Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

mercredi, février 06, 2008

Glen Kealey, Ottawa

«Simon Reisman and Gordon Ritchie went to Washington and gave away Canada.» (Glen Kealey.)


The power brokers of Canada should be ashamed of themselves. When - with the ingenuity and dedication to truth that mankind sometimes is capable of - King Oedipus searches for the reason why the land is waste, he discovers that he himself has been unwittingly the cause, in yielding to uncontrolled passion at the crossroads with his father and subsequently to the accoutrements of his mother's home. When he realizes the enormity of his transgressions, he gouges out the organs of sense that had betrayed him - his eyes - and his anguished cry for the wasted land becomes the cry of all humanity.

King Oedipus is emblematic of man's descent into matter to the point that he is unable to regulate the lure or revulsion of what confronts him. We see, William Blake tells us, though not with our eyes. It is not the eyes, body, or even the land that is ultimately significant but the spiritual essence of which these material things are merely manifestations - the Sleeping Lord:

Yet he sleeps on

very deep in his slumber:

how long has he been the sleeping lord?

are the clammy ferns

his rustling valance

does the buried rowan

ward him from evil, or

does he ward the tanglewood

and the denizens of the wood

are the stunted oaks his gnarled guard

or are the knarred limbs

strong with his sap?

Do the small black horses

grass on the hunch of his shoulders?

Are the hills his coach

or is he the couchant hills?

Are the slumbering valleys

him in slumber

are the still undulations

the still limbs of him sleeping?

Is the configuration of the land

the furrowed body of the lord

are the scarred ridges

his dented greaves

do the trickling gullies

yet drain his hod-wounds?

Does the land wait the sleeping lord

or is the wasted land

that very lord who sleeps?

(David Jones, The Sleeping Lord)


Every once or twice in a hundred years a voice is heard that is truly the tongue of the land. Oedipus spoke for ancient Greece. Glen Kealey speaks for modern Canada. His voice is measured, sage, profound, and firm.

For the first time in over a hundred years - since Thomas D'Arcy McGee (one of the few Canadian politicians whose life was terminated by a bullet) articulated with his golden tongue the vision of this country, we hear once more a voice from the cistern of the nation in which we have had the luck to live. Witness McGee in 1860:

«I see in the not remote distance one great nationality, bound, like the shield of Achilles, by the blue rim of ocean.

I see it quartered into many communities, each disposing of its internal affairs, butall bound together by free institutions, free intercourse, free commerce.

I see, within the round of that shield, the peaks of the Western mountains and the crests of the eastern waves. The winding Assiniboine, the five-fold lakes, the St. Lawrence, the Ottawa, the Saguenay, the St. John, the Basin of Minas, by all these flowing waters in all the valleys they fertilize, in all the cities they visit in their courses, I see a generation of industrious, contented moral men, free in name and in fact capable of maintaining, in peace and in war, a Constitution worthy of such a country.

Witness Kealey at the end of this interview:

«Canadians believe that there is a natural boundary that engulfs the people north of the United States. We like Americans as our neighbours. We don't want them as our landlords. Therefore, we have to take control.

We are the largest and richest country in the world and we need to take our country back. It was stolen from us first when the Bank of Canada was established in 1935, and more conclusively when Mulroney did his Free Trade Deal. 2005 - the date of the final implementation of the Free Trade Deal - is just down the road, and we need to take our country back NOW.

2.2% of the US population own 90% of its wealth, 60% of the natural resources of the earth. By any stretch of the imagination, that's an empire.

They have no enemies in Russia any more: Communism is a spent force. They have no enemies in the labour unions: they've bought out the leadership of both sides. They have only one enemy left: that is us, and we represent 97.8% of the Canadian population. There is no way we can be stopped, once we get organized and show that nothing can stand in the way when
the vast majority of a population expresses its will in unison.

Who will fire their guns upon us? Our National Guard? They
are our children, and they know this is what we have to do.

