Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

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Peering into the troubled soul before him, the psychiatrist sees the unformed archetypes of eternity while they are still monsters to men, before they have been transformed in the human soul. The psychiatrist, therefore, realizes what is assailing an individual before the individual himself is conscious of it. He has, in a sinister way, a preview of history, for history, as Napoleon perceived, is always made by individuals. Because of this, the psychiatrist is in a position to unmake history before it is made.

The psychiatrist and the serial killer are the main technicians of the New World order, knocking out potential threats to the One-World State or the One-World Religion before they develop. For, unlike Oedipus, the psychiatrist and the serial killer know what will appear at the crossroads and what must be done to avert the fateful coincidence of a man and an historic moment.

The means by which these diviners of the soul achieve their ends is by precisely that: the rape of the soul, especially the child's. The violence that is happening in this area is, according to A. P. Thorpe of Ottawa, unparalleled in the annals of human history (I am also indebted to a researcher of the University of Guelph in what follows in this paragraph). In daycare centres, at schools, in children’s aids societies, children are taught 'zero tolerance', to report everything to whomever is in charge rather than to deal with it themselves, to 'rat' on their parents, bring them to court, sue them, divorce them, kill the feeling that makes families cohere. Family crises are manipulated, especially in the case of single-parent families; respect for parents is consistently undermined; and desire for self-determination in the child is methodically destroyed in order to make them depend more heavily on the system. Children are seen as the means of breaking-up the family, for the farmlands and the family are the last big barriers standing in the way of the Secret Brotherhood of the Illuminati consummating their centuries-old PLAN.

Of all the candidates for brainwashing, children are the easiest. Children in Canada are abducted from their daycare centres, public schools, or children’s aid societies to be 'studied' during formative periods in their development, especially in the four-year old range. In addition to violence in the media and in computer-game technologies, children are induced into a violence that deadens the soul through motor-skill exercises, predisposed or re-patterned memory mechanisms, circle formations adapted from military training, clinical sex education which shatters the mysterious world in which the children are subliminally living.

'If a child is taught at school to conform to the group and peer pressure»,' J. L. Read writes later in this volume, 'and not to behave as an individual, he will be less likely to rebel later in life if his individual liberties are taken from him. He will perform as one of the flock and can be herded into whatever programs the government designs.' A. P. Thorpe tells us how new world order technicians have adapted military techniques from NATO and NORAD or have applied Tesla's discoveries to trigger the hidden mechanism of the soul world - in short, to demolish the soul world before the child has developed sufficient strength to withstand the bombardment. These acts of violence are brutal, premeditated, the triumph of evil over innocence, tolerated indeed made possible - by the intimidation of the masses, their reluctance to make themselves heard in defense of the ones they truly love. 'We had a dim premonition,' Tristan Tzara writes in 1917, 'that power-mad gangsters would one day use art itself as a means of deadening men's minds' (9).

The births of key catalyst children are traced and their progress through the school systems aided or hindered as the 'technicians' see fit. The children are, of course, defenseless. Some resist and coalesce into groups or street gangs. Others are tempted with material allurements or the promise of power. If they still resist, what they face is vivisection of the soul, crucifixion on the etheric.

My immediate reference is to the murderers of Leslie Mahaffy, Kristen French, and all the other children executed recently in Canada. These murders cannot be written off merely as sadistic: rather they seem to be 'scientific investigations' sanctioned by the highest echelons of the new world order who now have a special foothold in Canada. 'Take over Canada,' it was agreed at a new world order War/Peace Conference in South America in 1992,'and you can take over the world.' The full fury of new world order mechanisms to dehumanize the human soul are operating, albeit secretly, in Canada (see Ottawa: Occult Capital of the new world order, published below), including the study and vivisection of the soul, chiefly of children (as Wordsworth says, 'the child is father to the man'). 'Attack the soul,'Dr. John Coleman of British Intelligence writes, 'that is the thrust of a host of experiments being readied.'

In esoteric tradition, the one thing that has to be got right in life is the release of the soul from the body, the emergence of the butterfly from the chrysalis. Sudden death or suicide is a shock to the soul, and indeed, as Marshall McLuhan once stated, all violent deaths are the result of malevolent forces. The serial killer and the psychiatrist are specialists in violence to the soul, and lest his fascination with the butterfly - always a traditional symbol of the soul - seem fanciful, the reader is asked to contemplate John Fowles's The Collector or the film The Silence of the Lambs: Hannibal the Cannibal is both a psychiatrist and a serial killer.

