Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

mardi, juin 12, 2007


by Serge Monast
Quebec Journalist

I should like to comment briefly on the planned UN takeover of all Occidental populations, and on the link between the Concentration Camp Program in North America and the 'Vaccine, Experimental Medicine and Liquid Crystals' by which populations will be tracked, tortured, and murdered.

As an International well-known journalist working in the field of Economic, Political, Medical and Military Reports Investigation, I have been in contact several times with journalists from Australia, USA, Europe and Canada. Throughout my investigations, I happened to come face to face with some frightening journalistic, private reports and declassified information concerning the establishment of a program involving military concentration camps. That matter showed to be covered up with regular penitential facilities in order to hide their real meaning to the public. On another hand, those same facilities seem to hide some kind of formation of a wide North America Military-State and local Police task Force better known in Canada and in the US under the name of FINCEN: - FINCEN MISSION and FINCEN NETWORK.

FINCEN NETWORK is an abbreviation for 'The Financial Crime Enforcement Network' established in Arlington, Virginia. It happens to be the largest US government-run artificially-collected intelligence data ever established, with over 200 employees from the IRS (the Internal Revenue Service), the FBI (the Federal Bureau of Investigation), the Secret Services and the FDIC. It works closely with the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms - remember WACO), with the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and the Defense Intelligence Agency, acting as a collection point, a clearing house and distribution centre of computerized data for virtually all government agencies.

FINCEN MISSION is, on its part, a United Nations/United States Program for a 'house-by-house search and seizure of property and arms', a 'separation and categorization of men, women and children as possible prisoners in large numbers, especially those who will be considered by the government authorities as dangerous to “Law and Order” because they will not be ready to collaborate in the implementation of a New World Order', and the 'transfer to Detention facilities of aforementioned prisoners.'

FINCEN is also a 'Network of city, State and Federal Police with United Nations Multi-Military Forces having direct orders to bring into United States and Canada foreign Military and Secret Police Forces for deployment against The North American population.'

I have already compiled over 15 different Maps showing: Secret Military Concentration Camps, Secret Underground Concentration Facilities using unknown technology, United Nations Training Sites (Canada and US), Secret FEMA (Federal Emergency Measures Association) Detention Facilities, FINCEN confirmed Pre-Deployment Black Locations, the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government's Map, then for the first time a Map showing the United Nations, FINCEN and Special Military Training Camps in Canada.

I have also compiled information on 'Project Rex 84,' 'Operation Dragnet,’ ‘FINCEN mission and FINCEN Network,' 'FEMA's Program,' the 'L.E.A.E with Cable Splicer and Garden Plot Operations,' and many more military underground preparations in Canada and the United States.

Beyond this United Nations Conspiracy for a total take-over of all Occidental Nations, there is the frightening Program concerning massive vaccination Campaigns of new technological 'Liquid Crystals'. This is designed to achieve a global political control over populations combined with a major collapse of the economy. It will be synthesized with a 'universal show' from outer space, with laser beams and music to try to convince people that their new Christ is now coming down to save men from the millennium apocalypse.

But what else has been hidden under the camouflage of the police, the military and the international Medical Conspiracy by the circle of the living dead better known as the ILLUMINATI? They have set up, with the help from NASA, the 'Blue Beam Program', the universal space show for the implementation of a New World Religion, and their ancestors designed in the eighteenth century ten secret steps to guide them toward the possibility of world domination; six supreme Articles to give the Illuminati internal control of the world government; then, finally, and beyond all human knowledge, they drew up the 25 International Decrees of the Illuminati Plan - step by step toward the establishment, without consent, of a New World Order Age of Aquarius, with 66 major international steps for the corruption of all Christian societies, 11 steps for the implementation of a world-wide Masonic society, and 13 Supreme Communist Steps to attempt to make all of humanity believe that the Communist system has ceased to be effective any more!

We have compiled information showing how the CIA has developed communication equipment used to torture and murder persons who match profiles projected onto a screen. In this way a population can be screened for 'terrorists': those who will be held responsible for the economic collapse and world wide social disorders, or those who, clinging to their traditional faith, will reject the New World Order, and so will be considered 'terrorists'.

The CIA has also developed new technological equipment to torture and murder citizens who belong to organizations which promote peace and development in Central America. Experimentation is taking place on hostages held by the US in Canada. Technicians called 'Mind Manipulators' have developed the Technology for brain implant operations such as miniature radio transmitters that can be swallowed, carried externally, or surgically implanted in men without their consent or awareness. Early implants were about half the size of a cigarette filter but newer versions can be adapted to 'Liquid Crystals' and injected directly into the bloodstream to lodge inside the brain. Two-way radio communications with brain transmitters has been possible since the 1950's, including voice messages and 'Returned Thought.'

This dramatic series of events has already been initiated. With the fall in the economy in 1993, we believe that they will accelerate beyond belief in 1994-95.

Only massive campaigns of information all over North America will have a chance to slow down the actual mechanism of the complete destruction of Democracy, of stopping it once and for all.

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