Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

mardi, décembre 25, 2007


C'est évident que la conversation tourne autour du couple Bernardo-Karla, les deux tueurs en série, de la défense de publier du juge, et de l’implication directe des Francs-Maçons dans une autre affaire de camouflage et de pots-de-vin. Qui était donc le véritable père de Bernardo? Et qui a intérêt à taire l’affaire? Protéger Karla? Bernardo?...

Nous savions déjà que les sectes sataniques n’aiment pas les transfugent: ils les tuent. La Franc-Maçonnerie est connue pour tuer les membres qui en savent trop. Les Francs-Maçons ne badinent pas sur les moyens pour que le secret des loges ne soit pas connu du grand public. Ils ne donnent jamais la liste de leurs membres. Pourtant elle n’est pas tellement difficile à obtenir.

Si vous voulez en connaître quelques-uns, vous n’avez qu’à relever les noms des journalistes, des animateurs de radio ou de télévision, des artistes et des personnages publics qui attaquent directement et de façon virulente l’Église catholique, la famille et les valeurs traditionnelles. Autrement dit, vous allez avoir une longue liste. Il y avait même un acteur homosexuel qui passait à TQS pour inciter les catholiques à apostasier. En plus d’être un acteur médiocre qui fait le trouble en Gaspésie en se prenant pour un personnage important, il pense vraiment que la foule va le suivre. C’est un petit-gros-laid à grande gueule. jacques Clouseau


by j.c.
St. Thomas, Ontario

There is nothing that can be measured any more. The whirlwind of the new world order has crossed the thresholds of our souls and overturned the natural order there - F 0 R E V E R. - E.C.



Informer: One came to me last year, you know, out of the blue so to speak.

J.C.: A change of heart?

Informer: Perhaps. She had been born on the altar of Satan and is in the process of being groomed to become the High Priestess of Canada - her parents were witches of course.

J.C.: Where did this take place?

Informer: British Columbia where the National Headquarters of the Church used to be located. When she came to me she wanted out. She came for sanctuary, guidance, and in a state of repentance. Once you are in, though, it is practically impossible to get out. It is not her fault; she was, of course, innocent once, but then children are always innocent.

J.C. So the National Headquarters of the Canadian Church of Satan is in British Columbia?

Informer: Until June 1991, when they moved to the 'heartland' of Canada to be more centrally located and to establish closer connections with the United States. Since then the membership has infiltrated every walk of society: education, law enforcement, the Courts, etc. - just name it.

J.C.: Did you save her?

Informer: We had several secret meetings, but the force of the antiChrist won out. They already have seven Churches or cells operating in the proximity of the National Headquarters.

J.C.: Which is precisely where?

Informer: London, Ontario. They wanted a conservative environment, a place where people would least expect it to be. I tried my best, not that it would have done much good, because if she had got out she would have been murdered for talking. Nobody gets out.

J.C.: Who is their Godhead? Informer: The Prince of the air; the Prince of Darkness - Lucifer himself.

J.C.: Yes, but do they have an earthly potentate, an unseen hand which guides the day-to-day activities, if you will?

Informer whispers: An international figure who is high among the Illuminati: they call him the STRONG man.

J.C.: Surely you don't mean... ?

Informer: Yes.

Informer: Enough for today. Church meets tomorrow and I must prepare my Sermon.

J.C.: One last thing! Perhaps all of this goes much deeper, might even involve the T - case, which could in effect bring everything full circle.

Informer pauses and then speaks: The Canadian nation which we all love is being strangled by the machinations of an unseen hand and the real purpose has yet to be defined. It is not truth alone that sets men free, but the knowledge of the truth. I will make an arrangement for you to speak to 'Deep Throat'.


Deep Throat: I understand that you are seeking information with regard to a specific phenomenon.

J.C.: Yes, my intuition tells me that the alleged serial killings were somehow connected with rituals of the Church of Satan in Canada.

Deep Throat: Your intuition does indeed take you down the right road. Let's look at the big picture as best we can. It is Satan's burning passion to rule and conquer the human race, so he disguises himself always as a bearer of Light.

J.C.: As one of the Illuminati?

