Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

jeudi, février 07, 2008



These discoveries are innocent and pure, the possibility that a spark can be ignited in the human heart capable of turning this dark globe of ours into a ball of fire, not the fire of the destructive current, but the fire of human love as it arcs like archangels over the chasm of the things that divide us. When applied by the few to achieve mastery over the many, however, as in the case of the new world order, then the earth remains unredeemed. A Last judgment becomes necessary 'to destroy those who are destroying the earth.'

Power, although neutral, has dual aspects, depending on the use to which it is being harnessed: negative or positive. In 1955 (at the height of the Cold War) a secret consortium of Soviet and American scientists, brought together by the Committee of 300, came to the startling realization that Tesla's discoveries involving the manipulation of weather could, if applied in a certain manner, provide the key to the establishment of a new world order. Who got the rain? The Sahara? No! The Gobi? No! Bangladesh got plenty in the seventies and eighties. Then in 1993 the Illuminati made a bold move. They had their technicians tackle the farm heartland of America: the mid-West:
There is powerful evidence that the GREAT FLOOD of 1993 was the result of secret, joint weather-engineering conducted by the Russian and U.S. Governments. The Clinton Administration is utilizing the deluge to take over many farms and private land, via a massive expansion of areas subject to Federal wetlands control. 'Over 20 MILLION ACRES OF AGRICULTURE WERE AFFECTED BY THE FLOODS, including 7 million to 8 million acres that were submerged or too wet to be planted. Two thirds of the nation's corn and soybean crops, grown primarily as livestock feed, are in the flood states' (4 April 1993, WASHINGTON POST). 'Disaster experts say this flood has thus far caused $12 BILLION in farm and property losses, and has driven 50,000 people from their homes' (8 December 1993, WASHINGTON POST). Losses from the flood will bankrupt many more farmers and allow the land to be grabbed up by the big bankers. The 7 September 1993 WALL STREET JOURNAL reported: 'Among America's two million
farm operators, roughly 10% are considered financially overextended, so economists guess that RAIN WILL WASH OUT THOUSANDS MORE THIS YEAR than the typical annual exodus of 15,000 or so' (see article below, 'Weather war Deluge Over America').
Why should the American mid-West be hit in this way in 1993? Or Texas in 1994? Why? Because the new world order is bent on destroying the world that has been created for us and in substituting for it a world that man creates: One State, One Religion, One Master, One Mistress to whom all must bend. Etienne Gilson get it right when he states in The Terrors of the Year Two Thousand: 'AntiChrist is not among us, he is in us. It is man himself, usurping unlimited, creative power and proceeding to the certain annihilation of that which is, in order to clear the way for the problematical creation of what will be', the monstrous idol made by our own hands and to our own image and likeness.

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