The serial killer is a well-paid assassin with a contract to stalk, study, and vivisect the soul that might tip the balance, to shut down slowly the life of the body while a window - not the eye opens, or partly opens, and the soul is 'observed' in premature retreat from its home. Both the psychiatrist and the serial killer study what is embodied or is about to be embodied but what is not yet known by the victim. The choice of victim only seems to be random: it is not. 'He strikes', H. Paul Jeffers tells us in an FBI book on serial killers, 'with sickening regularity. He selects his victims carefully and until now, he's been almost impossible to catch'.

The psychiatrist and the serial killer see the forms of eternity that are about to be transmuted in the individual soul. The chances of finding what their employers - the Secret Brotherhood of the Illuminati - have commissioned are slender; in the serial killer's case, the same maybe as one's chance of winning the lottery once in a thousand lifetimes. It is a dangerous lonely profession. Yet some of them succeed. If caught, he is faced with the prospect of life behind bars but his sentence is often served by a lookalike or double.

The girdle of the Illuminati, therefore, does not encompass the whole world of magic and knowledge. They are far more dependent than the innocents of the world imagine on what the psychiatrist and the serial killer discover in their consulting rooms and laboratories. In a very recent case in Canada, for example, the victim of one serial killer was asked to have oral sex wiith her clear-to-be killer. She refused. Whereupon one of her wisdom teeth was extracted immediately and slowly. Still she refused. She was then shown a video of the previous killing and a third tooth extracted and a fourth until she became compliant. Other 'experiments' followed, until there were no other parts of the body left to be severed, observed, or examined.

The soul is not an organ that can be examined under the microscope but is the spirit diffused through every atom of the human body. The soul is the organ that during earthly life mediates between body and spirit, transient and permanent, temporal and timeless, the visible physical environment and the invisible spiritual essence of which man and the universe are expressions.

At what point did the girl's will - housed to some extent in her teeth, limb, and bone structure - surrender? These are the questions the psychiatrist and serial killer ponder: the precise current that, in Tesla's terms, releases the precipitation of the soul, initiated by tears. The serial killer's dissection of the body always parallels his attempt to vivisect the soul. In many cases the limbs of the victims are kept in close proximity for long periods of time even after they decompose; Damher in the US kept parts of the body in his fridge to be consumed at his will. This is not merely a case of cannibalism, but as Canadian sculptor Sorel Etrog so astutely observes, a way of appropriating the 'spiritual power'of the slain.

Reports of these 'vivisections' go straight to the Illuminati or their political agents, while recently the murderers have been kept in 'pocket money' by distributing slow motion videos of the killings - 'snuff films' they are called - to other cells in the Church, as distant as far-flung Japan from where it was first brought to my attention.

Church of what? Church of Satan. The Canadian Headquarters of the Church of Satan is in London, Ontario, not too far from where several serial killings have taken place. The particular attraction of the city to the Satanists is the fork in the Thames river in the middle of the city, the consummate symbol of Lucifer. 'Lucifer, Albert Pike, Supreme Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Masonry, writes in his definitive Morals and Dogma (p. 321), is 'the Light-Bearer! Lucifer, the Son of Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not!' In London, Ontario, the 'kiddieporn ring' was discovered as a consequence of a fisherman hooking a bag of video tapes that had been temporarily put into the river as a sacrifice to Lucifer. The 'ring' had been going on since 1991, the time of the French and Mahaffy murders.

In an Address on Parliament Hill in Ottawa a couple of years ago (with former Governor General Ed Schreyer in the Chair and the Invocation being read by Bishop Petro Bilaniuk of St. Michael's College, University of Toronto), Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon, Head of the Unification Church - the one Church that will be left intact by the new world order - stated: 'The bible teaches that Eve was the first to disobey God and enter into a relationship with Satan.... As the descendants of the original couple which was compromised by Satan, we have all inherited a satanic lineage' [my italics]. In her analysis of this passage, EE puts her finger on the non-violent 'brainwashing or 'penetration' of the soul that parallels the action of the serial killer:

As I continued reading this masterful address to our Parliamentarians, I could not help noticing that when we are hearing about the things we do care about [children, husband, parents, love], we can be so disarmed from our usual critical scrutiny that sometimes we allow the diametrical opposite to slip past the seeming unassailable fortresses of our souls - and attempt to gain a footing there. In other words, the seed is planted in the soil of the soul before we are even aware that it has fallen from the tree: while we were asleep
the bad seen was sown.

Demon est Deus Inversus.

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