Deep Throat: Yes. In fact, the word 'illuminati' is derived from the word 'Lucifer' and human sacrifice is integral to satanic worship. Some of the children of this world are being dragged into the bowels of a living hell. One of the prime aims of the Illuminati is to destroy the traditional family and now it is the children who are exposed, who are vulnerable - it is they who are being sacrificed.

J.C.: Before we go on here, I must know if you are indeed in the loop?

Deep Throat: Yes, I am a double agent of course.

J. C.: Were Saul and Marley part of a cell?

Deep Throat: Yes, Marley was the bait. The Trial was closed down to the public because of the tapes.

J.C.: The tapes?

Deep Throat: Everything was videotaped for the private pleasure of the membership; home entertainment, if you will. They were simply pawns in the scheme of things, and the coverup is massive.

J.C.: Indeed, the Government placed a ban upon all proceedings; a publication ban. Maybe we are breaking the ban right now.

Deep Throat laughs: Is all of Canada going to close now - with a ban on this and a gag on that - because of the grisly murders that two people are alleged to have committed: The ban is both very vague and very precise. Under section 486, sub-section 1 of the Criminal Code, the public are excluded from the trial and 'there will be no publication of the circumstances of the death of ally person referred to in the trial.' Does this order relate to 26 million Canadian or just to those who were in the courtroom? Surely we are not being banned from talking about it or from recording the conversations of people who were not there. What I am telling you half the country already knows. It was a plant - disinformation to fool the public. Let them believe that they got away with it and the masses are satisfied.

J.C.: I do not understand.

Deep Throat: Let me give you the big picture here. The masses elect the Government - Federal, Provincial and Municipal. The people are then satisfied that they have participated in the democratic process, having elected representatives who will do what is good for the Country. Then they (the masses) conveniently go back to sleep, not realizing that Government representatives at all levels are merely 'puppets' of the new world order.

J.C.: Who then is pulling the strings? You are indicating that Government for the people is but an illusion and there are unseen forces behind the scenes?

Deep Throat: Exactly. The control lies in the hands of unelected people who are in effect shaping, directing, and controlling everything. The Government Officials make the laws of the land not for the good of the people, but at the discretion of the unseen power brokers of the new world order.

J.C.: I am beginning to understand, but give me an example that is relevant to our present subject: to digest, savor, think about.

Deep Throat: Remember all the sheep who raced over to Buffalo to 'get the facts'? Do you remember all the media hype and how Big Brother rose to the occasion by calling out 'The Authority' to search and seize the newspapers?

J.C.: Yes, of course. I was rooting for all Canadians who made such an effort to seek out the truth - to beat Big Brother at his game.

Deep Throat: It was all planned and orchestrated. Did you not question the fact that the same 'Authority' who placed the ban at the Provincial level of Government was totally breaking the law at the Federal level? The Customs did indeed exercise their authority in searching for and seizing newspapers, but everybody was a allowed 'TO TAKE ONE PAPER HOME.'

J.C.: That is true. So in effect the officials of the Federal Government were violating the Ontario Government ban by allowing the unsuspecting masses one newspaper.

Deep Throat: Correct. It is called aiding and abetting, but the masses were sleeping.

J. C.: Aiding and abetting whom?

Deep Throat: The will of the unseen Government that was unelected by the people for the people - in effect the Illuminati of this world.

J.C.: Why did Saul change his name?

Deep Throat: His Mother informed him at about the age of 16 that the man he thought was his father and to whom he was deeply attached was not his biological Father at all. In effect, his Foster Father raised him out of love and it was time, the mother felt, to face the 'truth' or the fascination of what had happened. So he was told about an affair that had taken place a long time ago. Quite a traumatic experience no doubt for the young man....

J.C.: He was told everything?

Deep Throat: Yes. Perhaps he changed his name out of the guilt and frustration of it all. His biological father is a rather important man in Canada: the cover-up widens because of the scandal.

J.C.: I just have one last question. In the whirlwind of it all, the Ontario Government must be feeling a lot of pressure? I mean the next trial and all. Does Race Bob Know?

Deep Throat: Let me put it this way. The Father in questionknows aaallll. Do you understand?

J.C.: Yes, I believe I do. Thank-you for meeting me and I must say, I find your uniform very impressive.

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