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jeudi, mai 24, 2007


'Canadians should keep in mind that little known government agencies like the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) are spending millions of tax dollars to do clandestine work,' Québec lawyer Pierre Cloutier says (Toronto Star, 30 May 1992). 'Who are they spying on?,' he asks Canadians, I would answer.

I ask: Why do we need such agencies in this country at all? And if we do need them, why should they be above parliamentary scrutiny? We are told by Solicitor-General Herb Gray that the main focus of CSIS these days, now that the Cold War is over, is countering international terrorism.... They collect information, analyze it, and gather intelligence to counter suspected threats to the security of Canada. They tap telephones, open mail, break into homes and offices, and examine normally private files such as medical records («CSIS Tales Spook the Whole Country», The Toronto Star, 27 August 1994). Does not this flagrant violation of law and order create rather than counter terrorism? And how many cases of international terrorism have we had in recent years, or indeed in the whole history of our country? Breaking into people's homes, opening mail, examining private files like medical records. Is the basis of precisely that: TERRORISM.

In order to «counter suspected threats to the security of Canada», CSIS, we are told by Solicitor-General Gray, has 2,366 employees and an annual budget of $208 million dollars. Not only do we have the budget of CSIS, but we have the budget of SIRC (Security Intelligence Review Committee), the cabinet-appointed watchdog over the spycatching agency. If the dog needs $208 million a year (and we are not sure whether this includes hardware or not), the watchdog would, I should think, need as much or more: he is after all a bigger dog.

We should ask too: How many spies has CSIS caught? What is the cost of catching ONE spy? And who is he spying for? Canada or the United Nations and the new world order? How has the most notable spy for Canada been treated in this century: Mr. Igor Gouzenko. In 1945, at great risk to his own life, he went to the RCMP and Prime Minister with over a hundred documents showing beyond a shadow of a doubt that a new world order plan had been hatched to take over Canada from within. Gouzenko was treated politely, but the key information that he came to warn us about is still under official seal. Indeed, Trudeau's last act in power was to seal the documents for another twenty years.

In terms of budget, one should also inquire into the amount of taxpayer's money, won by the sweat of their brows, is being siphoned off to CSE every year? I should suspect that since the budget, like the activities of CSE are not subject to the scrutiny of either Parliament or the auditors, they would get at least double what the underdogs get: CSIS and SIRC. This adds up to something in the region of a billion dollars a year to fight terrorism in Canada - every year. Does anybody have any wonder why we are so deeply in debt?

Why do we need an Official Secrets Acts in a democracy anyway? Is the Secrets Act protecting the people or the officials? In terms of national security what assets have we left to secure? Over the years we have given them all away, without the people's consent, and our last great remaining asset, our water, we have just given away without the people's knowledge. A people who remain ignorant of the agencies that have been set up to spy on them will with time be led, like lambs to the abattoir, by the very organizations their representatives have set up to protect them. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes (who will keep watch on the watchers?)

Why has this material been made public precisely at this time, this little drama been put on for the Canadian people now. To clear the decks for the next step? To get the public used to police forces demanding information, that they have a right to go anywhere, brook any opposition, break down any door that impedes them, waving the Official Secrets Act in the name of national security, something rather identical to the primary mission of the newly-created MJTF Police Force in the United States: «house-to-house search and seizure; separation and categorization of men, women, and children in large numbers; the transferal to detention facilities, and the use of those facilities for interrogation purposes» (Professor Robert O'Driscoll, The New World Order in North America: Mechanism in Placefor a Police State, p.31; see also «Mounties Raid Sun» , Toronto Sun, 23 August 1994).

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