Les Relations des Jésuites contiennent 6 tomes et défont le mythe du bon Sauvage de Jean-Jacques Rousseau, et aussi des légendes indiennes pour réclamer des territoires, ainsi que la fameuse «spiritualité amérindienne».

samedi, janvier 26, 2008


It is clear that the reconstituted Knights Templar who in 1984 met in Ottawa and, as Texe Marrs reveals, renewed their ancient vows, dedicating themselves to their goal of a New World Order to encompass the entire globe, are about as different from the original Knights Templar as chalk is from cheese. Whereas the quest of the Knights Templar was the most noble quest possible for man - the quest for his spiritual centre - the quest of the 'reconstituted' Knights for the establishment of an order to rule the world is the most ignoble quest man could ever embark on. The rituals originally devised for spiritual edification are reversed, are turned to personal aggrandizement, material power, and control of the destinies of others. As Sir Samuel Ferguson,authority on ancient Celtic black magic (desiul), puts it: 'They turned the maledictive stones.'

'Crom Cruach and his sub-gods twelve,'
Said Cormac, 'are but carven treene;
The axe that made them, haft or helve,
Had worthier of our worship been.

'But He who made the tree to grow,
And hid in earth the iron-stone,
And made the man with mind to know
The axe's use, is God alone.....

They loosed their curse against the king;
They cursed him in his flesh and bones;
And daily in their mystic ring
They turn'd the maledictive stones....
(Sir Samuel Ferguson, The Burial of King

Magical rituals, man has learned through history, produce a different effect when the order is reversed: many Satanic ceremonies contain, at some point or other, the Our Father said backwards. 'A true Templar' too, De La Forge writes, 'lives and acts in the knowledge that in reality he owns nothing, in the sense that all the material and spiritual goods with which he might be blessed are only lent to him by Providence' (p.142).

With the spiritual authority of the 'vibratory' material substance that sustains the True North, the Secret Brotherhood of the Illuminati, those dedicated to create a new world order which they and only they would control, moved boldly. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) was formally founded in July 1984 (Trudeau's final legislative achievement), with its parent body - the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) having been put into place before, so secret that neither Allan Lawrence, the Solicitor General, nor Allan McKinnon, the Minister of Defence, both members of the Clark government of 1979-80, knew of the agency that is 'the most important and potentially the most intrusive of Canada's intelligence agencies' (J. L. Granatstein and David Stafford, Spy Wars: Espionage and Canada from Gouzenko to Glasnost (Toronto: Key Porter Books, 1990, p.20). It was not until 1984 that Lawrence learned about CSE when he questioned his officials about the source for some information he received in his weekly intelligence report.

Within ten years, the National Security Agency (NSA) and CSE would be ONE and would jointly send the 'voiceprint' satellite into space, the purpose of which is to identify every living voice in North America, i.e. to give to every voice a name (on which one or the other of the organizations have a file). As a preliminary to? Asa preliminary to the 'resistants' to the new world order being rounded up to populate the 'concentration' camps that are now documented to be dotted all over Canada and the United States (for details, see Serge Monast's four-volurne United Nations Concentration Camps Program in America, Mansonville, Quebec, 1994).

Incidentally, it is on this day, the day on which I am writing (8 June 1994), that I learned that the two organizations - NSA and CSE - are ONE: one trade block, one nation, one intelligence operation, ONE UNIT. In the eyes of the SUPER-RICH ÉLITE therefore, the United States and Canada not only should be ONE but are ONE.

Between 1984 and 1994 (maybe Orwell gave the wrong date - deliberately - to mislead the nwo plotters). Canada became the centre of the whole new world order operation, one huge research laboratory. Canada, the new world order argument ran, will be the test market of the world. Vancouver was gradually made to resemble a never never land in the setting Lemurian sun while, according to one prognosis, Toronto become the 'centre' of a vast Satanic conspiracy, the eye of a tornado where the forces of evil contend with the forces of good for domination of the planet during the next 1,000 years.

All of the horrific new world order mechanisms to dehumanize man were prepared with a hatred as fierce and ingenious as only man is capable of conceiving for man. Then in 1992, the Secret Brotherhood of the Illuminati made an even bolder step. At a War/Peace Conference in South America it was agreed that the new world order take over one country totally. The choice of country hung in the balance until key new world order resistant in the United States, Bo Gritz - you know, 'the most decorated military man in Vietnam'- decided to go along with the Templar Plan if (I have been told by someone 'on the inside') he were assured the presidency of the United States after the Clinton/Gore clock runs down in '96.

