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mardi, juin 12, 2007


Dr. John Coleman

(former British Intelligence)

A critical examination of the UN Charter shows that it differs only very slightly from the Communist Manifesto of 1848, an unabridged, unaltered copy of which is deposited in the British Museum in London. The Manifesto, allegedly the work of Karl Marx (Mordechai Levy) and Friedrich Engels, was actually written by members of the Illuminati.

In 1945 absolutely none of this vital information was ever viewed by the senators, who fell all over themselves in their rush to sign the dangerous document. If our law-makers knew the Constitution, if our Supreme Court would uphold it, then we would be able to echo the words of the late Senator Sam Ervin, a great constitutional scholar, so much admired by liberals because of his work on Watergate: 'There is no way under the noon-day sun we ever joined the United Nations' and force our legislators to recognize the fact that the US Constitution stands supreme over any treaty.

The United Nations is a war-making body. It strives to place power in the hands of the executive branch instead of where it belongs: in the legislative branch. Take the examples of the Korean War and the Gulf War. In the latter, the United Nations, not the Senate and the House, gave President Bush authority to go to war against Iraq, thereby enabling him to use diplomacy by deception as a means to bypass the declaration of war mandated by the Constitution. President Harry Truman evoked the same unauthorized power for the Korean War.

If we, the sovereign people, continue to go on believing that the United States is legally a member of the United Nations, then we must be prepared for more illegal actions by our Presidents, such as we saw in the invasion of Panama and the Gulf War. By acting under cover of Security Council resolutions, the president of the United States can take on the powers of a king or a dictator. Those powers are expressly forbidden in the Constitution.

Under the powers vested in the president by UN Security Council resolutions, the president will be able to drag us into any future wars he decides we must fight. The groundwork for this method of sabotaging the declaration of war procedures mandated by the Constitution was tested and carried out in the days before the Gulf War, which will no doubt, forever be used as a precedent for future undeclared wars, in furtherance of the strategy of diplomacy by deception. Wars make far-reaching changes which are unable to be achieved by diplomacy.

So that we are perfectly clear about the procedures laid down by the Constitution, which must be complied with BEFORE the United States can be engaged in war, let us examine them:

1. Both the Senate and the House must pass separate resolutions declaring that a state of belligerency exists between the United States and the other nation. In this connection we need to study the word 'belligerent', for without 'belligerency' there can be no intent to go to war.

2. The House and Senate then must separately and individually pass resolutions declaring that a state of war exists between the belligerent nation or nations and the United States. This officially places America on notice that it is about to go to war.

3. The House and Senate then must pass individual and separate resolutions advising the military that the United States is now at war with the belligerent nation or nations.

4. The House and Senate must then decide if the war is to be an 'imperfect' or a 'perfect' war. An imperfect war means that only a single branch of the military can become involved, while a perfect war means that every man, woman and child in the United States is in a public war with every man, woman and child of the other nation or nations. In the latter case, all branches of the armed services are engaged.

If the president does not get a constitutional declaration of war from Congress, any and all US military personnel dispatched to fight the undeclared war must return to the United States within 60 days from the date they were dispatched (this vital provision has mostly become null and void). It is easy to see how the Constitution was steam_rolled by President Bush; our military are still at war with Iraq and are still being used to enforce an illegal UN blockade. If we had a government that actually upholds the Constitution, the Gulf War would never have been started, and our troops would not now be in the Middle East, or for that matter, in Somalia.

Such declaration of war measures were designed specifically to avoid the United States being casually thrust into a war, which is why President Bush did an end_run around the Constitution so that we could be railroaded into the Gulf War. Nor does the United Nations have the authority to impose a rule on the United States that tells us to obey an economic blockade of Iraq or any other nation _ because the United Nations has no sovereignty.

These powers, not given to the president, but to the legislative branch of government, de facto, make the United Nations the most powerful body in the world via Security Council resolutions. Since abandoning the Jefferson form of neutrality, we have been ruled by a series of vagabonds, one after another, who have plundered America at will and continue to do so. It was Thomas Jefferson who issued a stern warning, which our agents in Congress blithely disregarded, that America would be destroyed by secret deals with foreign governments having the desire to divide and rule the American people, so that the interests of foreign governments would be served before the needs of our own people.

Foreign aid is nothing more than a program for robbing and plundering countries, so that the Committee of 300 can reap obscene benefits from the illegal plunder, while the American people, no better than the slaves of the Egyptian Pharaohs, groan under the huge burden of 'foreign aid.' The Belgian Congo was run for the benefit of the Committee of 300, not the Congolese people.

The United Nations uses foreign aid as a means to plunder the resources of sovereign nations. No pirate or robber ever had it so good. Not even Kubla Kahn had it as good as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs and their kin have it. If a nation should demur in handing over its natural resources, United Nations troops go in to 'compel compliance,' even if it means murdering its leader, as was the case with Patrice Lumumba. The ongoing attempt to murder President Hussein of Iraq is yet another example of how the United Nations is subverting US law and the laws of independent nations.

The question is: how long will we, the sovereign people, go on tolerating our illegal membership in this One_World Government body? Only we, the sovereign people, can order our agents, our servants, in the House and Senate, to repeal forthwith our membership in a world body which is injurious to the well-being of our United States of America.

The above extract is from Dr. John Coleman's Diplomacy by Deception (Carson City, Nevada: Joseph, 1993), pp. 24-8.

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