Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

lundi, février 04, 2008



One of the biggest joys the natives has is to give away everything so that everybody then has something. l am, l suppose, an example of that. Five years ago I said, 'I am not going to support sophisticated organized crime called the government. If I earn one cent that is taxable they make money off my labour. No way! I'm going to go and tell the people about the problem, and if they don't care I will starve.'

Well, the people have always cared. I wasn't allowed to die. I survived. Yesterday, for example, was rent day and as a result of people paying a few dollars for the little bits of information I've assembled I had four hundred and seventy bucks in the bank - I paid the rent and if you were to look in the fridge I have food there.

It works: give and you get. Understand the total picture first, know where you're going, know what needs to be done. It is not by one major thrust or one major miracle that this battle is going to be won but by little actions by many people that will make the miracle happen, like matches struck unexpectedly in the dark.

ROD/EE: Something must be done! Here! Now! In Canada! We must draw a line!

When we were preparing the New World Order and the Throne of the antichrist in the autumn of 1991, we found ourselves in the presence of a Russian diplomat / Intelligence Director who at a certain point in the evening drew himself to hisfull height and said in a rather sombre tone: 'Remember Elizabeth, remember Robert, that if Russia goes, Canada will be next, and after that the United States.'

Russia is gone, smashed to smithereens. What we have defined as antichrist' in The New World Order and the Throne of the antichrist (pp. xviii-xix) seems to be temporarily in control of the United States, but here in Canada, this pivotal country over the true north between the antagonists of the Cold War, there is still time to do something. Here we have the space, manoeuvrability, resources, energy and the awakening will to make a stand against this physical and psychic incursion on our souls and land before it is too late.
We Canadians, whose ancestors have been here for generations, may not yet be as fatally infected with the cancer of materialism that is so rampant in the Western world, 'the subliminal hypnotic lures of technology and advertising feeding the idea that there is a paradisal earthly paradise just over the rainbow.' We are a quiet meditative people anchored on the farms and cities and fishing villages we have known for centuries. We do not speak harshly or hastily or often, but we know in the bone of our marrow when we should break our silence, when the landdemands to he heard:

Does the land await the sleeping lord
or is the wasted land
that very lord who sleeps?

Why should we give the government of our resourceful and beautiful country to faceless non-entities living in Switzerland or Nice? Have they not taken enough already? Have we not suffered enough?

One thing is sure: we shall not allow this desecration to continue. Our people are generous - too generous perhaps: they may be innocent, but they are not pushovers: they carry in their souls not only the seeds of civilized Europe but bodies that could adapt to the challenge of survival in a strange untamed land.

On our determination may hang the fate of the battle. What is happening with the plan for a One-World government - which is now only a hair's breath from being consummated - is not merely the takeover of our souls and our country but nothing less than a takeover of the planet.

Where could such a diabolical plan be hatched? On the earth?

Somewhere in the bowels of hell? Somewhere in outer space?

We say this: those people who have usurped control of our religious and financial institutions are not people of our people, are not sinew of our sinew, nor blood of our blood. Do they have blood a tall? Or any sign of the suffering and vulnerability that is the lot of humanity on this earth? Or are they white maggots or vampires feeding on the innocent blood of our children, saddling them with a debt from which they can never recover, cutting the lifeline of the generations forever.

We must draw the black line now. A line that is somewhat different from George Bush's thin line in the privileged sands of Kuwait, a line washed away by the next tide. We must draw an invisible BLACK line somewhere in our souls, a line beyond which we will not tolerate psychic invasion. We must also draw a visible BLACK line through the ‘creation-anchored hills' and indestructible rock of an ancient land that has maintained its cohesion and integrity for millions upon millions of years, a land that was being prepared for our people.

Otherwise, our ancestral lands will be polluted and plundered. Our families will be broken and dispersed. Love and compassion will be a thing of the past, like an isolated sigh from Nineveh. Our progeny, the umbilical cord for the generations to come, will be wiped out in the womb or in the mountains and ditches where they too, being blood of our blood, will make their last stand.

What we are witnessing therefore is a monstrous proposition: nothing less than the methodical annihilation of the human race, the elimination of humanity from the cosmic scheme of evolution; for without free will, the human race is not really human. And, as was pointed out in The New World Order and the Throne of the antichrist: the fate of God and the fate of the human race are inextricably intertwined.

In this context, we should like to quote a passage from The New World Order in North America: Mechanism in Place for a Police State in which this problem is dealt with on a philosophical and metaphysical level. One of the rather earthy characters of the book is speaking:

Okay, jokin' aside, what they found beneath the Bible and Koran encoded - were the numbers, nineteen multiplied by nineteen, and the fact that the multiplication of the numbers equals three-hundred-and-sixty-one, one beyond the 'perfect circle' perceived by man, suggests that there is a sacred precedent for anarchy, for smashing what man believes to be 'the perfect circle.'

Now this ties in quite tidily wid one of the most recent discoveries of physics, the New Wave Particle Theory, that there is actually an order behind chaos. That what seems chaotic, as Samuel Taylor Coleridge says, to 'the poor, loveless, ever-anxious crowd' may actually be a manifestation of 'a high and rare order.'

Mankind constitutes the pivotal tenth hierarchy, possessing a gift
denied to the other eighteen: free will. He is therefore the fulcrum in the battle fought at the end of time between the Forces of Darkness and the Forces of Light, for it is upon his free will that the outcome of the battle will hinge.

At the end of terrestrial history the forces of darkness will
concentrate their final effort on subverting man's free will, either through the spiritual amnesia of material allurements, or of succumbing to religious or political cults where we allow somebody else to do our thinking - and suffering -for us, or, when all else fails, in the establishment of a One-World government
where, as George Orwell predicts, the boot will be on the human fact forever.

On Earth we either develop our power to ascend the stairway out of matter into which we have been descending since the first days, or else we yield - as John Milton puts it in Paradise Lost - to a further 'second fall', a deeper descent into matter, so deep indeed that the spirit may be incarcerated there forever. That surely must be HELL - with memories of the spirit but with
no way of ever getting back to the spiritual plains we once knew. On earth, we get to know ourselves, and no matter how tough the going gets, we know from the way we got through things in the past that with patience and persistence we will, somehow or some way, return to the place from which we started and, as T. S. Eliot says, know that place for the first time. As a Sardinian poet puts it, 'to know ourselves, we have to live our own lives to the bitter end until the moment we fall into the grave': to surrender that control and struggle to any kind of external force is to commit a kind of spiritual suicide: we carry the light we seek within ourselves.

If, too, the creation of the tenth hierarchy was, in the first place, a way of breaking the deadlock between the hierarchies of light and the hierarchies of darkness, then the situation is indeed perilous.

Philosophical considerations apart, we are, at the moment, faced with a horrendous material prospect. Later in this book - new world order CORRUPTION IN CANADA - Dr. John Coleman from British Intelligence tells us that by the year 2050 at least four billion 'useless eaters' (this is the terminology of the formulators of the new world order) will be eliminated by one means or other. The populations of Canada, Western Europe and the United States are to be decimated more rapidly than on other continents until the world's population reaches a ‘manageable' level of one billion, of which 500 million are to be selected from Chinese and Japanese races. The reason why these races have been especially selected for survival is because, according to the specious arguments of the new world order, 'they are people who have been regimented for centuries and who are accustomed to obeying authority without question.'

We cannot look to anybody else but to ourselves: within our own borders and within our own souls for ingenuity and courage to engage this conflict, for we fight not merely against the forces of empire and state but against principalities and powers and against spiritual wickedness in high places.

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