Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

mardi, décembre 25, 2007


Dans cette section, vous allez commencer à comprendre pourquoi notre ancien Premier ministre Paul Martin a fait adopter le mariage homosexuel et pourquoi il a invité un sorcier lors de l’investiture de ses ministres. Le rite auquel les Canadiens ont assisté en était un de la secte satanique. Ne vous méprenez pas.
Le meurtre d’enfant et l’homosexualité ne sont que quelques-unes des activités prisées par les membres des sectes sataniques. La Franc-Maçonnerie est une secte de ce qui est des plus sataniques.

Afin d’établir le Nouvel Ordre Mondial satanique, il faut que l’homosexualité, le meurtre d’enrfant et tous les maux que combat l’Église catholique soient devenus au moins légaux, à défaut d’être normaux.

Jacques Clouseau


Barry Kincaid

The above article appeared under the title of 'The Terrible Fate of Missing Children' in Contact: The Phoenix Project (17 May 1994).

Over the centuries over 100,000 persons throughout the world, both children and adults, have been tortured and killed as human sacrifice in satanic rituals, or what is termed 'The Continental Holocaust'.

Police have been unable to locate all these missing persons; families have had to abandon their loved ones: they have all joined the statistics of 'unsolved mysteries'.

These people have not run away. They have been abducted and kidnaped for the precise purpose of being tortured and murdered! You may see some of the children's faces on milk cartons or blue and white cards found in your mail boxes.

Some infants and young children's lives may even go unnoticed, as their births were never recorded. While some of these babies and pre-schoolers maybe born to prostitutes, others were conceived by Satanists with the sole intent that they be born and die at a very early age, die cruelly at the hands of Satan worshipers who reap pleasure from those terrible atrocities. Xrated and violent movies are kindergarten entertainment for these savages who stalk their prey until the moment is propitious for them to act. Barbaric, but true.

While abortion is wrong to Christians, this is a story of individuals who are allowed to be born and who are then led in all innocence to their deaths. It would be far better for them if they had been incarcerated for having committed crimes - even in Singapore - or if they were to die in the gas chamber, the electric chair, or by hanging or lethal injection.

The victims of these satanic rituals are abducted by various methods: many are kidnaped from loving homes, others are outcasts of society who will not be missed, and still others are the victims of drugs, alcoholism, family abuse, or homelessness. They may be drifters living in the slums of cities, infants taken from their mothers on the street, or young men and women living loose with no parental supervision. They may be your children some day.

These people are often befriended, given money, drugs, liquor, coerced into sexual acts, or just plain abducted. While the method of recruitment may vary, the ritual is generally the same for all victims: they die a slow, tortuous, and painful death with onlookers cheering the dismemberment that they are experiencing.

Satanists include in their ranks John Wayne Gacy, Larry Eilers, and Jeffrey Dahmer. The difference is that Gacy, Eilers and Dahmer were eventually caught and jailed. Generally, the Satan worshipers do not get caught. No one is really looking for them either. They share their secrets and go on to more barbaric killings.

Who are these Satanists? They come from all walks of life. They are the devil in disguise. They could be an astute businessman, politician, police officer, religious preacher, school teacher or nurse. They come from all socio-economic backgrounds. Just as Christians raise their children to love and honor God, Satanists raise their children to love and honor the devil. Early in their lives, abuse and satanic rituals may form part of their childhood experience; later it becomes a way of life for them. While they are living the life of a satanist, they generally do not break their silence; many, however, break away and eventually open up to their spouses or the clergy, desperately hoping they will be believed.

Many of the clergy are aware of what is going on at all levels in the world. Psychologists and psychiatrists are well aware of satanic abuse and rituals. Many children who come into contact with satanic abuse develop multiple personality disorders (MPD); others have repressed memories as their pain was so great that they were forced to suppress thoughts for survival.

This is a domain that is not often spoken about but is put on the shelf for someone else to resolve.

It is time to band together as Christians to do something to stop this inhuman holocaust. It is time to stop thinking that baby snatchers are mothers simply wanting children of their own. Baby snatchers, in most instances, are out to get your children for their own nefarious purposes.

They operate in the evenings, the time that witches like to cast their spells. In other words, while Christians are praying and worshiping the Lord, Satanists are doing the same to their god, the devil, and let us not for an instant underestimate the power that resides in witchcraft and the occult.

The devil is crafty and clever. We all know that but we forget it when we become lost in worldly pleasures. We sin and become inured to sin and say 'After all, we are only enjoying ourselves. God's ways are too square for me.'

That is not to say that all sinners are Satanists. As humans we are fallen beings and we all sin. Christians, however, feel remorse and sorrow, then pray for forgiveness. Not Satanists! They feel no remorse when they hurt and kill. They feel they are having a good time and look forward to the next Saturday night when they can do the same to someone else.

'Doing it' means this, and I apologize for the brutality of the act I have to describe: the innocent victims of 'The Continental Holocaust' are gagged, bound, and taken to a hidden place. In some cases, the children of Satanists go willingly, unaware that their 'parents' brought them for slaughter.

The victims are thrown in the middle of a circle, often stripped of their clothing and sometimes raped. It depends on what the crowd is after for their 'Saturday Night Live' entertainment. Witnesses have spoken out that they have seen the victims beaten, sodomized, raped, spat upon, rolled in feces, kicked repeatedly, stabbed in the heart and their blood spread around their naked and scarred bodies. Sometimes - for thrills their eyes or their tongues are gouged or ripped out, and their bones broken. It depends on what the crowd is feeling, but none of it is human or warranted.

The victims witness orgies and homosexual acts of the Satanists themselves who come out to party. Just picture the scene when Moses came down from the mountain and saw his people sinning and worshiping the Golden Calf. That was nothing in comparison to what goes on in satanic rituals.

Babies and young children are tortured and killed in separate places. Sources report that these rituals often take place in forest preserves. It is common practice to drink the blood and urine of these victims - dead or while still alive.

The adult slaughters can take place almost anywhere. Some of these rituals occur underground while others take place in homes or businesses operated by Satanists.

These victims suffer endless torture and death. Human denigration and humiliation is the least of their troubles. Stripped of dignity, which even criminals are granted, the victims of 'The Continental Holocaust' experience tremendous fear and know there is no escape for them. They are outnumbered and defenseless. They are not in war. They have nowhere to turn for help.

The world deserves to know MORE so that this can END! Prayers are not enough to end these holocausts. You can pray for the souls of the victims and that is doing something. Or, you can join together in your churches and communities to investigate and learn more from witnesses willing to speak out. This terrible truth cannot be hidden any further.

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