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In his famous "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" oration at St. John's Church on March 23, 1775, Patrick Henry said: "For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and provide for it." At that time, Americans stood at a crossroads, facing great danger. Today, Americans face a different but in many ways even greater danger - in large part because too few of us understand the threat. This book is intended for those who want to know the worst and by knowing the worst will want to take responsible steps to see that the worst does not happen.

Another great statesman, the Englishman Edmund Burke, wisely observed: "The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion." As William F. Jasper establishes in this book, the American people are the target of an incredibly well organized campaign of deception. That deception is designed to rob each of us of our heritage of freedom and build what would inevitably become an Orwellian global tyranny.

Determined to contribute what he could to prevent that from happening, Mr. Jasper has tapped his more than 25 years of experience studying the United Nations and subversive organizations to provide us an incredible tool. Not since Gary Allen's None Dare Call It Conspiracy (1972) has one book provided so much documented perspective to help Americans grapple with dangerous and cleverly orchestrated misconceptions.

As Mr. Jasper clearly demonstrates, the danger we are speaking of does not spring from the United Nations itself. For the moment, at least, the UN is still largely a paper tiger. Instead, the danger comes from the very serious plans and actions of powerful elites, particularly American elites.

These internationalists see the UN as their primary vehicle for gaining unrestrained power. Below the surface of public attention, they have been working for decades to disarm America and build the United Nations into an all-powerful world government. We are now facing the culmination of their subversive schemes.

In this carefully documented study, Mr. Jasper shows that with the United Nations the American people are being offered what amounts to poison disguised as candy. From all directions we are being propagandized that "global problems require global solutions." And we are told this means that we have to give more power to the UN. Mr. Jasper exposes that power grab - one of the greatest "trust me" schemes in all of history - as totally corrupt.

Terrorists R Us

In The United Nations Exposed, William Jasper helps us all confront fundamental facts so we can step back and question the received wisdom. For example, why should we expect that justice can be served by giving supreme power to an organization that warmly embraces the most murderous regimes in all history?

The men who gave us our Constitution had a profound understanding of history and a resulting deep distrust of human nature. They designed a system of government that was based not on confidence in men but on a recognition that not even the best of men, let alone the worst, could be "trusted" with power. They designed a system of checks and balances to impede the improper ambitions of men to seek and abuse power over others.

The United Nations embodies few of those checks and balances. It recognizes no authority greater than itself and what serves the purportedly noble purposes of the UN, as interpreted by the UN. Has human nature changed since our nation was founded? Has experience in the recent, deadly 20th century given us reason to now have confidence that smiling, well-spoken leaders can be trusted with enormous power? Of course not! In this book, Mr. Jasper gives us plenty of reasons not just for caution but for outright alarm at the "trust me" schemes proposed.

At UN conferences, as Mr. Jasper has observed firsthand, the atmosphere is decidedly anti-American. Fidel Castro regularly receives enthusiastic ovations at UN functions, as do other similarly oppressive dictators. As another indication of the anti-freedom mind-set at the UN, consider that Sam Nujoma, the former terrorist leader of SWAPO, who is now the UN-installed president of Namibia, was selected to be honorary co-chair for the UN Millennium Summit of World Leaders in New York.

Expecting an empowered UN to dispense global justice is like inviting the criminals to join the police force, the prosecution, and the judiciary in order to stamp out crime. Mr. Jasper shows us that behind the humanitarian rhetoric, a much more sinister agenda is at work, the agenda of a highly organized cabal that every responsible American needs to understand. In The United Nations Exposed, William Jasper shines a powerful spotlight on that agenda.

After years of reporting and research on this topic, Mr. Jasper is uniquely qualified to write this book (see "About the Author," page 337). He shows indisputably, in the UN proponents' own words, that their real agenda is world government, whether they deceptively call it world governance (same definition), or the international rule of law.
Mr. Jasper also shows that those who are working to empower the UN fully realize that they cannot sell their desired "revolution in political arrangements" on its merits. They have to deceive and are quite willing to do so to obtain the power they seek. The evidence of such arrogant duplicity alone should inspire any prudent American to withdraw all trust and seek different leadership.

The subversive drive to empower the UN is succeeding primarily because most Americans neither perceive the danger nor the direction from which the threat is coming - we are being betrayed from within our own camp.

The tough reality, one that most otherwise informed Americans have yet to recognize, is that many of our top leaders, despite their smiles and nice-sounding words, are up to their eye­balls in advancing this subversive revolution. The main threat does not come from the plans of petty bureaucrats or wide-eyed radicals or even as a Communist plot from abroad. It comes from within. And that circumstance makes the threat much more dangerous and difficult to combat.

