Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

samedi, janvier 26, 2008


It would appear as if during this two-year experiment in 'the largest and richest' country in the world that 'the divine', so transparent in the 'common' people throughout the centuries, has hidden itself, and each one of us is face to face with the evil that none of us really believed to exist, pure unadulterated evil in its most refined form.

Our reluctance to look the evidence straight in the face becomes the greatest ally of this evil that seems to creep past the fortresses of our once unassailable souls, our complacency and lethargy coupled with our inclination to disbelieve that beneath the placid exterior surface all of this is going on, and further coupled with our belief that we can 'will' the history of humanity to continue as it has unfolded itself so far.

We are all to be released from a three-dimensional world, but those who are most involved do not realize that the experiment of humanity is almost at an end. Humanity, we've known from a long time back, is the balancing point between darkness and light; the tenth hierarchy, so some say. Humanity, they say, has served its purpose, has been subverted, has not had the strength to remain as fulcrum in this great experiment between darkness and light (see Throne of the antichrist, p. xix, pp.242-3):

We - we who camouflage ourselves in mortal form - match the determination of our - let us say, adjusted souls - doubles in the skies. We now have control of the way in and the way out. Using the dark energies of the moon, we can trap the soul after death, the way a bat or nightjar is caught, robbing Mr. Man of his so-called 'release after death, release from the wheel of suffering that earth brings,' while the shells, recognizable non-corporeal beings from bodies freshly sacrificed, move among those who remain living with an eerie presence and power. 'Tis the price of them for coming here as man in the first place. For we - we have proved it - are the immortal ones.'

Immortality? I quote from a correspondent:

Have you not noticed too that abortions have greatly accelerated since '84, not only to wipe out the new battalion from etemity in their desperate attempt to get into this 'final battle', but so that the unborn foetus can be applied to the old man's brain. Do you want to know the nwo recipe for immortality? I'll tell it you!

First, cut the child out of the womb - any womb, any child. Transplant the frontal cortex of the foetus onto the brain of the aspiring subject. This wipes out Alzheimer's Disease and the various other diseases.

It should be noted that the human brain DOES NOT REJECT PARTS, therefore the human brain is allowed another sixty years (that's the limit) to function normally. In the meantime, the SUBJECT has clones of his OR her body maturing. No need for IN CAR NATION any more OR RE-IN CAR NATION.

Down the line body parts and whole bodies will be more easily obtained. The ability to live forever is therefore a con-crete probability. The technology is there. The poor of course cannot afford it - caul MORG an TALLER fer de tails.

IMMORTALITY - yes! An immortality that is entirely soulless!

O God, protect me
From a horrible deathless body
Sliding through the veins of a sudden!

(Yeats, At the Hawk's Well).

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