Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

mardi, décembre 25, 2007


Karla Homolka savait ce qu’elle faisait en choisissant le Québec pour l’accueillir lors de sa libération. En Ontario, elle risquait un tout autre sort réservé aux gens qui commettent des atrocités. Mais dans le Québec qui trouve normal le mariage homosexuel, le meurtre en série d’enfants dans les CLSC et ailleurs, Karla est plus considérée que Lady Diana.

Il faut dire aussi que le meurtre en série fait partie de la secte satanique, que la Franc-Maçonnerie est une secte satanique, et que le Mouvement Laïque Québécois, avec la CSQ, sont des branches externes de la Franc-Maçonnerie. Dans le cas de la CSQ, ce sont des membres du MLQ qui l’ont infiltrée.

Ce qui est encore plus étonnant, c’est de voir les autorités dérouler le tapis rouge de sang devant Karla Homolka. Ils accueillent à bras ouverts et chaleureusement une des leurs...

Jacques Clouseau

'when the man gains power
he is no longer the man
but the godno worse no better
than hitler
for there are a million ways
to destroy the soul'

This suggests that there is some kind of link between the Government of Ontario and the alleged serial killing of these estranged lovers? Why should one killer be given a kiss of a deal and the trial of the second be delayed until 'sometime in 1995'? Why should 'the Provincial Government of Bob Rae' feel it incumbent upon them 'to avoid public scrutiny' regarding an alleged serial killer? Why should Bob Rae feel 'embarrassment' in any way about alleged killers of three children and the rape of nineteen young woman? We knew Rae got Ontario into the Casino business in a bigger way than he first gave the impression of, but....

We have far more material than we can reveal here. We do not wish our book on Corruption in Canada to be impounded before it reaches the bookshelves. Reviewing this material, we have concluded that Canada is now in a process of protecting its serial killers and alleged serial killers. Why? Go back and read the Introduction.

We can almost say that it seems as if 'a conspiracy' has been hatched by the authorities in relation to this. If you re-read the Toronto Star of 27 August 1994, it is suggested that a 'sweetheart' deal is being devised for Mr. Paul Bernardo as it was devised by Karla Homolka. Note too how public pity is being mulcted for this poor prisoner in 'protective custody' on his 30th birthday.

Bernardo eats all his meals alone, in his windowless cell, which is about the size of the large, walk-in closet at his former home in Port Dalhousie.

For his birthday breakfast it was cold cereal, coffee, toast and jam. After a soup-and-sandwich lunch, his day will end with a supper of pork chops, mashed potatoes, yellow beans, apple sauce, bread and margarine....

Bernardo loved to drive around in his leased Nissan sports car, traveling freely about southwestern Ontario, and making regular trips over the border to see friends in the United States.

Now, when he travels, it's in the back of a police van to and from court, his legs and arms shackled....

Prison conditions for his former wife seem almost luxurious by comparison.

Homolka, likely to be the crown's star witness in his murder trial, is at Kingston Prison for Women, where she's serving a 12-year sentence after being convicted of manslaughter in the French and Mahaffy slayings. She has a television set and her cell is wallpapered with her favorite Walt Disney cartoon characters.

She's also getting computer training in the making of name tags for government employees....

Crown prosecutors are looking at ways to avoid that expense [that is the expense of several trials in different cities, as if they all couldn't take place in one city] and save alleged victims the trauma of testifying in court [how touching, how considerate], several sources say.

One solution being discussed, the sources said, is to offer Bernardo a 'package deal' [Here we go again!].

In exchange for pleading guilty to all the charges he would be given a favorable jail cell, a 'room with a view'. Such plea-bargain efforts by the crown are common in cases involving a variety of charges.

This was the Toronto Star's 'tribute' to 'Paul's' thirtieth birthday. The Sun (28 August 1994) published four pages of provocative photographs and nostalgic prose about his former cell where he was 'happy':

Along with watching The Simpsons, his favorite TV program, Bernardo took an interest in music videos and dance shows. He loved TV dance club shows such as Electric Circus. When the music played, he would dance around, at the same time critiquing the bobbing and weaving figures on the

'I should be out there making the videos,' Bernardo would offer.

'Hey, at least the guy's out there dancing. It's better than what we're doing,' fellow inmates would respond.

'But if I was out there, I'd be doing way better.'

The Government of Canada prevents us from revealing to the public the type of video that 'Paul' made prior to his incarceration. We leave it to the reader to imagine the worst and then he will be still a good distance from the truth.

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