Fortunately, Mr. Jasper doesn't just leave us with a horrible problem. In the last chapter of The United Nations Exposed, the author explains what responsible, freedom-Ioving Americans can and must do to escape a looming tyranny.

Unique Contribution

In this major exposé, William Jasper has accomplished something truly unique and important. Throughout his book, he demonstrates that it is American elitists - in particular members of the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations - who are pulling the strings and orchestrating the "consensus" for empowering the United Nations. In that work, they are amply supported by associated think tanks and foundations.

If one understands that the United Nations was designed and brought to life by the Council on Foreign Relations, then the parent's continued interest in and domination of its offspring should not be surprising. However, the Council has gone to great lengths to hide its domination and to create the illusion that the United Nations truly represents the interests of a community of independent member nations. William Jasper has performed a great service in exposing that deception so credibly.

Another stellar accomplishment of The United Nations Exposed is the clear explanation of the strategies and tactics being employed today to deceive Congress and the American people into allowing a steady transfer of power to the United Nation.

Certainly one of the greatest deceptions is the appearance of nearly universal support for the UN agenda. Mr. Jasper documents, better than anyone else has yet done, how this orchestrated "consensus" is accomplished. Even veteran critics of the UN will learn much from Mr. Jasper's work.

Organization and Approach

The principal focus of The United Nations Exposed is the underlying game plan of UN proponents as opposed to their smokescreen of pretexts. Mr. Jasper's approach is to explain how key UN initiatives advance the subversive goal of building an unchallengeable UN superstate. But in order to expose such plans credibly, Mr. Jasper first lays a brilliant foundation (part I) to clearly establish the globalists' true intentions.

The extreme utopian pronouncements of UN supporters cited in the Prologue should be enough to convince most Americans that we should stay clear of the UN. But once the real agenda behind the United Nations described in Part 1 is clearly understood, no citizen or statesman should have to spend a minute deciding whether to seriously consider committing this nation to a UN convention or treaty. Any more than one would have trouble deciding whether to accept candy from a drug dealer.

The heart of the book - Part II, "Stealth Strategies for Building the Superstate" - provides the most important new insights. In this series of chapters, Mr. Jasper shows how, through breathtaking pretexts and deceptions and elaborate networks, the globalist architects are building their house of world order. Creating much wider understanding of these deceptions is the key to countering the attempted public manipulation.

Part III, "Bringing It Home," shows what the dishonest drive for world government will mean to the individual and his family. Chapter 12, "The UN's One-World Religion," exposes the efforts to undermine Christianity and other traditional faith-based religions. The goal is to replace them with a strange new mix that is more compatible with universal worship of the Almighty State as the object deserving our supreme loyalty. Chapter 13, "The UN Declares Total War on the Family," lays bare the Orwellian dimension of the drive to empower the UN.

The last chapter, one of the best in the book, examines not only the necessity for action, but also the principles of effective action.

A Realistic Solution

It is our hope that after reading this book you will want to help stop the drive to destroy American freedom and independence that Mr. Jasper describes. There are a number of steps we recommend.

The first is to take the time to understand the message in this book and convince yourself of its accuracy. Check out the references. Visit the websites cited herein for more information. Order additional literature. Talk to members and staff of The John Birch Society. Satisfy yourself that our information is reliable and that our long-range goal - "less government, more responsibility, and, with God's help, a better world" - is something you too can recommend with pride.

And then act! Self-education without action merely breeds frustration. As the saying goes, no one should want to be the best informed inmate of a concentration camp.

But action must follow an appropriate, realistic plan. As Mr. Jasper points out, effective action must spring from a clear understanding of the threat, as well as a solid understanding of the strengths remaining in our culture and in the American system of government we have inherited. Otherwise, action will be ineffective, quite possibly even counterproductive. Rereading the last chapter in this book is a good starting point.

As another step, we strongly encourage you to share copies of this book with family, friends, and associates. And finally, contact us for more information on our organized, concerted-action program.

A very common mistake is to underestimate the problem and look for the quick fix or the political leader to support who will fix our problems for us. But the threat Mr. Jasper describes is the results of decades of work by determined enemies of freedom who have organized and labored to achieve great influence. There is no quick fix. They most certainly will not be stopped by an uninformed public electing a man on a white horse to the presidency.

The challenge we face is nothing less than to change the course of history. The John Birch Society has much more than a dream. We have a plan, but we need your help. We hope to hear from you!

Tom Gow
Vice President, The John Birch Society April 7, 2001

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