The country chosen was Canada. It was to be the staging ground for the new world order Plan, even though the controlling mechanism for the whole operation was in the United States: Rae's casinos, to be erected on the border in Windsor, were to provide the points of contact and exchange. If we can get away with this operation in Canada, the new world order argument ran, we can get away with it anywhere.

In September '93, when it was clear that his candidate could not possibly lose, Desmarais (finally) made his move, joining the Trilateral Commission as a leading - if not the top - member. On October 25 Brian Mulroney ensured that Desmarais's protege, John Chretien, took control of a majority Liberal Government. It was further agreed that the Royal Bank of Canada would be the official bank of the new world order - the Federal Reserve of the World, and in Quebec a secret society called L'Ordre du Temple Solaire (a slight variation of the name of the reconstituted Templars) 'penetrated' Quebec Hydro with a 150 billion dollar 'scam' and simply took it over: just about all of the vast reserves of Canadian electrical power were now in new world order hands.

'Canada,' ec (an old contact of ee in Naval Intelligence) writes on 11 November 1993,' was taken over just over a year ago in a New World Order ploy which was obvious to but a few. In effect, it was a test of Free Will, and the ability to think. Sadly the Canadian public failed miserably as indeed we have lost a sense of Free Will; mind; and soul forever to the forces of the AntiChrist.' And then, even more despairingly on 14 May 1994: 'This Country may be headed towards a Civil War which concerns me very much. It is not necessarily the Quebec question, but rather what the intentions of British Columbia are going to be. We as a Country are heading for a show-down of immense proportions as we travel down the road of growing darkness.... What we are witnessing is the seeds within the Heart of Darkness surfacing and murder is in the air as the masses need a sacrifice to vent the frustrations of unemployment, hopelessness, and despair.'

'In a sense,' Dr. John Coleman of British Intelligence writes, 'Canada is like Switzerland, pristine snow-covered landscapes, big cities, a place of great beauty, but underneath lies a deep layer of filth and dirt.' Under the new world order Secret Government structure of Canada (see diagram at end) the Canada we have known suddenly disappears, the Canada that has been so gentle, so lackadaisical, so generous in war and in peace with its volunteers and its health care plans - its compassion for the aged and the young - suddenly becomes, as Tennyson would have it, 'red in tooth and claw.' The Atlantic fishery is deliberately destroyed to soften up the once-proud Maritimer to succumb to the ultimate temptation while Ontario is dismantled and Paul Teale basks in the pub. (father and son); money, cut back from education and health, is allocated to jails and law enforcement, and that unit with which 90% of Canadians have grown up - THE FAMILY, imperfect but still a FAMILY - is torn apart before their uncomprehending eyes.

Meantime the lifelines of this 'surplus humanity' are being cut. As we write, we see a corner of the Toronto Star of June 7 sticking out beneath some papers. The lower left-hand headline reads 'Legal Aid set to Slash Services over Deficit'. The first two paragraphs read:

Legal aid funding for divorces and most civil cases in Ontario could be
wiped out as early as next month in an effort to 'slash and burn' the Ontario Legal Aid Plan's $65 million deficit.

As part of the cost-saving effort, the Law Society of Upper Canada will also consider scrapping plans for a $1.5 million women's legal clinic, a pet project of Attorney-General Marion Boyd.

Then a couple of days later we remember seeing the headline 'GST to be applied to Food'. And today (17 June 1994) '500,000 risk losing Ul benefits in new plan': 'Let's say, the range being looked at is between $2 billion up to $6 billion,'that is in addition to the $5.5 billion cut announced by Finance Minister Paul Martin in the spring. We know who is taking the bite in these cuts. And yesterday,we had somebody in to mow the lawn. Before the day was through he told us this story, a heart-rending story about the way new world order organizations are destroying the institution of the family as well as every other institution: counsellors at school and Children's Aid Societies are creating dissension in the child's mind by drilling into them a new principle: that children'have the right to CHARGE and CONVICT their parents of any crime they feel their parents are guilty of, even to the point of "divorcing" them in courts of law.'

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