It is not simply a matter of the people of Canada against the people of the United States, but of the people of Canada AND the United States against the invisible rulers of both countries. On the surface, for the most part, everything is placid, innocuous, but underneath everything is seething, turbulent, colliding, revealing the shapes of evil and of good. In Occult Theocracy, Lady Queensborough tells us that the ritual of the 'warrior on the block' (after which he receives 'the seething energies of Lucifer') involves blood sacrifice, This seems to suggest that there is a direct correlation between the spilling of human blood and the acquisition of satanic energy by those responsible for the slaughter. Already in this century the blood of more than 200 million human beings has been sacrificed to prepare the earth for a new world order:

«We had fed the heart on fantasies,
The heart's grown brutal from the fare;
More substance in our enmities
Than in our love; O honey-bees,
Come build in the empty house of the stare.»
(W. B. Yeats, Meditations in Time of Civil War)
Suddenly - and without warning -at what Yeats calls the 'interchange of the tinctures', the rules of warfare are reversed. Our fathers and oil grandfathers have known the trenches of Europe. Suddenly there are no more trenches and at the end of the two-thousand millennium we are engaged in some other kind of invisible warfare that is won or lost in the pulsation of an artery.

What the outcome will be nobody yet knows, but it can be said without exaggeration that we are at the most critical point in all cosmic and terrestrial history and that 'the largest and richest country in the world,' CANADA - may be the hinge on which the outcome may rest. Never before has a people been tested so severely or asked to do so much for humanity as Canadians and Americans are asked to do now.» (rod/ee 10.2.'94.)

Mr. Kealey was interviewed by George Kralik.
Glen Kealey: The task that has been given to the taxpayers in North America is 'Be Quiet, Consume, and Die.' Most of them follow the rules very well.
Until you have a cataclysmic event in your life - a direct face-to-face confrontation with THE SYSTEM - the brainwashing you have received first in school and later from the media, is more than sufficient to keep you and your fellow citizens living the lie. If you live through a cataclysmic event during which you come to the startling realization that the things the upholders of the system are telling you are not true, then you begin to understand the problem, but only if you are pre-disposed to integrity.
That is why I have always said in my meetings that the country is divided into three groups: five percent are out-and-out criminals, would steal your teeth and are totally amoral - out of that group came Brian Mulroney and his brood. Five percent in the country have integrity and would do what is necessary to save it; most, however, within that five percent are still brainwashed but given the opportunity and the information they will respond.

Those two five per cent represent the warring factions. The other 90% are brainwashed and have no real solidity or integrity: what they want is to come out on the winning side. They are the walking dead, people who are working in THE SYSTEM and even when given irrefutable facts will shut their eyes, pretend the problem is not there, and hope against hope that it goes away. They spend five days a week hoping nobody will ask them an important question, and on the weekend they grab a case of beer and take off for the lake so they can escape the possibility of being asked an important question for at least two more days. They work towards retirement so they can stay at the lake longer, the reason being that they do not want to face reality. Thus they drift through life living and sustaining a total illusion, leaching off the system.

What they do not understand is that there are resources in the world to take care of everybody. If somebody, however, at the top grabs more than his or her share then there will be nothing left for those who are the last to choose.

Is there any sense in a person having five billion dollars in a bank account? I mean you cannot use five billion dollars in a lifetime: all it represents are chips in a game that make impossible the survival of the ones at the bottom.

The message we wish to bring across in this much-needed book on CANADA is how the system really functions and to shake some of our fellow countrymen out of the illusions they have been sold - hook, line, and sinker. Never expect that the ninety percent will come your way until you appear to be winning. Just be content to repeat the message to the ninety-five percent, knowing that out of the total there is a possibility of five percent coming your way.

I used to be in sales and I have to say that I was the best salesman in a six-hundred-person company and that I was regularly the winner of various competitions or other. The one thing I learned during my career in sales was that I could sell to anybody, but that it is better not to attempt to force people to buy. It is better to leave all the arguments behind, go out there and find the ones who are willing to buy: there are enough there for you to make a good living.

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