite right here: there's a slight, ever so slight, fishy smell. For underneath the Strong right-hand wave is a statement by a Mr. Murphy, President of The Power Workers (whoever they are when they're at home), to wit:

The direct intervention of Bob Rae in the recent Ontario Hydro negotiations was instrumental in achieving a settlement. The NDP government continues to oppose privatization, sale of assets and ‘open access’ to the Hydro grid.

These are excellent examples of how government policy can balance the needs of workers, business and the people of the province.

We would prefer if Mr. Strong had had a conversion, or that we had pushed him out: we feel just a little bit queasy at his being pushed out by the same people who put him in, and using our book as a means to achieve their ends. Has anything really changed? Not really. But there is a more frightening consideration to which Professor O'Driscoll gave the hint in the first volume of his first trilogy, Triad:

What if the controllers

Are themselves controlled?

My questions are: what is the sit. re Maurice Strong? Is Maurice Strong a sacrificial lamb? Or is he playing possum? Or is a game more deadly than any of us could have imagined being played out, seemingly in a slow motion?

A sweet thought enters my mind. What if Strong is a double agent - on the side of the 'useless eaters'? The evidence should be examined.

Note by Editor: Maurice Strong? He was always kind to me. Has he not been sacrificed for, as the phrase goes,'damage control', to keep appearances up: all must seem lovely in the garden of the new Eden that is being created by the new world order on earth: the only problem is that four billion humans have to be 'erased' first. Maurice Strong is only one.

I see in the Toronto Sun today (13 September 1994) an item that can only be designed to insult Mr. Strong: 'Ontario Hydro boss Maurice Strong will be paid a loonie for his services from now on. Strong has all but stepped down from his $425,000 ob as Hydro's chief executive officer. The 65-year-old millionaire businessman and environmentalist will remain “fully committed" to Hydro as chairman of its board - for a buck a year.' Dismissal is one thing, a gratuitous insult another. I fear for my friend's life: I know he knows too much. ROD

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