Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

lundi, février 04, 2008



These Bankers were not content merely with a material domain. They wanted spiritual dominion as well, so ultimately they came up with a plan to support a Unification religion which is tailor-made for the concept of a new world order. Knowing that they had to deal simultaneously with the right and the left, they began the process by backing two groups. On the right, within the Mandarin group, the military and the police, are the Masons. On the left are the Moonies, the Unification Church of Korea. Running all over the world giving people flowers, asking for money, while all the time their leaders run the drug world out of South-East Asia, getting the drugs into the US with the help of the CIA, distributing these all over the place, and raising the five hundred billion dollars I mentioned.

I didn't understand the Moonies until recently when I received a letter which said: 'You are invited to Parliament Hill to attend a talk by Mrs. Moon.'

'Mrs. Moon on Parliament Hill,' I said, 'there's something screwy here. I have to find out who is going to introduce her. Somebody's responsible for her being there. I know that Mulroney and all of his team of Inkster and Shoemaker Allen - all of those guys are Masons; that Masons are funded but that with most of the Masons the right hand often doesn't know what the left hand is doing - the blue Masons and the black Masons, the P2 and all that stuff. Just because you're a Mason and taking care of the kids at a hockey game or out to a Shriner's picnic doesn't necessarily mean that you know what the top rank is doing.'

One thing I know now they are doing is selling arms: guns and other weapons are part of the equation.

Kralik: Of the Moonies?

Kealey: No, of the Masons. They seem real pillars of society, and yet it is they who are part of the big arms deals in Canada: sales to both sides.

The drug component is in the hands of the Moonies and their associates. So I went up to Parliament Hill and I watched. Who introduced Mrs. Moon? Ed Schreyer, former Governor General of Canada, appointed by Trudeau who spent all his time running around South-East Asia as a kid and married this flower child who was on drugs half her life.

Freemasons on the right and Moonies on the left, the 'unification' religions have evolved as the preferred religion of the élites and mandarinate who now own the 'permanent governments'. Practitioners of these teachings operate secretly within the ranks of bureaucrats, policemen and soldiers. Many will traffic in arms and drugs. By acting together and in concert with wealthy international bankers, most often without the approval or knowledge of their particular cult membership - many of these select former knights and masons - have created a 'just-us' system to obstruct justice. They continue to live 'the good life' at humanity's expense.

And to turn to the political equivalent: on the left you've got a Trudeau, on the right you have a Mulroney. They share power one after the other, while at the same time pretending to be engaged in political conflict. Mulroney then sets up his buddy Bouchard in Québec to lead a Separatist movement. You have, on the other side, Preston Manning, who has nothing to do with Social Credit: indeed, Manning's father was the first to sell out Social Credit.

A political party is a democratic institution and people must get a chance to vote. Being one of these political institutions, the Reform Party was created on the concept that it would be a pressure group to bring power to the West. Then the powers-in-charge decided to change its role, taking thousands of Tories out of the Tory Party and buying Reform memberships. They then vote out the executives of the riding associations, change the rules, come back and throw out the three thousand original members. What began as a Reform Party has rapidly become Tory Party Two (Western Division), and their first job is to tell Québec to go away. The whole scenario we have explored for the integration of our country into the states of the United States is unfolding: Québec must separate first.

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