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Professor Robert O'Driscoll

On 29 September 1993 we published the second volume in this series, The New World Order in North America: Mechanism in Place for a Police State. The volume was based on a secret Military American Counter-Intelligence Report and had been prepared by hundreds - if not thousands - of counterintelligence agents who had been secretly observing the movements of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms), MJTF (the Multi Jurisdiction Task Force), etc.

When I edited the Report I did not at that time know the source from which it had emanated, but having been trained in Universities in Canada and Great Britain to tell the difference between an eighteenth and a nineteenth-century forgery I could - after a few hours checking the internal evidence, cross-checking recent Congressional, State and Senate legislation, as well as back-issues of political journals and newspapers - determine that it was genuine.

Subsequently, I was to discover that the Report was synthesized and compiled by Mark Koernke, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and this gives an additional authority to what it contains.

The thrust of the Report was to reveal that the mechanism is in place for a police state in what has been known as the most democratic system of government ever devised by man - the United States of America. We have learned that the same system for a police state is in place in Canada, and this will be documented in some of the material below. But first the US.

For the last five years far-reaching legislation has been enacted in the US, and massive financial and military resources provided, for the training of a new type of law enforcement personnel in the United States and Canada. Through two of the new forces that have been established - the MJTF (the Multi Jurisdictional Task Force) and FINCEN (Federal Crime Enforcement Network Personnel) - the responsibility for law enforcement in the United States and Canada is being shifted from a local, state, or even national control to a global law-enforcement body - nothing less than the United Nations. In about a year the centralized force in every state and region will be completely under the jurisdiction of the United Nations. Law enforcement in the United States and Canada, therefore, is rapidly becoming a small cog or component in a vast New World Order mechanism.

The MJTF and FINCEN forces have been recruited from the regular National Guard, existing local law-enforcement personnel, and alarmingly - from street gangs, and secret police from overseas. They have no allegiance to family, state, or nation (experienced personnel or those with attachments to local areas are systematically weeded out of the force). They are - surprisingly - predominantly European (Belgian, Dutch, German, French, Asian, and perhaps the fiercest of all fighting forces - the Gurkhas), and are armed, equipped, and maintained by the Department of National Defence funds. Equipment in the hands of the American military forces are systematically and surreptitiously transferred to FINCEN.

Another organization, FEMA (the Federal Emergency Measures Association) - the Canadian equivalent is EMO (Emergency Measures Organization) - is literally the secret government of the New World Order in North America.

It appears from the evidence presented in the Report that the creation of these new law-enforcement agencies in Canada and the United States is a preliminary to a massive round-up of North American citizens who refuse to bend to the will of the New World Order. In other words, full-fledged citizens of the United States and Canada - numbering certainly in the hundreds of thousands - who have committed no crime will become prisoners of the new world order regime. Elaborate mechanisms have been devised for the incarceration of citizens on a grand scale: systems of tracking from a chip in the ignition of your car, or a shut-down capacity in the car you didn't know about, to the trigger of your gun or a chip in the money in your pocket.

Each metropolitan area has a pick-up point that has already been designated and to which 'prisoners' will be taken after rigorous neighbourhood and house-to-house searches have been conducted: in cases of contention or doubt, whole families will be taken together, then separated at a later point. The detainees are then to be taken by those unmarked black helicopters we have heard so much about from the temporary pick-up sites to permanent detention centres (or 'concentration camps'), thus avoiding contact with any potential impediment of family or friend on the ground. Forty-three of those huge detention camps are spread out across the United States, with supplemental camps across each region or state. In addition to this, certain cities have been ‘mundalized', i.e. converted from a Canadian or an American city to an international city under the protectorate of the United Nations. Dundas, Ontario, is an example, and it is used to transfer UN resources inside the US and Canada.

Before the trap of the new world order can be sprung, however, most of the firearms in private hands must be eliminated: otherwise, it impossible that civilian resistance might tip the balance. The confiscation of firearms has been, therefore, one of the main missions of MJTF and FINCEN who have been joined in this endeavour by the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) unit. First, the names and addresses of those possessing Federal Firearm Licenses (FFL) have been carefully checked, confirmed, and recorded. Next, although we have not heard much in this respect from the media (ninety percent of which is new-world-order controlled), neighboiirhoods have been cordoned off, house-to-house searches conducted, and owners prosecuted if firearms are found. The WACO and WEAVER tragedies were not isolated incidents, but were part of national policies that are being rigorously pursued at this time, and are - as with the Los Angeles Riots - being carried out against American and Canadian citizens by foreign forces under UN authority. The material that has reached our hands confirming this report published in The New World Order in North America: Mechanism in Place for a Police State is so massive that we would require the full scope of another book to present it properly. We are limited therefore to a few of the more telling items concerning Canada.

From Canada To South Africa The New World Order Tightens Its Grip



I ask that the Editors bypass this resource in entering some very urgent information into this paper [on page 22]. I do not need to comment at this time _ just allow the readers to understand the urgency in the information offered. I also ask that an emphasis be placed in getting Serge Monast's books. Why more urgency? Because in th Canadian instance (Serge Monast, Canadian Journalist) the time is at hand to publicize and support - for his life is under threat NOW! For instance , the information regarding the Military College which has just come under full United Nations control in St. John, Quebec, is HOT material. The institution in point is urgently important, is less than 40 miles north of New York state and is a JOINT-VENTURE (U.N.) which will train, almost exclusively, ones to attend citizen concentration camps. (Again, see "United Nations Threat" on Page 22 details.)

Mr. Monast also shares with you that there are large troop transports making regularly "international" flights across the Canada_U.S. borders INTO Canada. This is obviously a major position move staged prior to the up_coming Provincial election and Referendum concerning the independence of Quebec. This whole confrontation can en up in a Canadian civil war, so all measures will be taken to prevent such an outbreak. Some of you just don't roll over and "go dead".

I ask that information be given regarding the obtaining of Monast's books, so that he gets support for them IMMEDIATELY upon pint_shop release. Thank you. [Once again, see page 22 for taht ordering information.]


I am asked time and time again to specifically comment on the things of Canada. I simply cannot spread my people so thin as to take up political and revelation as as represents separation - specially of those two particular countries. YOU ARE NOW BASICALLY ALL THE SAME "ONE" UNDER ONE WORLD ORDER AND U.N. GOVERNMENT. I MUST CONTINUE TO FOCUS ON ROOT CAUSES AND IMPLICATIONS. For instance, you consider the JOB now held by Mulroney of Canada with ARCHER MIDLAND CO. (U.S.-America’s and world’s largest Grain Cartel) you will see that there already are NO BOUNDARIES except in your "minds" - the political limits are already surpassed long before any NAFTA bargains.

Plate 29: Headline of Contact Magazine (The Phoenix Project), April 1994

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